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    MJ Dermatology Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Ultherapy

    • Skin Boosters

    • Anti-aging

    All / Top Services

    • Ultherapy for men

    • Facial asymmetry correction

    • Non-invasive facelift

    • Thermage eyelid treatment

    • Jowl lift and Skin tightening

    • Non-surgical neck lift

    • Body contouring

    • Rejuran healer

    • Benev SMPF treatment

    • Xeomin injecton

    • Exosome therapy

    • Jalupro injection

    • Sculptra injection

    • Filorga injection

    • Volite injection

    • Botox injection

    • V-OLET (facial contour zero fit injections )

    • Collagen booster

    • Thermage FLX treatment

    • Oligio lifting


    We will be a professional and welcoming guide to your skin at MJ Dermatology, which will develop into a "beauty paradise" in your passionate life. This will allow your busy and hectic time to be put back in its proper position and the future to flow more slowly and joyfully. beautifully! healthily! The final dermatology office you will ever need to visit in order to shine with confidence is the MJ Dermatology Clinic. In order to turn back time on your skin, MJ Dermatology Clinic uses 4 CUSTOM SKIN SYSTEMS. BEAUTY PARADISE FOR YOUR TUNING SYSTEM By undergoing personalized laser therapy, you can regain lost youth and enjoy the process of aging. MJ Dermatology Clinic is a place loved by celebrities. BRIGHTENING SYSTEM, a custom brightening laser that brightens the skin from the inside to bring out the natural radiance of the skin and maintain a bright skin tone. SKIN FITNESS SYSTEM that fills up skin volume from cells You will meet a new me through the delicate face design of Director Kim Min-joo, who has anti-aging injections that save cells in the skin and custom know-how. A hospital that grows together by sharing expertise as a 'doctor who teaches doctors' In over 12 years of working as a dermatologist, there has never been a moment when I didn't give my best. I tried to perfect everything, from consultations, procedures, and academic activities, so if I represent Ulthera in Korea, I will be within three fingers! I can confidently say Ulthera 12 Kakao Talk And the happiest thing is that I can give my family the Ulthera lifting procedure without hesitation. I hope the patients can receive Ulthera Lifting, which I can do for my family, with peace of mind. Continuous research for higher Ulthera satisfaction so that you are not afraid of aging There are so many titles that express myself, such as Ulthera Headquarters Mertz Selected Institute Instructor. But I don't think 'I'm satisfied here' at all. In the future, I feel rather excited because I think there are so many areas that I need to continue exploring and researching. I will continue to move forward without stopping because I know the value of beauty created at my fingertips. I will become Kim Min-ju, who always strives to create your own beauty paradise in line with the ideology of MJ Dermatology, which opened with the motto of the last dermatology clinic in my life. A place where you can heal your mind and body as well as your skin Custom Care System Luxurious and private luxury skin care like a hotel: Experience 1:1 customized care designed and managed by various equipment and skin designers. Dermatologists believe their job is to make people beautiful and happy. Visiting MJ Dermatology with excitement Looking at our customers, I feel both responsible and happy with my life as a 'dermatologist'. In MJ, it is not the same lifting procedure. We will greet customers with Kim Min-joo's special lifting that everyone can be satisfied with. In the busy and fast-paced daily life, we will be a professional and comfortable skin guide so that the skin time can flow slowly and beautifully. I will be your companion in your life and help you shine with confidence. - Dr. Kim Min Joo