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    JC Bit Somang Eye Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea



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    33 Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul South Korea

    JC Bit Somang Eye Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


    Welcome to JC Bitsomang Ophthalmology & Internal Medicine – Your Vision, Our Mission Overview: Discover world-class eye care and comprehensive medical solutions at JC Bitsomang Eye Clinic, conveniently located on the 6th floor of the prestigious Manhattan Building in Seoul. We specialize in ophthalmology and internal medicine services, catering to both local and international patients. Online Consultation at Your Fingertips: Embrace the future of healthcare with our online consultation services. Access our renowned medical experts from the comfort of your home. Our white-glove service ensures that your healthcare needs are met 24/7, empowering you to take control of your health any time of day. A Beacon of Excellence: JC Bitsomang Eye Clinic proudly holds the mantle of being the most influential ophthalmology institution, dedicated to spreading the gospel of eye health worldwide. With an unrivaled brand awareness and a network of 35 ophthalmology professionals, we extend our commitment to every citizen. Innovation and Expertise: Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our cutting-edge equipment and aseptic surgery system. Since 1991, we have been certified as a medical institution of high repute, offering a spacious and comfortable environment that maximizes your well-being. Our dedicated professionals provide continuous care through worship services, roadside assistance, and a lifelong primary care system. Empowering Vision Through Promise: JC Bitsomang Eye Clinic vows a triple (super) promise of cataract treatment, leveraging our highly skilled specialists, precision surgical facilities, and ultra-sterile operating rooms. Our accolades include the LenSx 2CH, Verion 2CH, and Centurion 3CH surgical technologies, setting the benchmark for surgical excellence. Recognitions and Affiliations: JC Bitsomang Eye Clinic stands tall as a beacon of quality care, awarded and certified by industry authorities. We are selected as a Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Organization, a designated institution for attracting foreign patients, and an institution evaluated for hypertension adequacy. Additionally, we are entrusted with various prestigious medical roles, including partnerships with the Yeongdeungpo-gu Medical Tourism Cooperation Organization, Central Veterans Hospital, and more. Our Emblem of Dedication: Every uniform at Somangin Division dons an emblem, symbolizing our commitment. We strive for further development while embracing a culture of mutual support and resilience. This emblem echoes our promise to provide exceptional care and overcome challenges together. Contact Us: Ophthalmologist and Reservation: 02-785-1068 Internal Medicine and Health Consultation: 070-5145-2509 JC Light Hope Ophthalmology JC Bitsomang Eye Clinic Designated for Excellence: We proudly hold the title of an Organ Transplant Medical Institution designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in partnership with Chungang Veterans Hospital, a National Veterans Affairs Consignment Hospital. This status reflects our unwavering dedication to superior medical care. At JC Bitsomang Eye Clinic, we don't just provide healthcare; we illuminate lives through vibrant vision and holistic well-being. Experience the future of eye care with us, where your vision truly matters.