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Le Marrakech Clinic

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Quartier Masmoudi Targua, Marrakech, Morocco


It is a fact that there is nothing more important than health, and the heart yearns for the sick, especially if you are closely related to that individual. It becomes imperative to select a health facility for them that offers good treatment and makes the patient feel comfortable. Le Marrakech Clinic is one such medical facility that keeps their patient's health their number one priority, giving them an environment that makes them feel very much at home. This hospital has over 50 doctors and 300 medical staff. There are approximately 8000 surgical procedures that happen annually, with a capacity to accommodate 140 individuals at a time. The hospital's infrastructure has been built to provide patients and their attendant's comfort. They have been equipped with some of the best pieces of machinery that make diagnosis efficient and treatment accessible. All the doctors working at the Le Marrakech Clinic make sure to attend to every patient and listen to their concerns in detail before ordering any tests. All the surgical procedures happening in the hospital's vicinity are carried out in a well-sterilized area, limiting the spread of any infection. TOP MEDICAL SERVICES PROVIDED AT THE LE MARRAKECH CLINIC Le Marrakech Clinic has many different functional departments with experts to handle any emergency. With a well-trained and cooperative staff, every patient is treated with respect, without any discrimination. Following is the review of the services offered at the Le Marrakech Clinic: • Adult/Child Resuscitation Service A well-established resuscitation center at the Le Marrakech Clinic ensures that it can revive every patient successfully. They have eight high-performance resuscitation beds. Senior resuscitator doctors are appointed at this unit that follows all updated protocols, with continuous monitoring to ensure patients stay stable after being revived. Patients who are taken care of by this unit are the ones who have undergone severe trauma, patients after major surgery, as well as patients who are in a lot of pain. The team at this unit is highly skilled and trained, with efficient first responders on the line who know about dealing with both adult and pediatric age groups. • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Children born with any pathology are taken to the intensive care unit to monitor their skills closely. These neonates usually complain of respiratory distress syndrome, low birth weight, congenital malformations, digestive or infectious pathology. All the nurses and doctors appointed at this unit work exceptionally hard to maintain vitals and treat newborns. • Noor Fertility Clinic Many couples visit the Le Marrakech Clinic with concerns about not conceiving. All of these couples get directed towards the Noor Fertility Centre, which has several counselors and doctors ready to investigate the cause of infertility. A good history and physical examination get carried out, after which several tests get advised for both individuals. These tests check the quality of the gamete's hormonal levels and thyroid hormone levels. All of these tests then help investigate the actual cause of infertility. After proper investigations, the couple is started on appropriate medications to help them conceive. All the doctors appointed at this unit make sure to make the couple comfortable, ensuring privacy and safety to the two. After figuring out the pathology existing in the couple, they get advised on several treatment plans. These plans get tailored according to every individual's need. • Visceral and Obesity Surgery In this world of fast food, rates of obesity have risen dangerously high in both developing and developed countries. Obesity presents many health problems, including hypertension and high cholesterol levels, increasing the risk of cardiac failure and stroke. Therefore, surgical procedures are being conducted at the Le Marrakech Clinic to help individuals lose weight. There are several bariatric and visceral procedures that surgeons operate. The process involves sectioning a part of the stomach, a' Gastric Bypass technique.' That makes the individual feel less hungry, satiated by little food. Multiple types of research have shown that individuals who have undergone this procedure could reduce weight a lot faster than conventional methods. Visceral fat surgeries are also conducted at the Le Marrakech Clinic, where extra fat is taken out from under the skin. Patients recover quickly with almost no postoperative complications due to the skilled hands of surgeons performing these complex surgeries. • Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology Many individuals attend the Le Marrakech Clinic with broken bones, and good fracture management can save that patient from many surgeries and hospital visits. According to the ATLS protocol, all traumatic injuries and fractures get managed and quickly reduced, and then expert orthopedic surgeons make further decisions regarding surgery. The surgeons are well-experienced in operating on degenerated joints and conducting prosthetic surgeries. Moreover, all kinds of sports accidents and pathologies are taken care of, ensuring that the athlete can return to their game with complete recovery. Hand and microsurgery get performed in case of any damage to the ligaments of the hands or fingers. • Cancer Surgery Cancer is one of the biggest evils of our society. Individuals diagnosed with cancer at the Le Marrakech Clinic get assurances about their treatment. All the oncologists working investigate and biopsy any mass immediately whenever there is any suspicion. There are also several tests gets conducted to confirm cancer. After the results, the patient is prepared for surgery to remove the cancerous mass from their body. Some of the best surgeons perform this surgery. They excise the mass with precision so that none of the cancer cells escape—the chances of recurrence after the surgery drop significantly after it gets operated on. The patient is directed to get chemotherapy based on their prognosis. Every cancer patient is sent for counseling to help them cope with any trauma they could be carrying due to their disease—the hospital's equipped with radiotherapy services and a nuclear medicine department.