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    Mo & Line Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Difference between female and male hairline correction procedures

    • Facial contour and hairline 3D analysis design

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    • No-shaving follicular unit transplantation

    • Male Pattern Baldness Hair Transplantation

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    • Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

    • Non-shaving, Non-incision, Large-scale Transplantation

    • Minimization of Scars through Scalp Incision Technique

    • Implementation of Gradation from Sparse Hair

    • Natural Hairline with Slit Design

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    Mo & Line Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Mo & Line Plastic Surgery is a renowned establishment led by a special doctor who excels in the field of plastic surgery, with a focus on hair transplantation. This plastic surgeon possesses expertise both domestically and internationally, making them a sought-after hair transplant specialist. At Mo & Line, clients can expect to achieve highly satisfactory results in their pursuit of hair restoration. One of the key specialties of the plastic surgeon at Mo & Line is their skill in performing hair transplants, particularly in creating a harmonious and natural-looking hairline. The surgeon meticulously considers the facial proportions of each individual to ensure the hairline complements their overall appearance. In the process of hair follicle collection for transplantation, Mo & Line's plastic surgeon employs a unique technique that involves only partial cutting of hair follicles from the back of the head. This approach allows for the rapid collection of over 3,500 hair follicles without causing damage to each individual follicle. Notably, this collection method does not require incisions or shaving, ensuring that the donor area remains inconspicuous even after the procedure. This stands in contrast to other medical facilities where either a haircut or a challenging process for transplanting over 3,500 hairs is often necessary. Beyond hair transplantation, the plastic surgeon at Mo & Line possesses a specialized skill set in scar skin restoration plastic surgery. This expertise becomes particularly evident when performing scalp incisions for hair follicle collection. The surgeon's unique technique minimizes the appearance of scars, ensuring a more pleasing aesthetic outcome. Additionally, patients who have undergone procedures with large incision scars at other hospitals can find solace in Mo & Line's approach, as the surgeon offers reoperation to reduce such scars. Mo & Line takes pride in offering tailored hair loss treatments that maintain the effectiveness of hair transplantation. The plastic surgeon's profound knowledge is instrumental in promoting hair follicle growth, and addressing various hair loss and hair follicle conditions. With unrivaled know-how, the doctor manages the entire process of hairline transplantation and hair loss treatment. This level of involvement provides clients with enhanced assurance, as the surgeon oversees the collection and transplantation of hair follicles, eliminating the involvement of non-professionals in these critical aspects. In essence, Mo & Line Plastic Surgery, under the guidance of their specialized plastic surgeon, offers a comprehensive and dependable solution for individuals seeking hair transplantation and related treatments. The surgeon's expertise, unique techniques, and holistic approach make Mo & Line a reputable choice for achieving natural-looking hair restoration results.