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    JJ Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Foundation year




    Medical staff

    All / Top Specialties

    • Nose Surgery

    • Face-lift

    • Breast Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Male Rhinoplasty

    • Wing of nose surgery

    • Nostril Reduction Surgery

    • Hump Nose deformity, Aquiline nose

    • Nose tip surgery

    • Endotine Forehead lift

    • Midface Lift

    • Thread lifting

    • Breast reduction surgery

    • Drooping breast correction

    • Gynecomastia surgery

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Breast Restoration Surgery

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Canthoplasty

    • Liposuction

    • Hip-up Surgery

    • Calf Plastic Surgery

    • Abdominoplasty


    JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic: The hospital's philosophy is contained in its name. Since the year 2000, JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic has been responsibly treating each patient through reconstructive revision surgery and endless research in the field of facial surgery and revision surgery. All medical staff at JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic are striving to provide better medical services through various research activities and academic exchanges for highly satisfactory results. The JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic was recognized worldwide. The clinic was recognized in the field of lifting and revision surgery. invited some countries, including Thailand, China, and the United States of America, to visit JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic not only for lectures and surgical demonstrations but also for academic exchange. From the beginning to the end, JJ Plastic Surgery has a one-stop system from pre-surgery examination to surgery and post-management to ensure the safety of each patient. The preoperative stage uses the D-CT/3D scanner for measurements before the surgery. For surgical planning and surgical steps, the collaboration system involves the field residency of the anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist. JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic is equipped with emergency medicine such as Dant and Bridon. introduced high-tech equipment, Accuvein, and an advanced anesthesia machine from Drager, Germany. The clinic implemented a customized management program for quick recovery after surgery. Additionally, JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic is equipped with a high-level medical treatment system, such as advanced medical equipment and long-term surgical know-how at the level of a university hospital. For successful first surgery as well as failure-free reoperation, accurate analysis before surgery is of utmost importance. Lastly, JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic uses 3D CT and 3D facial scanner equipment before surgery. Predict the appearance after the surgery by visualizing it as a 3D image. By accurately setting the goal of surgery between the medical team and the patient, it is prevented from leading to two reoperations. At JJ Plastic Surgery Clinic, we think of the safety of our customers as our top priority rather than just looking gorgeous on the outside, and we promise safe surgery by generously investing in medical equipment, academics, and research.