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Mi&Mi Clinic

Seoul, South Korea



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  • Anti-Aging/Lifting

  • Petit Plastic Surgery

  • Melasma Pigment/Laser

  • Acne Scars

  • Hair Removal/Skin care

  • Hair Loss Center

All / Top Services

  • Air Dual Fraxel

  • Pinhole Fraxel

  • Potenza Laser

  • Exosomes

  • Pores

  • PDT

  • Special Female Hair Removal

  • Special Men's Hair Removal

  • Chiomer3- NDA Plus

  • Peeling Mall

  • Otuderm

  • Spiculing

  • Fluid Nutrition Injection

  • Dual Triple Toning

  • Potenza Laser

  • Pico Toning

  • Blemishes/Skin Tone

  • Facial Flushing

  • Clarity 2 Laser

  • Noblein Laser

Contact Information

439 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea


Become the most beautiful like me at Mi&Mi Clinic, which thinks about the unique beauty of individuals and contemplates and studies the natural beauty of customers. Mi&Mi Clinic takes advantage of each individual's beauty and shares the journey until it is revealed. Diagnosis of different appearances for each individual, unnecessary treatment, and low expected effect Experience the high-quality treatment of Mi&Mi Clinic, a conscientious medical clinic that speaks honestly. We study beauty beyond medicine. Mi&Mi Clinic studies the human face from an anatomical point of view, beyond the medical point of view. Mi&Mi Clinic checks the most harmonious and appropriate composition and ratio for each face and strives for optimal treatment. Furthermore, Mi&Mi Clinic focuses on finding the unique beauty of each individual and reviving both the outside and the inside! Mi&Mi Clinic will study the most ideal ratio and provide you with customized natural beauty. Mi&Mi Clinic's Precise Diagnosis Process. Mi&Mi Clinic promises you the best results with skilled medical staff. - Skin treatment begins with a detailed diagnosis! Mi&Mi Clinic finds a 1:1 customized skin solution for each individual through a skin diagnosis system. - Customization Treatment! Mi&Mi Clinic recommends the necessary and most appropriate treatment according to the individual's skin condition, thickness, and density. - Customized treatment by cause, delicate treatment The medical staff of Mi&Mi Clinic do their best to provide satisfactory results to customers with excellent skills. - Combine solution: By using genuine equipment, Mi&Mi Clinic performs a complex combination procedure that enhances the effect according to the condition of the individual's skin and takes care of the pain. - Petit/body type, obesity/lifting As a total beauty clinic, Mi&Mi Clinic strives for a treatment system that prioritizes improvement of concerns by collecting various needs of customers. Possession of the post-care system Mi&Mi Clinic will take care of the symptoms that may occur after the procedure by taking appropriate preventive measures, and Mi&Mi Clinic will do our best to give satisfaction to our customers. With 18 years of experience, Lee Hwan-seok, the representative director of Mi&Mi Clinic Gangnam Branch, conducts research today through numerous conferences, live seminars, and lectures. Training for the director of Mi&Mi Clinic Network Mi&Mi Clinic conducts research and studies through education and live demonstrations for all branch medical staff. Mi&Mi Clinic always researches and adapts to changes. Mi&Mi Clinic is leading the trendy petit market that the media pays attention to. Customized treatment for each cause with various laser devices. Mi&Mi Clinic Gangnam Headquarters has high-performance laser equipment and provides sufficient treatment according to the cause. Mi&Mi Clinic provides daily satisfaction with meticulousness and detail. Mi&Mi Clinic will always strive to create value that can be felt over time. Mi&Mi Clinic Custom Design developed an AI program called Ulthera, allowing individual surgeons to do custom designs. It mainly improves drooping and drooping areas, and the effect of a non-surgical face lift can be expected. In addition, collagen production from coagulated skin tissue using high-intensity focused ultrasound can produce a detailed face-lifting effect. Custom-designed Ulthera uses high-intensity focused ultrasound and uses tips of various depths from the dermis layer to the SMAS layer, which is the cause of skin aging. You can expect not only a lifting effect for the baby face but also a collagen production effect by varying the energy intensity and depth according to the individual's custom design and skin thickness. The pigments on the skin all seem to be similar; in fact, various diseases require more than one laser treatment. Most people know that toning alone will make you better, and in fact, some hospitals only do toning, but there are a variety of diseases such as melasma, ota spots, hyperpigmentation, and black spots. At Mi&Mi Clinic Gangnam Main Store, we use two or more lasers for each pigment disease to treat it, and we have accumulated a long period of know-how to finely and precisely adjust the laser power according to the depth of the pigment. Finally, after continuous research, we came up with a dual or triple toning treatment system for proper treatment of each pigmented lesion. Dual or triple toning is a treatment that uses two or more types of pigment and redness treatment equipment. at Mi & Mi Clinic. By irradiating the problematic pigment lesions with cooling gas and lasers, it is expected to improve the skin by treating only the pigment. In addition, for a face that is red due to hot flashes, it can be expected to improve redness by irradiating two or more wavelengths and constricting dilated blood vessels. More than just getting rid of pigmented lesions, blemishes, and redness, Mi&Mi Clinic will help you to the end to restore your skin's original cleanliness. Mi&Mi Clinic accurately researches the lasers used and treats pain with laser settings and guidelines. If you proceed with hair removal on areas that are more sensitive than your arms or legs (beard, throat, forehead, sideburns, and cheeks), you can perform the treatment comfortably because it takes care of the pain sufficiently.