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    Myongji Hospital

    Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


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    • Transaxillary robotic-assisted thyroid surgery

    • Uterine Myoma

    • Snoring

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    • Transoral Robotic Thyroidectomy

    • Hysterosonography

    • Hysterosalpingography

    • Hysteroscopy

    • Noninvasive procedure

    • Laparoscopic myomectomy

    • Physical examination

    • Sleep study

    • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

    • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

    • Decompression surgery

    • Blood pressure measurement

    • Renal artery denervation

    • Catheter-based radiofrequency ablation

    • Biopsy

    • Chemotherapy

    • Radiation therapy

    • Liver transplantation

    • Allergy test

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    Myongji Hospital, established in 1987, is one of the premier medical institutions in the world. It is located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It has always seen modern technology as highly valuable and is appreciated as one of the top smart hospitals. It has a well-trained, highly qualified, well-mannered, and skilled staff. This hospital is a licensed sanitarium that has over 500 beds and 33 clinical bureaus. It has an advanced diagnostic hub that provides the best medical tools, such as robotic surgery and positron emission tomography (PET) scanners. Myongji hospital amasses expert physicians and specialists that give patients a five-star treatment. It has a pleasant, welcoming, and convivial atmosphere. At Myongji hospital, the individual needs of patients and their families is the priority. That is why it is recognized for having the most contented patients and the best clinical outcomes. Myongji Hospital provides a full range of world-class facilities to its patients. It is well recognized for its doctor's expertise, user-friendly services, advanced technology, and specialties such as cardiology, gastroenterology, and pulmonology. It is famous for developing minimally invasive surgical treatment. This hospital also provides the best first aid courses and free check-ups. It is recognized as one of the most advanced hospitals in South Korea. WHY CHOOSE MYONGJI HOSPITAL? · Myongji hospital provides satisfactory treatments at the most affordable prices. · It provides very eclectic surgical treatments for professional athletes who fully injured their meniscal but want to continue their careers. · The safety of patient's data is their utmost priority. This hospital has recently signed an agreement with BICube. This project guarantees the safety of data and can deter unnecessary procedures. · Myongji hospital delivers airport pick-up services for the convenience of international patients. · It offers 24-hour medical services and quality treatment at the highest standard ethically possible. · Specialists of this hospital well embrace even the emotional difficulties of their patients. · Myongji Hospital has a Virtual Care Center that provides remote medical services. Through this, medical professionals and patients can connect with each other via computers, smartphones, and various devices. TOP SPECIALTIES OF MYONGJI HOSPITAL Myongji Hospital offers a complete range of medical treatments. Top specialties offered by this hospital include: · Thoracophrenotomy · Hypertensive heart disease · Laparoscopic surgery · Cervical esophagostomy THORACOPHRENOTOMY Thoracophrenotomy is used in the surgical treatments of adrenal glands disorders. It allows the treatment of most of the kyphosis or thoracolumbar kyphoscoliosis from T9 to L3. The left thoracophrenotomy approaches the tumors of the middle and lower thirds of the esophagus and cardia of the stomach. Surgical dissection in this method is simple and safe, and complications related to surgery are very rare. It is not irrational to assume the potential benefits of thoracophrenotomy in curtailed operating time and reduced wound morbidity. It is highly tolerable by sufferers. This technique has many advantages over the other conventionally used ones. The mortality rate to the left transthoracic approach across the board is approximately 16 percent. Myongji Hospital provides an exceptional faculty of thoracophrenontomy. They have a highly skilled and most devoted surgical team who performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for treating cardiac, pulmonary and gastric conditions with the latest and advanced technology. They also provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients before and after the procedure to eliminate all the risks and complications. HYPERTENSIVE HEART DISEASES Hypertensive heart diseases are caused by elevated blood pressure(BP). There can be various causes of high blood pressure. Studies show that approximately 70 percent of patients with heart diseases are suffering from hypertension. The term hypertensive heart disease is mainly referred to heart conditions such as coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmias, and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) directly or indirectly caused by high blood pressure. Common symptoms of hypertensive heart diseases may include: · Angina · Pressure in the chest · Pain in neck, shoulders, and back. · Shortness of breath · Fatigue For the treatment of hypertensive heart diseases, the first strategy is to treat the underlying cause i.e., high blood pressure. Myongji hospital provides the best cardiologists for treating heart diseases. Cardiovascular center in this hospital is a multidisciplinary center that provides inclusive and innovative supervision to patients. They have specialists that spot underlying conditions that may cause high blood pressure. Their doctors are experts in the latest and advanced technology. They have medical centers with exceptional standards that help ensure the best possible consequences for their patients. CERVICAL ESOPHAGOSTOMY Cervical esophagostomy is a surgical method that is used to eliminate the inconveniences of gastronomy. It provides long-term tubal alimentation for chronically ill patients. Surgeons recommend cervical esophagostomy when devastating injuries of the esophagus occur. It is not frequently done because hospitals usually do not have appropriate appliances for performing the surgery. Myongji hospital provides the best treatment to the patient suffering from irritations in the upper airway passages. The most well-known doctors are associated with this hospital. It is one of the few hospitals in South Korea that perform cervical esophagostomy. LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY Laparoscopic surgery is usually performed to diagnose the cause of pelvic or abdominal pain. It can also be used to accomplish various surgical tasks, including removing damaged or diseased organs. Its complications are rare but sometimes minor complications may develop, such as infection and bleeding around the incision. Moreover, you don't need to be stuck in your bed for months. You can get back to your normal activities in 2 to 3 days. Surgeons can recommend laparoscopy for gynecology operations and to examine the gallbladder, liver, stomach, and other organs. In this technique, tiny cameras are inserted into the abdomen (near the umbilical) by making small incisions. Myongji Hospital offers both therapeutic and diagnostic laparoscopic services. Professional surgeons in this hospital are experts in laparoscopic surgery. They provide comfortable, precise, and painless treatment to their patients and they strive to offer the best surgical treatments by using advanced technology.