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    Klinik Am Rosenberg

    Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland






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    • Hand surgery clinic (microsurgery)

    • Tympanoplasty

    • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    • Breast Surgery

    • Filler

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    • Vascular diseases

    • Spine pathologies

    • Peripheral neuropathy

    • Larynx Disorders

    • Spine Fusion surgery

    • Central Nervous System Disease

    • Ankle Arthrodesis

    • Female urological disease

    • Urinary incontinence

    • Ear Correction

    • Deep vein thrombosis

    • Foot Injury Treatment

    All / Top Services

    • Tendon repair

    • Carpal tunnel surgery

    • Tympanoplasty

    • MRI scan

    • Microdiscectomy

    • Breast augmentation

    • Mammography

    • Breast asymmetry correction

    • Breast reduction

    • Hyaluronic Acid

    • Polymethylmethacrylate

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    • Anticoagulation (Blood Thinners)

    • Angiogram

    • CT scan

    • Nerve blocks

    • X-ray

    • Neurological examination

    • Nerve biopsy

    • Blood tests

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    Hasenbühlstrasse 11, 9410 Heiden, Switzerland

    Klinik Am Rosenberg

    Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland


    It is always a tough time to see your loved ones in pain and anguish. With so many diseases encircling us and making us sick, it comes as no surprise that one needs to visit a good treatment facility so that their condition does not worsen. Getting admitted to a hospital that offers the best treatment option with skilled doctors can be quite a difficult task. From the time of their admission to their discharge, they are cared for, making the sick recover at a faster rate. Klinik Am Rosenberg is one such hospital located in Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland, caters to all patients' needs. It has the best team of nurses, technicians, and doctors who ensure every procedure is performed with perfection. With several hi-tech types of equipment present in the vicinity of the hospital, all diagnosis procedures are carried out with the help of those pieces of equipment. Individuals come from far and wide to visit the hospital and get themselves treated at the hands of experts and skilled professionals. Doctors working at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital explain all the procedures well before conducting them. TOP SURGICAL AND MEDICAL SPECIALITIES AT THE KLINIK AM ROSENBERG HOSPITAL Many different departments are functioning at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital. A brief review is listed down below. VASCULAR DISEASES The vessels carry blood to all the body's organs and supply oxygen to every cell. Any problems in this channel can have many detrimental effects on the body. Many people suffer from vascular diseases but get to know about the pathology very late in their life. After the body has gone through significant amounts of damage, the signs only make it too late for the person to revert to a healthy body. One of the most common vascular diseases includes atherosclerosis, which only is the cause of stroke. The management offered to individuals who have atherosclerotic vessels are given medications so that their blood pressure stays within a normal range. Moreover, at Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital, lipid-lowering medicines are also given so that excess amounts of lipids in the body do not plug up arteries which can have fatal outcomes. Timely follow-up checkups are scheduled for these individuals to ensure that their condition has not worsened. Any patient who is found to have deranged levels of any of the markers of vascular disease alerts the doctors working at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital, and their medicinal therapy dosing is adjusted promptly. Another important and fatal vascular disease is an abdominal aortic aneurysm due to high blood pressure or trauma. Specialists working at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital are well-qualified and easily pick up the pathology based on physical examination and lab investigations. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES The diseases persisting in the central nervous system are not always dangerous. However, a long history of headaches, memory loss, and lack of coordination can point to a serious issue. Many patients come to the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital with complaints of sudden onset of headache, tingling sensation, loss of muscle strength, or paralysis. All of these are properly investigated at the facility. With some of the best neurologists on board, all systems are examined to rule out other pathology. Patients are suspected of any CNS disorder if they complain of blurry double vision, fits, or problems with gait or speech. A proper history is taken, and then an examination is conducted of all the different parts of the central nervous system. Lastly, relevant investigations are sent to reach a diagnosis. A CT scan and MRI are advised to all those with a history of a throbbing headache. After which, they are treated accordingly and observed for the development of any complications. Some rare conditions of the central nervous system are also picked up by expert neurologists and then treated and managed well. Individuals who come with a history of trauma are observed to check for any signs of concussion. A CT scan of the head is also performed to rule out any subdural or subarachnoid hemorrhage. EAR CORRECTION Ear correction is a procedure conducted to change the shape of the ear surgically. Some individuals are born with a defective ear shape, in which the ears protrude out of the body. This procedure is called 'otoplasty' and is performed with precision by skilled ENT specialists at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital. This cosmetic surgical procedure makes the ears be closer to the head and not stick out. Otoplasty can be carried out in children after the age of 5. It carries a few postoperative complications such as asymmetrical ear placement, excessive scarring, or an allergic reaction. These complications are minimized if the surgeon performing the procedure is skilled. Therefore, patients who get their ear correction surgery at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital rarely ever-present with any complications. SPINE FUSION SURGERY A spine fusion surgery is performed on individuals to unite two vertebrae together. That is a very complicated surgical procedure, but it has the best results at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital. This surgery is conducted on those with any spinal deformities, a herniated disc, or experience spinal instability. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. An incision is placed at the fusion site, where both the vertebrae can be visualized properly. A bone graft is prepared to be placed at the place of the fusion. The site where a bone graft is taken is usually from the pelvis. A small incision is placed in the pelvis region. A small piece of the bone is taken from the site, and this prepared bone graft is then placed between the two vertebrae that need fusion. A rod is also placed to give the vertebral column support and help in the healing process. Patients are observed for two days to check for any postoperative complications. However, with the skilled hands operating on such cases at the Klinik Am Rosenberg Hospital, ensure that the patient stays free from any such complications.