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The Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, is one of the leading hospitals located in Istanbul, Turkey. From the looks of it, it appears to be a grand, spacious, and luxurious hospital, and it rightfully is so as well. The Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, is one of the international-grade hospitals in Turkey that has been serving its patients for a long while now. It was established back in 2008, and presently, it is still continuing to do the same to its loyal patients and the new ones alike. Because of its success stories and guaranteed expert-level help, this hospital has gained immense popularity among the citizens of Turkey. This could be witnessed in the form of the huge patient turnout that the hospital receives regularly. The Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, is an all-in-one stop for the patients. Not only does it have the best doctors to look after patients, but it also has an equally efficient system of monitoring, diagnosing, and performing treatments on the patients. This has added to its proficiency as an advanced state hospital in the entire Turkey. Moreover, it has also made it convenient for the patients to get all the necessary and prescribed lab investigations done from the same place because they know that the results would be trusted and reliable ones. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY THE MEMORIAL ATASEHIR HOSPITAL, TURKEY There are several specialties being offered here at the Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey. They have some of the best surgeons, doctors, and nursing care to deal with these problems and to ensure that the patients are catered to in the best possible way. Some of the specialties being offered at the Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, include: • LOWER GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE Many people deal with gastrointestinal problems throughout their life. These problems might obstruct the normal functioning of the gut at any level and cause severe pain and difficulty in performing daily life activities. If the gut is affected at the lower level, it implies that the intestines and the rectal area are affected. These problems most commonly manifest as abdominal pain or tenderness, difficulty when passing stool, or severe pain when attempting to pass stool. Because of their serious nature, they most often require prompt intervention and management by the appropriate doctor so that any serious complication could be avoided. Lower Gastrointestinal Diseases, even if not urgent, can turn into long-term conditions, and then the patient has to keep on visiting a doctor now and then for lifetime evaluation and management. At the Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, there are several doctors who know what actions to undertake to save the life of the patient. And in doing so, they have made their mark on the patients because of their timely life-saving strategies. Several operations are also successfully performed here concerning the lower gastrointestinal tract. • GALLBLADDER SURGERY The gallbladder often creates problems for several people. These problems occur when people stick to unhealthy diets, untimely meals and consume excessive amounts of cholesterol in their diet. The gallbladder gets overwhelmed, and as a result, there are repeated bouts of acidity and indigestion that cause a person to be greatly affected. In such a situation, the doctor would suggest a ‘Cholecystectomy,’ also known as ‘Gallbladder Surgery,’ where the gallbladder is removed from the body. This is a comparatively easy surgery, but as always, it requires only the best surgeons to perform it. The Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, is blessed to have a board of such doctors and surgeons who are quick in diagnosing gallbladder-related problems and treating them right ‘in the nick of time.’ The rate of surgery has so far remained successful here, and several surgeries are performed daily, thus adding to the efficiency of the doctors present here. • BREAST CANCER Breast Cancer is one of the simplest cancers to diagnose and treat, only if it is caught at the right time. If delayed, breast cancer could have a worse prognosis in the affected females and can even go on to kill them due to its complications. Breast Cancer needs to be diagnosed and treated, and for this, only a female needs to be educated enough to learn the warning signs that pinpoint this looming issue. Thankfully, the doctors and breast surgeons practicing at the Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, are competent enough to realize that education is necessary for the prevention of the disease, and so, they implement this very policy to avoid a worse outcome for the poor affected woman. Here Breast Cancer is treated on a priority basis, even if it is benign, because one can never decide when it turns into a malignant one, and if it would, then give the doctor and the patient a chance to do the treatment. • GYNECOLOGIC CANCERS Throughout her reproductive years, a female has to undergo several ups and downs that affect her life. From among these, many problems arise due to the anatomy of the female’s reproductive system, which causes several problems for her during her menstrual cycle, pregnancy, as well as during menopause. Sometimes, a female may also develop a tumor or metastasis in any part of her reproductive tract, which then becomes a grave issue that needs urgent management. Gynecologic Cancers are mostly malignant and, if not treated or managed through chemotherapy or radiotherapy, could prove to be lethal for the women in a very short time. At the Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, the doctors are specialized and trained to judge from the symptoms if the female would need urgent care or not. But despite that, every patient is treated with the same level of priority so that appropriate and adequate treatment could be provided to these women to save their lives. And thus, by catering to every request of the patients and providing them the best level of care and comfort that they need, the Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Turkey, has succeeded in making its marks high up in the people’s hearts. Now, people prefer to visit this hospital not by option but as a choice because they know that they would be taken care of and treated in the best possible way there is.

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