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    Jewelry Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


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    • Hair Transplantation

    • Ptosis Correction

    • Flat nose

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    • Hair Grafting

    • Ptosis Correction

    • Flat nose

    • Botox

    • Lifting (Thead)

    • Short nose

    • Breast augmentation

    • Chin Contouring

    • Forehead Contouring

    • Fill up Hair Grafting (Hair loss in Woman)

    • Hairline Correction

    • Lateral Canthoplasty

    • Nose tip

    • Liposuction

    • Breast Lifting

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    Jewelry Plastic Surgery is considered one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in Seoul, South Korea. It has well-educated, experienced, and well-reputed nurses, doctors, dermatologists, surgeons, and specialists. It provides a comfortable environment and advanced medical services most economically. Until now, more than 18500 surgeries have been performed successfully by the experts of this hospital. The specialists have more than ten years of experience, and they have completed many professional courses at the university hospital. Why choose jewelry plastic surgery? • Jewelry Plastic Surgery offers pocket-friendly costs of treatments. • With the latest technology and an outstanding medical specialists' team, Jewelry Plastic Surgery welcomes national and international patients. • For foreign patients' convenience, Jewelry Plastic Surgery offers airport pickup services, online consultations, and reservation services. • Professionals provide detailed guidelines to international patients from consultation to surgery. • Jewelry Plastic Surgery offers world-class outpatient treatments during their stay at the hospital. It also has an interpreter to guide the patients about the surgery's precautions. • Physicians provide a high-tech level of the first aid system. For safe plastic surgery, they have a care system with advanced medical equipment. They put patients' safety as their utmost priority. • According to each surgery region, Jewelry Plastic Surgery has a specialized anesthesia system with an anesthesia specialist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. • To reduce the customers' feeling of safety insensitivity, they introduced a real-name system for the patient to confirm the person-in-charge from the consultation before and after surgery. JEWELRY PLASTIC SURGERY TOP SPECIALTIES  • Fill-in hair grafting (for female hair loss) • Facial contouring • Hair grafting • Ptosis Correction • Short Nose •    Liposuction • Hairline Correction Fill-In Hair Grafting (Women's Hair Loss) Average hair loss ranges from 50 to 100 strands per day, but it is noticeable only when new hair doesn't replace the lost strands. Excessive hair loss in women can be hereditary or due to some medical conditions. Hair loss is common in older women who have just had babies or those going through chemotherapy. Hairstyling that pulls on the hair or using harsh chemicals on the hair can also cause hair loss. Jewelry plastic surgery provides fill-up hair grafting with no side effects. The surgeons offer a customized design while considering the face shape of the patient. With fill-up hair grafting, the follicle damage rate decreases and the follicle survival rate increases. The natural hair density filling effect is created by using natural colors with safe ingredients. FACIAL CONTOURING Facial contouring is a procedure to enhance facial features. It is the fastest-growing non-invasive facial reconfiguration technique. Facial contouring reduces the signs of ageing. Different facial contouring techniques include mandible reduction, mini-V-line surgery, square jaw surgery, cheekbone reduction, forehead implant, hairline forehead reduction, and brow-bone reduction. Jewelry Plastic Surgery has surgeons with detailed cutting skills of facial contour. They provide perfect quality surgery and a smooth contour line. They offer a customized facial bone analysis considering the face's shape. Immediate surgery results can be seen with specific follow-up care. The safety of the patients is their top priority. HAIR GRAFTING Various factors can contribute to baldness, including diet, stress, genetics, hormonal imbalances, illnesses, or medications. Hair grafting is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are moved from one part of the body to the bald area. A graft is a strip of skin containing hair. Hair grafts are generally taken from the head or side of the head and moved to the top or front of the head. Jewelry Plastic Surgery provides a customized design that considers hair loss phases and shape. With a high-tech digital microscope, surgeons perform a thorough and precise follicle separation. Overall, the method finds the follicles' thickness and color to provide a natural and full gradient. PTOSIS CORRECTION Ptosis is also referred to as a lazy eye. It is the drooping or falling of the upper eyelid. The drooping can be small or it can cover the pupil, blocking normal vision. Trauma, age, genetics, various medical conditions, contact lenses, excessive rubbing of the eye, or eye surgery can cause ptosis. Because the skin around the eye is thinner than other parts of the body, the surgery needs to be done more carefully. Jewelry ptosis correction surgery promises the best outcome with the best effort. The surgeons delicately analyze the eye's condition and provide a customized surgery while considering the whole face's harmony. After surgery, they do their best to shorten the recovery period through the latest facilities and advanced machines. SHORT NOSE A short nose is one of the most challenging deformities to correct. It requires the use of challenging surgical techniques for adequate correction. A nose is referred to as "short" when it extends less than one-third of the face's vertical height and has a shortened distance between the nasion and tip-defining point. A sharp nose can be due to congenital deformities or acquired deformities due to accidents. A short nose correction is a procedure to restructure and extend the tip of the nose. Jewelry Plastic Surgery provides a systematic surgical plan via an accurate 3DCT scan. The surgeons create a perfect balance with a customized design that fits the patient. They prevent the nose from getting shorter again by performing the nose-tip correction together. HAIRLINE CORRECTION The hairline's shape and the forehead's ratio to the face are essential to having a balanced and attractive look. Hairline correction is usually done by moving a strip of skin containing hair follicles from the head's back to the front of the head. Jewelry Plastic Surgery is creating beauty with limited hair and intensive aesthetics. By using the high-resolution microscope and colonoscope, healthy hair follicles are picked. The surgery is performed with more acceptable resolutions, and a natural result is achieved. By considering the ratio of the face with 3D design, a small and slim look is completed. LIPOSUCTION TREATMENT Liposuction treatment removes fat from specific body areas such as the thigh, abdomen, hips, buttocks, arms, or neck. Liposuction is usually done using a high-pressure suction technique. It reshapes areas of the body and improves body contours. Jewelry plastic surgery solves body line problems and provides a body line design depending on body type. Jewelry COKE Liposuction creates the best results with the combination of handicraft and advanced equipment. The specialists have rich clinical experience. They do a detailed body shape analysis and diagnostics on thickness and density before the surgery. They pump out the piled-up fat and create a voluminous body.