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    JK Plastic Surgery Center

    Seoul, South Korea


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    All / Top Specialties

    • Chin Reduction

    • Double Fold (Non-Incision)

    • Rhinoplasty

    All / Top Services

    • Chin Reduction

    • Double Fold (Non-Incision)

    • Simple Rhino (Implant)

    • Rhino (Implant+Tip)

    • Mandible Angle Resection

    • Liposuction (Abdomen)

    • Mid Face Lifting

    • Fat Grafting (Full Face)

    • Breast reduction

    • Osteotomy

    • Mini Lifting (Thread)

    • Lower Blepharoplasty

    • Breast augmentation

    • T.G.I. Fat Stem Cell

    • Neck Lifting

    • Upper Blepharo

    • Double Fold (Incision)

    • Tummy Tuck

    • Forehead Lifting

    • Zygoma Reduction

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    JK Plastic Surgery Center is one of the best plastic surgery centers in South Korea. It was established in 1998 and is the leading medical center in Seoul. This hospital has received much appreciation because of its support centers for foreign patients, as it is the first foreign patient-attracting hospital recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Over the past 20 years, this clinic has dealt with more than 85 thousand successful operations with 100% satisfactory results. JK Plastic Surgery Center introduced an innovative 3D modeling system. It offers versatile services such as multi-language staff, multi-language web pages, and multi-language agreements for foreign patients, which ensures that there is no communication barrier between the patient and the physicians. JK Plastic Surgery Center's Safety and Service Korea’s first and only "Foreign Patient Attracting Medical Institution" designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare JK Plastic Surgery Center's safety system, which passed the strict criteria of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in areas of patient safety, infection/surgery management, and so on JK Plastic Surgery Center is recognized around the world. In 2017, our hospital was recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the first time for the quality of service and patient stability among plastic surgery clinics in Korea. What are "foreign patient-attracting medical facilities" certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare?   The Ministry of Health and Welfare directly evaluates 120 categories, including patient safety, surgery and procedure management, anesthesia and sedation management, infection control systems, and medication management, to select medical institutions that attract foreign patients at or above a certain level. In particular, hospitals that cause social problems such as patient death cannot even apply for an evaluation. Items directly related to "patient safety," such as patient safety and infection control, must be passed before certification can be obtained. Safety is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Human Services. 120 categories passed, including patient safety, fire safety, and surgery and procedure management. 20-year plus effort for safety. Zero cases of medical accidents have occurred in the 20 years since its opening in 1988. A trusted and reliable hospital Systematic and differentiated medical care services Achievements of JK Plastic Surgery Center The JK Plastic Surgery Hospital has been certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) as an outstanding institution in medical tourism for foreigners. JK Plastic Surgery Center has won recognition awards from the Korea Tourism Organization and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Foreign doctors are successfully getting certified training from the JK Plastic Surgery Center. Being the center of Korea's medical tourism and having world-class global technologies, it has received enormous media attention. In 2014, JK Plastic Surgery Center received the award for being the first medical institution to attract foreign patients. It was nominated as the best plastic surgery clinic in 2018 and received the BMA grand prize for global health care. WHY CHOOSE JK PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER? The Ministry of Health of Korea has nominated JK Plastic Surgery Center for its quality services and patient satisfaction. It sustained its status as the first government-accredited plastic surgery center as it meets all the criteria for patient safety. Patients from more than 100 countries visit this hospital every year. Medical standards at the JK Center ensure complete sterility during the treatments and operations. For the convenience of the patients, it has well-equipped and advanced laboratories. Moreover, it offers a tax-free system to efficiently provide the most economical services. JK Plastic Surgery Center provides the safest treatments by using world-class technologies. The highly qualified plastic surgery specialists in this hospital have years of experience. They have a successful track record in achieving the desired results according to the requirements of the patients. HIGHLY advanced equipment at JK JK Plastic Surgery Center strives to be the best in all medical services. To become a superior hospital, it is using highly advanced equipment and technologies, including: ●       Accusculpt Laser ●       Viveve ●       3D visualization system TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OF JK PLASTIC SURGERY CENTER Plastic surgery specialists at JK Plastic Surgery Center offer a wide range of plastic surgery facilities. The top specialties offered by them include:  Rhinoplasty (Implant + Tip) ●       Chin Reduction ●       Upper Blepharoplasty ●       Mandible Angle Resection ●       Breast Reduction  Double Fold (Non-Incision) If you prepare and wait, you’ll be recognized someday. Every effort for a safe environment and reliability, the road of calling and value. JK Plastic Surgery Center stands at the center of ‘Medical Korean Wave’ and will continue to grow as a trusted company through customer satisfaction and value creation based on global human resources development and differentiated medical services and safety systems with outstanding capabilities and leadership. Founding Surgeon and CEO, Dr. Joo Kwon