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    Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



    All / Top Specialties

    • Epilepsy

    • Aesthetic hand surgery

    • Pneumonia

    • Urinary incontinence

    • Arthroscopy

    • Parathyroid Disease

    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    • Sinusitis

    • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    • Reconstructive Urology

    • Spinal cord injury

    • Movement Disorders

    • Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

    • High blood pressure

    • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

    • Laparoscopic Surgery

    • Burns

    • Male Infertility

    • Hypertensive Heart Disease

    All / Top Services

    • High-density EEG

    • Single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT)

    • Electroneuromyography

    • EEG brain activity

    • Skin flaps

    • Sputum test

    • Pulse oximetry

    • Pleural fluid culture

    • Transvaginal laser therapy

    • Bladder diary

    • Shoulder arthroscopy

    • Knee arthroscopy

    • Bone densitometry

    • Minimally invasive parathyroidectomy

    • Ultrasound

    • CT scan

    • Arterial blood gas analysis

    • Lung therapies

    • Immunotherapy

    • Saline nasal spray

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    M-24,musaffah,Near Village Mall - MusaffahMusaffah Industrial - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


    The secret behind the success of any great organization or business lies in the fact whether it is customer-centric or not. Because, it is the respective customers that make or break any business. Talking in the context of the healthcare department, this ideology or philosophy sounds particularly true - after all, what is the need of providing extensive and expensive treatments to those patients in the first place when they are unable to afford it at all? This happens when quantity is preferred over quality. But fortunately, there are several humanitarian and caring hospitals present like the Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah that are running successfully today. This hospital runs on a strict policy of providing budget-friendly yet the most superior quality healthcare services and treatments to all its patients alike, irrespective of their backgrounds. It is indeed a helpful and considerate step that was taken to provide a complete and comprehensive package of healthcare to all the residents of the UAE. The popularity and fame of the Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, speaks for itself and makes it an ultimate option for the people to visit and get themselves treated here simultaneously. Not only is the hospital well-built and modern in infrastructure, but it is also one of those hospitals that are quick to adapt to the ever-changing medical field and so, keep on adding advanced therapeutic and diagnostic modalities within their capacity. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES BEING OFFERED AT THE LIFECARE HOSPITAL, MUSAFFAH The Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah is a center of treatment for the major and minor specialties that are being catered to the patients here. The patients fully trust this hospital and come here with full confidence that they would be treated under the care of the best doctors and using only the best and advanced treatments that are prevalent in the healthcare and medical field nowadays. A few popular specialties that are being provided to the people here include: • LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY The world is advancing towards better and smarter shortcuts nowadays. Life is becoming easier through the development and usage of these newer and advanced modalities nowadays. One such invention is laparoscopic surgery. It is a recent, modern, and less invasive technique that has taken the world of surgery by storm. It is only through laparoscopic surgery that complicated and extensive surgeries have become easier for doctors to perform. Not only does this mode of surgery prevent excessive bleeding but it is also linked with decreased scarring and post-surgical complications. This is advantageous for those patients who have undergone multiple surgeries in the past or require a complex surgery to be performed while in the presence of multiple other health-related complications. Needless to say, Laparoscopic Surgery is going to be phenomenal in the days to come, owing to its greater advantages and lesser risks and side effects. The Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah is actively carrying out several surgeries in a day owing to its laparoscopic equipment. Their surgeons are well-trained and experienced to perform these surgeries competently. • BURNS Burns pose a significant risk to the health and life of a patient. Burns occur as a result of an accidental or incidental injury and the more severe they are, the riskier it gets. The intensity of a burn could help determine how convenient it would be for a doctor to save the life of a patient. Even if the life of a patient gets saved, there are several other complications and life-long scarring that could alter the life of a patient. For this reason, the doctors working at the Burns Department of the Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah are considered to be pros at what they do best. This is because they are seen to deal with this accidental injury in the best possible way, one that is both therapeutic as well as empathetic. Even though burns that are of severe nature could not be reversed, they could be dealt with appropriately by the doctors. • HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Cardiovascular Diseases are an important cause of patient mortality and morbidity all around the world. These diseases are irreversible and require constant efforts from the patient if they want to maintain these diseases in a balanced and toned-down manner. Hypertensive Heart Disease or Hypertension is a chronic and common heart-related disorder in which a person suffers from persistently high blood pressure levels. These high blood pressure levels then impose their adverse effects on the health of a patient and alter his normal functioning in daily life. Therefore, for people dealing with high blood pressure, it is important that both medicinal as well as lifestyle changes must be followed strictly by the patient. This very approach is opted by the diligent doctors working at the Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, who believed that a patient must not rely only on drugs to take care of his ailing heart. Instead, a multidisciplinary approach should be practiced that will result in ultimately well-maintained health status of the patient. • RECONSTRUCTIVE UROLOGY Urology is a field of medicine dealing with all the major and minor reproductive and urinary aspects of a person. Some people are born with congenital abnormalities of the urinary system and so, to keep the system functioning in its ideal state, it often becomes crucial and direly important for a reconstructive urologist to perform a surgery that serves to restore the previous or newly-created normal pathways of this system. At the Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, there are competent and expert reconstructive urologists present who perform the most complex and difficult surgeries with ease. It is because of their expertise that patients readily come for their issues to get treated here. The Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, is doing a great job at serving people with the best intentions. The entire working staff, doctors, and everyone else who makes this hospital a great success are highly empathetic towards their patients and it seems that it is their duty that they have to make the patients go back to their homes with satisfaction and resolution of their problems.