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    La Rose Clinic

    Tunis, Tunisia




    All / Top Specialties

    • Alzheimer's Disease

    • Gastric Ulcer

    • Tonsillitis

    All / Top Services

    • Neurological exam

    • Medications

    • Endoscopic examination

    • Tonsillectomy

    • Upper endoscopy

    • Anti-reflux Surgery

    • Bladder diary

    • Transvaginal laser therapy

    • Endometrial Ablations

    • Ultrasonograhy

    • Myomectomy

    • Physical exam

    • Adjustable gastric banding

    • Percutaneous coronary intervention

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Mammogram

    • Medical treatment

    • Blood tests

    • Chemotherapy

    • Lung Biopsy


    La Rose Clinic is the first clinic in Tunisia and Africa to sign an agreement with Accreditation Canada, the world’s leading accreditor of Francophone and Anglophone health care facilities under international standards. La Rose Clinic is a private multidisciplinary clinic with over 120 beds and a medical-technical platform equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools. Among the strengths of the La Rose Clinic is its renowned medical team. Our team gathers experts in different medical specialties. Our gynecologists, biologists, orthopedists, surgeons, urologists, pediatricians, emergency physicians, plastic surgeons, andrologists, geneticists, endocrinologists, etc. work hand in hand to offer the best care possible. Our multidisciplinary paramedical team, trained upon hiring according to our procedures manual and assessed annually, is committed to implementing and monitoring your treatment in respect of medical confidentiality while providing you with psychological support. We welcome many foreign patients of all nationalities from Africa, Europe, and North America. MEDICAL DISCIPLINES Our clinic is divided into different units that represent various medical specialties: emergencies and intensive care, radiology, general surgery, gynecology, MAP with FERTILLIA Center, neonatology, pediatric surgery, urology, aesthetic and regenerative surgery, orthopedic surgery, etc. SUPPORT Patient care is ensured in accordance with international standards from the moment the patient contacts the clinic. Indeed, all medical records are digitalized and secured, thus enabling the attending physician to access, monitor, and update them in real-time. A HOSPITAL AS A HOTEL Besides our medical services, we offer our patients dignified, high-quality, hotel-like care. From reception and catering services to the rooms where patients stay, we endeavor to offer a delightful experience to our patients, their companions, and visitors, thus ensuring better care. CATERING Our nutritionist will come to your room to adapt your meals to your tastes while considering the diet prescribed by your attending physician and any potential allergies. Your companion should notify the nutritionist in the event of half-board (dinner and breakfast) or full-board formulas (lunch is considered an extra meal). ROOM The clinic has spacious and pleasant rooms of different sizes, with areas varying between 18 and 30 m2, in order to welcome you under the best possible conditions. Showers, cupboards, benches, visitors' corners, IPTV, and WIFI are just a few examples of the means available to you in your room. CLEANING AND HYGIENE Hygiene is a major concern in our clinic. Thus, your room will be cleaned up to three times a day in accordance with the hygiene rules in force. Furthermore, your bedding will be changed every morning, and possibly more times if necessary. We are committed to keeping your room clean and quiet so that you can rest. Rates for services are displayed in the room. For your convenience, we have put at your disposal a laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing service. OUR MISSION La Rose Clinic offers you the best care while looking after your safety and well-being to ensure your satisfaction. OUR VALUES Team spirit Efficiency Innovation Respect Ethics OUR VISION We aspire to be the leaders of healthcare institutions and to ensure long-term sustainability by aiming for excellence in cooperation with all stakeholders. ETHICS Our ethical approach has enabled us to identify strong values that meet the remarks of all participants. Clinique La Rose has thus adopted an ethical frame of reference that is full of significance and that promotes the development of a common culture uniting the entire community. Our ethical framework is the result of a collective and innovative approach that made it possible to develop a strong identity based on unifying values, which guide the entire decision-making process as well as the desired actions and behaviors of stakeholders, trainees, users, and their relatives. Thereby, this ethical frame of reference allows for the development of a common identity by defining meaningful values that may serve as a guide to action for an organization that promotes the "do well and live together" principles. In this way, our ethical frame of reference is based on an organizational structure as well as on regulations, codes, policies, and procedures, all associated with a management system that allows everyone to acquire the necessary attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, and skills with regards to ethics.