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    Miho Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Fat Grafting

    • Ptosis Correction

    • Double Fold (Non-Incision)

    All / Top Services

    • Ptosis Correction

    • Double Fold (Non-Incision)

    • Minimal incision nostril reduction

    • Functional Rhinoplasty

    • Non-implantable rhinoplasty

    • 3D-CT Scanner

    • Rhinoplasty by type

    • Filler

    • Lip corner lift

    • Lip reduction

    • Breast Augmentation

    • Breast Reduction

    • Nipple/Areoloplasty

    • Saggy breast correction

    • Gynecomastia surgery

    • Eyebrow Lift

    • Forehead Lifting

    • Calf reduction surgery

    • Revisional Blepharoplasty

    • Face liposuction


    The Principles of Proper Plastic Surgery We are constantly researching and developing products with strict standards for beauty. We promise to do our best to make it your first and last surgery with safe plastic surgery that will not cause any problems in the future. Miho Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery clinic specializing in eye, nose, and lifting that many customers visit not only in Korea but also from abroad because of our treatment principles, which are: • Primary Care Physician: 1:1 Surgery • Honest Counseling • Work with Safety • Unique Design • Satisfaction Beyond Beauty • Genuine, quantitative use • Thorough Post-Surgery Care • Constant Study Miho Plastic Surgery adheres to the principles of righteous plastic surgery. Miho Plastic Surgery Clinic means "Beautiful Appearance." Furthermore, our clinic is equipped with a nasal endoscope and CT equipment, so functional nose surgery is possible and customized prostheses can be produced through CT scans.