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    Dr. Jin Se-hun, the hospital's director, founded Jin's Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gangnam Station in 1990. He is a doctor who scars his own arms and face and invented the Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment, which is the only one available at Jin's Plastic Surgery. What is the Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment by Jin Se-hun? Technologically, this treatment generates a massive amount of new collagen tissues by triggering physical, chemical, and biological stimulation of 99.999% carbon dioxide gas and hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in the skin. Self-corium regeneration treatment was announced in a thesis for regenerating new tissues by repeatedly injecting carbon dioxide gas and hyaluronic acid into the skin's corium layer in sequence. For clinical treatment, among the three methods of generating collagen using self-corium regeneration needles using the principle of self-corium regeneration treatment announced in the thesis, a new treatment method that maximizes physical and chemical stimulation even without using a corium regeneration needle was developed while maintaining only the biological stimulation. Applicable Areas of Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment • Deep depressed scar from acne on the temples and cheeks • A depressed scar from injury or chickenpox • Deep forehead wrinkles and glabella wrinkles are ineffective with surgery. • Deep and severe nasolabial lines, smile lines, and lip creases Principles of Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment • Cross-section of the scar before treatment. Microinjection of CO2 and H.A. • Right after treatment. Depressed areas in the corium layer are lifted by CO2 and H.A. • Scar cross-section after treatment. Collagen tissues is generated in the lifted corium layer after 3-5 days. Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment technologically alternates fine injections of CO2 and H.A. right below the corium layer of deep wrinkles to granulate in the folded area of skin. CO2 and H.A. injections generate new tissues in the depressed skin layer to fill up the sunken area. Advantages of Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment • Semi-permanent treatment effect with a single treatment (half-life: the period when the effect decreases by half; over 15–20 years). • It is safe, as selective needle treatment is performed on the depressed area only, without the insertion of foreign bodies, incisions, or surgery. • There is almost no side effect, as this treatment induces the generation of collagen (granulation) independently by the corium layer. • Treatment time is limited to 20-40 minutes, and the treatment area is limited to the scar area only. • Pain is minimal from using microsized needles; hence, no anesthetic is needed for scar treatment. • After two days of treatment, the patient can wash his or her face and put on makeup (return to normal life). Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment Procedure 1. Cautions after Treatment • Do not drink alcohol for over 5 days, and follow the dosage in case there are prescriptions. • Avoid hot places such as saunas and hot pools for 2 days after treatment. • Be careful not to press hard on the treated area and avoid pressing hard for 5–6 months. • Apply gauze for 2 days after treatment. This is to protect the skin surface during recovery. Please do not remove it without medical consultation. • Get a medical examination at our clinic two days after treatment for a final check. • For wrinkle treatments, apply the prescribed ointment for 2 weeks only. (Do not exceed 2 weeks.) 2. Status after Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment on Wrinkles • The treated area is bruised and purple (deep red wine). • Purple bruises will disappear in about 5 days. Once the bruises go away, the treated area will be slightly red, as if scabs have peeled off. • This is nothing to worry about, and it can be hidden under sun cream, BB cream, or concealer. • The redness will go away in about 1–2 weeks. Or, for those with sensitive skin, this will go away in 1-2 months. • All bruises and swellings will disappear within one week of treatment with a simple self-corium regeneration treatment. The Annals of Plastic Surgery, one of the top three global cosmetics journals, chose the theory, process, and histological method of Self-Corium Regeneration Treatment as the cover thesis.