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    Korea Cancer Center Hospital

    Seoul, South Korea


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    • Benign Breast Disease

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    • Endometrial cancer

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    • Fine-needle aspiration

    • Lumpectomy

    • Cryoablation

    • Holter monitor

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    • Transvaginal ultrasound

    • Hysteroscopy

    • Hysterectomy

    • Hormone therapy

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    • Endoscopy

    • Pharyngectomy

    • Isotope therapy

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    • Endoscopic ultrasound


    The Korea Cancer Center Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, is one of the best and most reliable hospitals in all of South Korea. This hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly professional doctors and extremely trustworthy healthcare staff who have made the hospital what it is today. Patients who make their way to the Korea Cancer Center Hospital get high-quality treatments and solutions to their debilitating problems. This Hospital has many accreditations to its name and there are a myriad of reasons why people trust this hospital so much. Achievements of Korea Cancer Center Hospital · The Korea Cancer Center Hospital introduced Cobalt remote treatment, making it the first hospital in all of South Korea to treat cancer with the help of radiology. · It has also introduced the CyberKnife treatment which can perform cancer-related surgeries without shedding any blood. · The very first PET-MRI in Korea was also operated by the Korea Cancer Center Hospital in 2009. · It has received accreditation for healthcare organization by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2012 and received a three-year accreditation in Residency Environment Assessment in 2017 · This hospital has also been awarded for Clinical Learning Environment and Medical Institution Assessment by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2020. Why Choose Korea Cancer Center Hospital · Korea Cancer Center Hospital is specialized in cancer care, utilizing radiology for diagnosing, treating, and researching cancer. · It employs only the best, most skilled cancer specialists from all around the world and ensures the multidisciplinary and integrated care system. · It has a hospice and a palliative care center that not only provides treatment for cancer but also includes holistic health services to help the patients heal better. · This hospital performs meticulous research to develop modern treatment methods, such as molecular cancer cell research. · Since radiology is a double-edged sword and can be as useful to patients as it can be harmful, this hospital is dedicated to studying the effects of radiotherapy on its patients. · The workers in Korea Cancer Center Hospital carefully curate treatment plans for all of their patients using their state-of-the-art PET and MRI diagnosis equipment. They carefully curate these treatment plans to ensure that their patients receive only the best patient care possible in all of Korea. Top Medical Specialties of Korea Cancer Center Hospital Korea Cancer Center Hospital provides a complete range of treatments. Top specialties offered by this hospital include: · Malignant Lymphoma · Soft Tissue Tumors · Isotope Therapy · Endometrial Cancer · Benign Breast Disease Malignant Lymphoma Lymphoma is cancer that develops anywhere within the body’s lymphatic network. It is malignant if it can spread to other tissues and organs. Since the lymphatic system runs through our entire body and forms a network, lymphoma can happen in correlation with any organ or tissue. Naturally, malignant lymphomas are extremely dangerous but can be treated effectively if it is caught early. This is where Korea Cancer Center Hospital steps in and with their high-tech diagnosis systems and highly qualified and trained doctors, they can stop a malignant lymphoma in its tracks. This hospital is also equipped with the latest technology to treat cancer effectively and accurately. Soft Tissue Tumors Soft tissue tumors can be benign or malignant. Benign soft tissue tumors are those that do not spread and are offering more of a plain nuisance than a life-threatening condition. Benign soft tissue tumors can include neurofibroma, angiolipoma, hemangioma, myxoma, and others. These tumors can be treated with the help of surgical excision, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and enzyme inhibitor therapy. Korea Cancer Center Hospital offers the top-notch and world-class treatments for soft tissue tumors. They have successfully treated thousands of soft tissue tumor cases in the hospital (both benign and malignant). The doctors in this hospital are experienced enough to offer the best level of services and care to all of their patients. Isotope Therapy Isotope therapy or radioisotope therapy includes the injecting of liquid radioactive substances in the patient’s body to fight off cancer cells. Radioisotope therapy is mainly chosen to keep the damage to surrounding tissue to a minimum. Doctors use Iodine-131, Strontium-89, Samarium-153, and Radium-223 to fight cancers with the help of radioisotope therapy but normally, this type of therapy is not the first choice of doctors to fight any kind of cancer. Since the Korea Cancer Center Hospital was the first hospital in Korea to deploy radiological treatments for cancer, there is no doubt that they know exactly what they are doing if they decide to use it on a patient. Patients can rest assured that the hospital is providing the ultra-modern facilities and services to help patients with isotope therapy. Endometrial Cancer Endometrial cancer begins in the uterus, or to be specific, the endometrium. The endometrium is the lining of the uterus which cushions the fetus. Endometrial cancer can also be known as uterine cancer. It is slow-growing but it can spread to other organs if no heed is paid to it over time. Since the Korea Cancer Center Hospital has the ultra-modern equipment and exceptionally rated professionals to treat much more devastating forms of cancer, endometrial cancer is one of the most easily treated ones at this hospital. It also provides regular pre-operative and post-operative care to ensure the best outcomes and desired results. Benign Breast Disease Benign breast disease includes lumps, cysts, swelling, redness, and often nipple discharge as well. Although Benign Breast Disease is not life-threatening and does not increase chances for breast cancer, it can be quite troublesome for most women. Korea Cancer Center Hospital, with its excellent patient care and breast disease resolving doctors can do justice to the patients that reach out to them for solutions. It provides safe and reliable solutions with zero medical risks and health complications.