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Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital

Comunidad de Madrid, Spain






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Languages Spoken

  • Español

Top Specialties

  • Coronary heart disease (CHD)

  • General anesthesia

  • Allergies

  • Colorectal cancer

  • Obstructive pulmonary and respiratory diseases

  • Eye diseases

  • Aortic valve disease

  • Vision correction

  • Breast Cancer

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Av. de los Reyes Católicos, 2, 28040 Madrid, Spain


There are some institutions and organizations that have made it their aim from the first day of their establishment that they would work hard to make their way to the top. The reason for reaching to the top is not to gain success but rather to succeed in establishing their authenticity and make others vouch for them that indeed they fulfill what they claim to do. One such organization is the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals present in Spain. Not only is it one of the largest hospitals but it is also one of the most renowned and modern hospitals in the world today. The reason behind this great success and recognition of the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital is that ever since it came into being, it has focused only on its aim. And its aim is nothing but to progress in its research and medical knowledge, which would then enable all the doctors working here to promote healthcare and patient well-being in a much better and organized way than the others. And the best part about this hospital and its staff is that they have not limited all their achievements and work till themselves. Instead, they have generously shared it with other medical and health-care institutions to increase two-way knowledge and partnership, thus further strengthening the medical fraternity bonds. POLICY OF THE HOSPITAL Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital appears to be quite a helpful and humanitarian hospital. The same applies to its policy, which states all the objectives that it aims to achieve through its work and partnerships alike. Some of their major objectives include: • To promote Biomedical Research and to provide all sorts of financial, scientific, and administrative help to make the research work proceed smoothly. • To provide all and sorts of financial help or grants for supporting and funding the ongoing research projects. • To publish and promote the research in such a way that its aims of educating and making people aware are achieved successfully. • To establish partnerships and healthy relationships with similar organizations and private and public universities. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY JIMENEZ DIAZ FOUNDATION UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Apart from the increasing interest in research work, the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital has several departments that work to cater to the different problems of patients. The patients feel happy to be treated here as their concerns and queries are all taken care of in the best possible way. Some of the topmost specialties being practiced at the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital include: • Obstructive Pulmonary and Respiratory Diseases • General Anesthesia • Eye Diseases • Aortic Valve Disease • OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY AND RESPIRATORY DISEASES Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases constitute an important group of diseases that once ensue, take their time to resolve, or sometimes become a permanent part of one’s life, owing to their chronic nature. COPDs and other respiratory illnesses sometimes also occur because of certain triggers to which the patient is allergic. Avoidance of such triggers usually results in a symptom-free and disease-free period. The pulmonologists present here at the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital are experienced in dealing with all sorts of patients, both who present acutely and those with chronic respiratory conditions. The patients could easily follow-up with their doctors to stay fit and healthy and enjoy disease-free intervals at their disposal. • GENERAL ANESTHESIA Anesthesia is a very important component of surgeries and other procedures that require the patient to be put in a transient, sleep-like state. This way, not only does the patient remain unaware of the operative procedure that took place within them but also does not feel any significant pain or problems during the procedure. But as simple as it sounds, it is nowhere closer to being a simple procedure. Several small yet highly important factors need to be considered while inducing anesthesia. Furthermore, an anesthesiologist is required to be present during the whole procedure to monitor the patient and see if things are going out smoothly or need any further interventions. At the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital, the hired anesthesiologists are the best ones in their field, who are not only well-educated but also trained to deal with all sorts of patients and their issues within the time deemed fit for patient survival. • EYE DISEASES Eye Health is very important and is often ignored too. Eye-related problems could lead to a person becoming blind and thus, acquiring a permanent disability. However, in today’s world, several of the leading eye-related problems are due to chronic comorbid conditions, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. If these primary conditions are controlled, then the person may enjoy a complication-free life too. The doctors at the Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital are competent enough to take care of all eye-related diseases. They know that investigating for a primary cause could help save the life of the patient and so, focusing on that problem helps treat the subsequent eye problem. • AORTIC VALVE DISEASE The heart is the most important organ in the human body. It does not only take care of pumping blood across the body but also keeps check to maintain optimal blood pressure, which in turn guarantees a person living in the best of his health. However, sometimes either present at birth or developing at a later stage of life, one or more of the valves of the heart may start dysfunction, thus altering the entire performance of the heart. The aortic valve is the major valve that starts dysfunction and thus, Aortic Valve Disease is said to come into play, which adversely affects patient health. The Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital is pleased to have the most experienced cardiologists who know how to make the right interventions at the right time and save the patient's life. Jimenez Diaz Foundation University Hospital is an up-to-date and advanced hospital set-up where everything is assured to comply with the latest technologies and advancements in medical science. It sees a significant patient turnover daily and can deal with all of them in a proper, systematic way.

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  • Coronary bypass surgery

  • General anaesthesia

  • Medication Treatments

  • Restorative proctocolectomy

  • Oxygen therapy

  • Cardiac catheterization

  • Aortic valve repair

  • Vision correction

  • Mastectomy

  • Chemotherapy


  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Allergy Skin Test

  • Allergy Blood Test

  • Spirometry

  • Eye muscle test

  • Visual acuity test

  • Refraction assessment

  • Echocardiogram

  • Chest X-ray

  • Digital mammography