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    New Hair Transplantation

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Fill up Hair Grafting (Hair loss in Woman)

    • Hairline Correction

    • Hair Transplantation

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    • Baby Face Baby Hairline

    • 3D Contour Line

    • Forehead S line

    • Ultra-high Density Hair Transplant

    • Hair Loss Examination

    • FUE2 Enhanced Non-incision


    New Hair Plastic Surgery Clinic is the largest hair transplant network in the western United States, established by Dr. William R. Rassman, who opened a new horizon for hair transplantation and is constantly developing surgical methods and related medical equipment. The New Hair Transplantation Korea branch, managed by CEO Dr. Jinoh Kim, continued the 21-year history as the headquarters of Asia Network and is constantly interacting with the hospital to provide the same medical services anywhere in the world. At New Hair Transplantation, all our transplanted hairs grow. We strictly examine one follicle at a time. Strict and continuous supervision is required for follicular unit hair transplantation. We make sure that the hair follicle cells have sufficient nutrients and that there is no damage to the growth center and handle them gently. Hair follicles not examined under a microscope are never transplanted. A microscope is necessary when separating donor hair, and its use reduces human error in the repetitive process of separating hair follicles, ensuring that the same surgical result is obtained every time. The number of implantable hair follicles is increased by 25% microscopically. ETHICS AND HONESTY The New Hair Transplantation meets and treats patients from an ethical point of view. We care about our patients and understand that the treatment process must be overseen by a doctor and that the only thing they can rely on is what they see with their own eyes. The doctor is present at all stages of treatment and surgical decision-making, and the patient can directly observe the entire surgical process. COMMUNICATE HONESTLY AND GROW All members of New Hair Transplantation are good partners, working together toward the development of the hospital. In particular, the status of nurses who deal with the most important "hair follicle cells" in hair transplantation and their attitude to work are important factors in determining the success or failure of surgery. In the process of carefully handling hair follicle cells, we believe that creative and innovative ideas come from constant communication. Efforts to create the best conditions in all stages of surgery have resulted in the surgical results of the New Hair Transplantation. As people are our greatest asset, the nursing team and employees who constantly pursue innovation with creative ideas are our important stakeholders. New Hair Transplantation regards the nursing team and its employees as partners working together for the growth and development of the hospital and strives to ensure that all members align their personal vision with the company's vision. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date hair-related treatments, whether it is hair transplant, scalp micropigmentation, or hair-loss treatment.