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Mate Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



Languages Spoken

  • English

  • 한국어

Top Specialties

  • Petit Plastic Surgery

  • Face Contouring

  • Eye Surgery

  • Breast Surgery

  • Anti-aging

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Male Plastic Surgery

Contact Information

108 Bongeunsa-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


Everyone can be pretty at Mate Plastic Surgery Clinic. Even though each standard of beauty is different Mate Plastic Surgery complete the best beauty for you. Mate does not do the same day-to-day design. Seek independent beauty that fits your personal image. We believe that because each person has a unique face, body shape, proportion, and image, designing uniformly will not be beautiful. To achieve unique beauty, we want to add beauty to your own individuality and image. If you are thinking of a beautiful change, your choice is Mate Plastic Surgery. Reasons to Choose Mate 1. Mate medical staff is rich in experience and know-how 2. Counseling honestly and without any excess medical care 3. Finishing the beauty that fits your style Mate’s Custom Surgery System Step 1: Accurately analyze individual symptoms Step 2: Custom design based on personal image and features Step 3: Optimal surgical planning based on analysis and design Step 4: Surgery to fit the overall image Mate is different. We find true beauty through our pride and know-how. • Eyes surgery Creates clearer and more natural eyes to fit the overall ratio while considering the individual eye condition and shape harmony. • Nose/Rhinoplasty Improve the image luxuriously by adding sophistication to the overall nose line in proportion to the shape of faces. • Reoperation Need a more meticulous and meticulous solution than the first surgery. Mate Plastic Surgery completes the eye's customization with precise analytical skills that take individual scars and remaining skin into account. • Facial contouring surgery From the forehead of the face to the tip of the chin, it harmoniously improves to a small and slim face, and it changes into a facial line that looks soft and young from any angle. • Anti-aging Accurately analyze the age and condition of an individual and create high completion result through customized surgical procedure. • Petit-forming Understand the characteristics of the skin accurately and gives natural beauty in a simple expedient. • Breast / Mastoplastic / Body Contour You can have beautiful breast lines with the surgical method considering volume, touch, and movement. • Men’s plastic surgery Get the image change you want with a personalized solution that enhances the appeal of men. Why Mate is Special? 1. President’s Direct Surgery system You can receive systematic plastic medical services from the president of plastic surgery to consultation, surgery, and post-operative care. 2. Customer customized Highly satisfied customers with customized surgery for patient symptoms. 3. Surgical liability guarantee system Responsible for the outcome. 4. Ideal plastic surgery orientation We offer the most ideal solution that fully meets the patient’s requirements and adds his opinion as a specialist. 5. Thorough safety system Safer operation is possible by establishing a safety system. 6. Total care system We operate a thorough postoperative care program for faster recovery. Mate Plastic Surgery Clinic provides a comfortable and clean interior environment with interior design that considers customer convenience and efficient copper wiring.