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    Midline plastic surgery

    Seoul, South Korea

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    • Forehead Lifting

    • Eye Surgery

    • Face contouring

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    • 3D CT Scanner

    • Facial fat grafting

    • Facial liposuction

    • Endoscopic Forehead Lift

    • Botox

    • Filler

    • Chanel injection

    • MID line fit injection

    • X-ray

    • Square jaw surgery

    • Chin tip surgery

    • Cheekbone surgery

    • Eye correction

    • Revision eye surgery

    • Upper eyelid/lower eyelid/eyebrow lift

    • Under-eye fat redistribution

    • Back canthoplasty restoration

    • Thread lifting

    • SMAS face lift


    Midline is a hospital that carefully examines and selects. Midline Director Kim Joon-hyun's treatment philosophy Plastic surgery is performed for some to look attractive to the opposite sex, for others to regain their youthful faces, and for others to improve their appearance for self-satisfaction. We believe that it is our true mission as a plastic surgeon to accurately analyze everyone’s characteristics and find the beauty that best suits them through the most appropriate surgery, rather than a uniform result. From consultation to post-surgery management, we will reward you with continuous interest and the best results. 1) Honest treatment In principle, we do not proceed if the patient wants to undergo surgery that is not necessary in the current condition or has a minimal postoperative effect. We want to explain in order the most necessary surgeries and aim for plastic surgery that empathizes with patients before and after surgery. 2) Efforts for safe and comfortable surgery Do not apply unproven surgeries to patients. We will perform the surgery under sedation anesthesia so that you can receive it in a comfortable state without any pain, and we will help you avoid the fear of surgery after the surgery. 3) Posture for Surgery The most important thing in surgery is the result. We think the results of plastic surgery are doubled when the aesthetic sense and delicacy of the surgeon are added. We want to be the clinic that patients come to trust after surgery and that they think of first when considering plastic surgery. Midline is a hospital that carefully examines and selects. • High-level plastic surgery possesses technical skills. • Dedicated medical staff for each plastic surgery field • The SCI Journal is an international academic journal. Publication of multiple papers Midline Plastic Surgery Clinic operates a safety system that allows patients to directly monitor the CCTV footage upon request by filming the patient's surgery process with CCTV in order to perform surgeries that patients can feel more at ease about. MIDLINE SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM From pre-surgery preparation to post-surgery care, we absolutely do not want anything that is not safe. Preoperative examination/examination A pre-surgery health checkup using self-examination equipment such as 3D CT, X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood test, liver level, etc. thoroughly checks whether surgery is possible and what to avoid during surgery to ensure safer surgery. • Accurate diagnosis inside the 3D CT face • A 3D scanner predicts external changes in the face. • Creation of a 3D-printed bone model, prediction of restoration anesthesia during surgery During surgery, anesthesia is performed exclusively for one person, and from the pre-operative preparation room to the recovery room during and after surgery, an anesthesiology specialist oversees the continuous evaluation of the patient's condition and is responsible for the patient's safety. operated safely by • Anesthesia department • Bacteria management system • First aid system Recovery after surgery/care after surgery In an intensive care unit, you receive rest and treatment until a specialist in monitoring equipment and intensive care confirms that you are safe. In a spacious and pleasant single-person room, we are considerate so that you can relax and recover more comfortably, and we help you recover quickly with systematic and regular follow-up care programs. • Intensive unit • comfortable single room • Systematic aftercare