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    Lahyeon Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Breast Augmentation

    • Anti-aging

    • Hair Transplantation

    • Thread lift

    • Nipple and Areola Surgery

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Double Eyelids

    • Body liposuction

    • Facial bone surgery

    • Rhinoplasty

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    • Breast augmentation surgery

    • Mammography

    • Ultrasound

    • Laser lifting

    • Stemcell clinic

    • Hair transplantation

    • Thread lift

    • Nipple reduction surgery

    • Nipple correction surgery

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Double eyelid surgery

    • Blood test

    • Abdomen liposuction

    • Leg and thigh liposuction

    • Arm liposuction

    • V-Line Surgery

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

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    South Korea, Seoul, Cheongdam-dong, 3번지 스퀘어 511호 KR 서울특별시 강남구 청담동

    Lahyeon Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Lahyeon Plastic Surgery is a modern, state-of-the-art set-up recently opened up in Seoul, South Korea. Even though there are several plastic surgery centers open and working currently in South Korea, the name of Lahyeon Plastic Surgery stands out amongst the most popular ones. This popularity could be attributed to its diverse range of treatment and augmentation facilities available here. Moreover, the Lahyeon Plastic Surgery is also a cost-effective center where all the treatments and consultations are done at a super-affordable price. This price factor further makes the people of Seoul go after this place because they know that they would receive the best quality treatment under the care of the most experienced and trained doctors only. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OFFERED BY THE LAHYEON PLASTIC SURGERY, SEOUL As a specialized plastic surgery set-up, the Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul, is well equipped with the most advanced and finest equipment required to carry out all the treatment procedures here. The people seem fully satisfied and comfortable after they visit this place, owing to the aesthetic and homely aura created through the hospital's vibrant interior. An overview of some of the popular specialties that are currently being offered here, include: • EPICANTHOPLASTY Several people worldwide face cosmetic issues for which there exist different surgeries to help their appearance or features appear better or normal to other people. One such problem that is most prevalent within the Asian race is that of sagging or tired-looking eyes. This problem occurs because the inner part of the eyes appears to be smaller. The reason is a constriction or a web-like structure formation at the corner of the eyes known as the epicanthus. For removing this fold or web, epicanthoplasty is performed. It was previously rare, but now with people becoming aware of it, they are opting for it simultaneously. In epicanthoplasty, the inner parts of the eyes are slightly retouched to elongate them. This way, the eyes appear to be bigger and not-so-tired anymore. Epicanthoplasty is easily performed using the most advanced techniques here at the Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul. • HAIR TRANSPLANTATION Male pattern baldness is one of the most dreaded and unfortunate conditions that could occur in males. Not only males but some females are also affected by conditions such as excessive hair loss, alopecia, and other scalp-related disorders that cause a person to lose their hair, with no signs of any regrowth. In such a situation, a person might feel less confident or shy to face the world because hair makes up an important part of one's personality, especially for those people who are extroverts or have to be social for their work or job purposes. Therefore, hair transplantation is what works out best in this case. It is a short, minimally invasive procedure. Good-quality hair follicles from another part of a person's body are extracted and injected into the bald patch or affected area. Within a few months to years, the person experiences hair regrowth and can finally live his life happily. At the Layheon Plastic Surgery, Seoul, several hair transplantation experts suggest the best treatment for their patients after a detailed and thorough examination of their receding hairline. • THREAD LIFT Humans are programmed to age. With the onset of ageing, several changes take place in the body. These changes could be signs themselves that a person has started to age. In a person, usually, the changes first start appearing on the face. There is an appearance of wrinkles as the skin starts losing its elasticity. Usually, a saggy appearance is seen, often accounted for occurring due to the loss of the collagen content in the skin. For many people, this skin sagging is an unwelcoming reminder that they are getting old, so they want to hide these 'flaws' and get rid of them as soon as possible. For such people, there exists a solution at the Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul, called 'Thread Lift.' It is a procedure where a plastic surgeon attempts to lift the skin back up by stitching small portions of the sagging skin. There are competent and skilled doctors at the Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul, who are experts at performing this procedure in no time. People have experienced successful results after this surgery and were happy with the results and a younger self! • BREAST AUGMENTATION Breasts are an important part of a woman's body. The femininity of a female exudes from them. Every woman has a different set of breasts, which, unfortunately, creates a sense of complexion amongst some females. However, some females suffer from loose or saggy breasts due to certain medical conditions such as obesity. So, when these women want something to be done to their breasts that makes them appear more contoured, firmer, and "in-shape," they are suggested breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure where small implants, primarily consisting of silicone, filled with saline, are placed under the breast tissue or near the chest wall, depending on the augmentation location. This implant successfully creates an 'augmented' appearance of the breasts and makes them appear fuller and plumper than before. Breast augmentation is also performed at the Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul. Several doctors are trained to perform this procedure with minimal risk factors. Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul is a set-up that believes in advancing with the rapidly-pacing world. So, they keep on bringing changes and adding new treatments and procedures in their hospital setup, but only after these procedures get approved and researched thoroughly. And so, this is how Lahyeon Plastic Surgery, Seoul, is making its way into its customer's hearts. Its policy is based on sincerity and providing the best care and treatment to its patients, ultimately turning patients into long-term, trustworthy clients. It is highly expected that they would soon reach the pinnacle of success, owing to their hard work and unmatched skills. Furthermore, the doctors, plastic surgeons, and the nursing staff working here are dutiful and responsible and play their respective role in making the patient feel comfortable and confident about themselves.