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    NANA Plastic Surgery

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    • Maximum Liposuction

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    • Double Eyelids Surgery

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    • Nipple Correction Surgery

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    • Sagging Breast Correction

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    NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital is situated in Seoul, South Korea. This hospital is specialized in providing dedicated plastic surgeries through advanced technology. NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital promises to provide plastic surgery with minimal side effects. The specialists at NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital strive to improve the patients’ inner health, enhancing physical beauty. This hospital greatly emphasizes patient safety. It not only considers the health of the patient before surgery but also during and after surgery. It also provides fully detailed, online, and fast consultation services to all the national and international patients. NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital constantly studies, researches, and upgrades its techniques to lead world-class plastic surgery trends. This hospital understands the beauty needs of every individual and recommends the best procedure accordingly. NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital values every patient and puts their safety before anything else. WHY CHOOSE NANA PLASTIC SURGERY HOSPITAL? · NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital has board-certified specialists who have years of experience and incredible skills. · Customer satisfaction is the priority of this hospital. It ensures that professional and caring service is provided to every patient. · Their surgeons of breast augmentation are award-winning and provide the best and natural results. · The plastic surgeons at NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital recognize the patient’s shape and make the nose and eyes’ lines accordingly. · This hospital is equipped with the latest technology equipment that provides the most precise results in a short time and with less to no side effects. · The advanced equipment at NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital include: Smartlux Phototherapy System HD breast ultrasound Machine PaX-Reve 3D CT · It provides the efficient services of online preservation and consultations for the convenience of their national and international patients. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OFFERED BY NANA PLASTIC SURGERY HOSPITAL · Breast surgery · Anti-aging · Eye surgery · Body contouring • BREAST SURGERY Breast augmentation surgery is done to increase the size of the breasts. Breast augmentation is the option to choose when breast size is too small, and it loses women’s confidence in society. It is a long-term solution for getting the ideal breast size. The surgeon makes an incision and forms a pocket in your breast where the implant is inserted. There is another option for breast augmentation in which fat is sucked from the abdomen or other parts of the body and inserted into the breast to make them bigger. When to go for breast augmentation surgery? · Breast size is small as compared to the body · Clothes are ill-fitted · Breasts are less firm · Saggy breast Surgeons at NANA Plastic Hospital check swelling, the shape of the breast, and the location of nipples to choose the implant and best suitable procedure. This hospital utilizes a dual-plane method in breast surgery and uses different implants to fill the volume and improve the saggy breasts. • ANTI-AGING Anti-aging is a procedure used to decrease the visible signs of aging on the face and neck. In this procedure, the extra skin on the lower face and neck are removed to give a more youthful look. The surgeon makes an incision near the ear and gently lifts the skin upward and backward. They also remove the excess skin and fat from the face and neck area to get the desired results. This procedure takes 2 to 5 hours, and the patient can go home right after the surgery. The new and advanced methods of facelift surgery are easy to heal. The primary aims of anti-aging procedure may include: · Tightens the saggy skin · Decreases the skin drop around the jawline · Lifts the angle of the mouth · Reduces the creases between mouth and lips NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital looks for all the ways that the transplanted fat can reach to the fullest therefore, not only the appearance is perfect, but also the results are long-lasting. Their well-trained and board-certified plastic surgeons perform PRP and ADSC treatment at the same time to improve the skin with additional grafting. • EYE-SURGERY Eye plastic surgery is usually performed to remove the signs of aging and cure the droopy eyelids. It involves removing extra fat, muscles, and skin. As humans age, the fat starts to accumulate above and below the eyelids and make it droopy. This gives an older look to the face and also affects the vision. Eye plastic surgery removes the aging effects from the eyes providing a younger look and better vision. People can choose eye surgery if they have: · Saggy or droopy upper eyelids · Excess skin on upper eyelids · Excess skin on lower eyelids · Bags under eyes NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital first figures out the degree of sagging and other essential factors. Then, skilled plastic surgeons design the double eyelid lines that are suitable for every individual. The skin lines are removed and give the perfect eyes. • BODY CONTOURING Body contouring is done to reduce body fat. This procedure removes the pockets of fat from different areas of the body and gives a perfect shape. When methods like diet and exercise are not working, then non-surgical body contouring is a good choice. The non-surgical body contouring procedure is minimally invasive, and the patient can get back to everyday life right after the process. Each procedure is different, so the patient should consult the medical professional before going for one. The most common types of procedures for body contouring may include: · CRYOLIPOLYSIS: This procedure uses cooling temperatures to target fat in different parts of the body. · LASER LIPOLYSIS: This procedure uses heat or laser light to destroy fat pockets. · RADIOFREQUENCY LIPOLYSIS: This procedure uses controlled heating and ultrasound rays to target fat. · INJECTION LIPOLYSIS: This procedure requires Deoxycholic acid to remove fat from different parts of the body. NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital is equipped with a complete range of advanced medical equipment to provide the best solution for each customer, considering multiple characteristics such as fat density and skin sagging. NANA Plastic Surgery Hospital works to offer the best patient care and quality health care services at a reasonable price without compromising professional ethics. They are committed to providing the best possible care to their patients striving towards continual quality improvement and compliance with all applicable standards.