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Nanoori Hospital, Incheon

Incheon, South Korea






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  • English

  • 한국어

Top Specialties

  • Joint diseases

  • Rehabilitation treatment

  • Medial Branch Nerve Blocks

  • Radiofrequency Nerve Treatment

  • Cerebral aneurysm

  • Cervical Spine Disorders

  • Telemedicine

  • Percutaneous Epidural Neuroplasty

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156 Jangje-ro Bupyeong-gu Incheon South Korea


Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, is a famous state-of-the-art hospital in South Korea. It was established in Bupyeong, Incheon Metropolitan City, in 2007. The mission of Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, is to give healthcare with love, warmth, dignity, and respect. It offers specific, individualized medical care to every single patient, maximizing satisfaction and care. One-stop specialized medical services and treatments are provided to every national and international patient in Nanoori Hospital, Incheon. Professional staff is one of the most integrated and essential parts of any hospital. The medical staff of Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, is certified, well-qualified, and trained. They use ultramodern technologies. They are trained to practice the philosophy of "sharing" and "customer satisfaction" and provide the best medical outcomes. SUCCESSFUL HISTORY OF NANOORI HOSPITAL With the average percentage of its monthly surgeries, Nanoori Hospital in Incheon has been selected among the national top five hospitals. Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, was nominated as the specialized center for spine treatments in 2011 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and it was again accredited as a hospital specializing in the spine in 2015. Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, was nominated as a clinical testing institution in 2013 by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, successfully cleared the examination to achieve medical institution certification in 2011 from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. WHY CHOOSE NANOORI HOSPITAL, INCHEON The Nanoori Hospital in Incheon intends to help build a healthier community. For the betterment of humanity, it is providing practical training to overseas doctors and medical staff. Coordinators at Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, offer immediate interpretation service to international visitors and patients. For the convenience of national and international patients, it is offering VIP rooms with advanced facilities. To minimize the communication barriers between the staff and the foreign patients, Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, provides language translators, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, English, and many more. For international patients, Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, provides an airport pick-up service. A vigilant staff member picks up foreign patients from the airport. The Nanoori Hospital in Incheon provides a sky lounge for the relaxation of its patients. Patients can enjoy the beauty of nature to feel fresh and recovered. It offers complete safety treatments using advanced, state-of-the-art technologies. All the departments in Nanoori Hospital, Incheon, are well equipped with world-class equipment. Specialized treatment techniques are used to ensure the best medical results. The credibility of any of the institutes is highly dependent on its success rate. Nanoori Hospital in Incheon conducts more than ten thousand cases of surgery every year. TOP SPECIALTIES OF NANOORI HOSPITAL, INCHEON ·         Joint Diseases ·         Spine Center ·         Medial Branch Nerve Blocks ·         ESMA Therapy  Radiofrequency Nerve Treatment JOINT DISEASES Joint diseases are a severe medical condition. If the treatment of common joint illnesses is delayed, it can lead to chronic medical conditions and long-term complications. Nanoori Hospital in Incheon utilizes the latest technologies to recover from all types of joint diseases. It conducts more than 1100 joint surgeries every year. Surgeons at Nanoori Hospital in Incheon are highly experienced, licensed, trained, and qualified. They use ultra-modern minimally invasive surgery techniques, ensuring a reduced recovery period and fewer scars. Preoperative and postoperative care are provided to prevent medical complications. SPINE CENTER Nanoori Hospital's Incheon Spine Center is one of the leading spine treatment centers in South Korea. The Spine Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders, including spinal deformities, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and other conditions that affect the spine. The Spine Center at Nanoori Hospital is staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, including spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists. The team works together to provide comprehensive and personalized care to each patient, using the latest medical technologies and treatments to achieve optimal results. Medical Branch Nerve Blocks Medial branch blocks are a minimally invasive medical procedure used to diagnose and treat pain in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of the spine. This procedure involves injecting a small amount of local anesthetic and/or steroid medication directly into the medial branch nerves, which are small nerve branches that transmit pain signals from the facet joints of the spine to the brain. The procedure is performed under image guidance, typically using fluoroscopy or ultrasound, to ensure precise placement of the needle and medication. The medication works by blocking the pain signals transmitted by the medial branch nerves, providing temporary relief of pain in the affected area. Medial branch nerve blocks are a diagnostic tool that can help identify the specific source of a patient's pain. If the procedure successfully alleviates pain, it can confirm that the medial branch nerves are the source of the patient's pain. This information can then be used to guide further treatment decisions, such as radiofrequency ablation, which can provide longer-lasting pain relief by damaging the medial branch nerves. Nanuri Hospital offers artificial joint surgery and arthroscopic surgery. Precise surgery on detailed joints in addition to specialized care, through various therapies such as stem cell therapy, the latest treatment technique. Nanoori Hospital, Incheon have accumulated 7,000 successful surgeries per year. Through new material artificial joints and the latest arthroscopy equipment helps precise treatment and speedy recovery of patients. In addition, orthopedic surgeons hold regular conferences sharing know-how on patient care, etc. We strive to provide high-quality medical care.

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  • Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Artificial Joint Procedure

  • Gene Therapy

  • Stem Cell Therapy

  • Manual Therapy

  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

  • ESMA Therapy

  • Medial Branch Block

  • Radiofrequency Nerve Treatment

  • Intracranial aneurysm surgery

  • Total Disk Replacement

  • Percutaneous EndoscopicCervical Discectomy

  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy


  • MRI

  • EKG

  • Pulmonary function test

  • Densitometry

  • ECG

  • Discography

  • Blood test