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    Klinik Stephanshorn

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    • Hip and Knee Surgery

    • Acne scars

    • Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

    • Chronic Spinal Pain

    • Infertility

    • CyberKnife Radiosurgery

    • Discogenic back pain

    • Aesthetic hand surgery

    • Hormonal imbalance

    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

    • Urinary disorders

    • Laser Assisted Hatching (Laser-AHA)

    • Trigeminal Neuropathy

    • Uterine Myoma

    • Diabetes

    • Laparoscopic Surgery

    • Osteoarthritis

    • Musculoskeletal Pain

    • Shoulder Joint

    • Gynecologic Laparoscopy

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    • Bone density test

    • Hip replacement

    • ECG

    • Knee arthroplasty

    • Acne scars

    • Transperitoneal laparoscopic radical nephrectomy

    • Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

    • Blood tests

    • Spinal Fusion

    • Disc Replacement

    • Hysterosalpingography

    • Ovulation testing

    • Laparoscopy

    • Artificial insemination & IVF

    • Brain stereotactic radiosurgery

    • Multiple physical modalities

    • Intradiscal electrothermal therapy

    • Replantation

    • Skin flaps

    • Hormone replacement medications

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    Klinik Stephanshorn

    Sankt Gallen, Switzerland


    With many diseases encircling us, getting sick is inevitable. Being unwell and not going by the day for the simplest of things can get extremely painful for the mind and the body. Getting the simple flu or suffering from a severe illness is vital to get a checkup done from a trusted facility. This facility should not just ensure excellent care but also understand the pain the person is going through due to their health. A hospital that makes sure to follow its codes of conduct and treat its patients with respect, along with providing the best medical help, is the one to select. Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital is one such hospital built with such core values and a mission to provide excellent healthcare to its patients. This tertiary care hospital is located in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, having many skilled doctors and an excellent working staff catering to the patients at all times of the day. They have thousands of medical and surgical procedures happening on an everyday basis. They have an MRI Machine, CT Scanner, and a Mammography machine in the vicinity of their hospital. That makes for quick lab results, which makes it easier for the doctors to come up with a diagnosis much efficiently and accurately. TOP MEDICAL AND SURGICAL FACILITIES BEING OFFERED AT THE KLINIK STEPHANSHORN HOSPITAL With several facilities being provided at the Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital, the treatment options vary according to the needs of each individual. They have the most modern and advanced equipment for testing and screening diseases. The hospital's infrastructure makes the hospital stay very comfortable for the patient’s undergoing treatment for their various medical conditions. Following is a brief review of the top surgical and medical procedures provided at the Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital: • LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY This surgical approach has been widely used, as it has diagnostic and therapeutic benefits. This surgical procedure ensures minimal scarring as a minimal area of the skin is incised to get a good look at the body's insides. Patients undergoing this procedure are the ones with: • Cholelithiasis (stones in the gallbladder) • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) • Appendicitis (inflammation of the pancreas) • Peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum) These conditions usually require quick surgical intervention; therefore, a laparoscopic surgical procedure is the most suitable course in such conditions. A few small incisions are made through instruments, and a tiny camera is inserted. The abdomen wall is first inflated with gas to visualize the inside organs. After that, the images are transmitted through the camera; the instruments are guided towards the site of the pathology. In the case of stones in the gallbladder, the gallbladder is removed through the opening, a cholecystectomy procedure. The pathology is corrected, the insides are assessed, the instruments are taken out through their ports, and the skin is stitched back. This diagnostic and therapeutic surgical approach has decreased risks of infections and offers a quick recovery rate to the patients. That is why this technique is widely followed at the Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital. • UTERINE MYOMA TREATMENT Uterine myomas are also called uterine fibroids. These are not cancerous and just benign growths of uterine tissue. However, this tissue can cause several problems leading to infertility and excessive menstrual bleeding. They can either be single or multiple. Diagnosis of a uterine myoma is made with a pelvic exam and then confirmed with lab tests and an ultrasound. More confirmatory tests are also carried out at the Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital, such as: • MRI • Hysterosalpingography The first-line treatment includes medications, followed by minimally invasive procedures, such as: • Uterine artery embolization • Radiofrequency ablation However, large or multiple uterine myomas are removed by a procedure called a myomectomy. • MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN Many people suffer from musculoskeletal pain due to their bad posture and long working hours. Such individuals come with complaints of having pain even when lying down. Such individuals are first assessed for any nerve compression or fibromyalgia. Pain relief medications are prescribed to such patients and physiotherapy at the Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital. • ACNE SCARS Many people suffer from acne vulgaris due to the clogging of pores on the face. When these acne pimples pop off, they usually leave a scar behind, which can take many months to disappear. That results in the skin losing its clear, smooth, taut texture. The rough skin makes the person under confident in their skin. However, acne breakouts are so frequent that the face is covered with acne scar marks in some cases. These marks can range from dark discoloration of the skin to ice pick or rolling scars. Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital offers treatment to such individuals by carefully assessing the skin's condition. The damaged skin is then treated with several medications. The main goal is to rejuvenate the skin and make sure a new healthy skin is formed. Topical medications such as; • Alpha hydroxy acid • Lactic acid • Salicylic acid • Vitamin E • Retinoids If the skin does not improve with the above products, dermabrasion is used to treat such patients. Laser surfacing and microneedling are also some procedures carried out to get rid of facial scars. • DIABETES MANAGEMENT Diabetes is one common endocrine disorder that occurs worldwide. Many risk factors can result in this disease. The main problem in people with diabetes is uncontrolled blood sugar levels. A hormone, insulin, typically maintains these sugar levels. The deficiency or absence of this hormone results in high glucose levels in the blood. This high glucose can damage the blood vessels and damage many organs (kidneys, eyes, and the brain) in the long run. Many people who visit Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital are screened for diabetes. Individuals with high blood glucose then get a full-body workup to check any other organ involvement due to this disease. The management options are then provided with a guided diet and weight loss program. These individuals are started on antidiabetic medications, dosed according to their body weight. However, people with deteriorating insulin function or complete absence of its work on the body are prescribed insulin injections. Klinik Stephanshorn Hospital sets up a close follow-up regime to evaluate these patients for any advancing problems or if they need any changes in their medications.