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    ON AIR Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea

    All / Top Specialties

    • Canthoplasty

    • Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction

    • Nose Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Levator resection

    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

    • Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

    • Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Method

    • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    • Dermal Fillers

    • Contour Injection

    • Botox

    • Skin Boosters

    • Hyaluronic acid dermal face fillers

    • Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

    • Eye Tail Correction

    • Bulbous Nose Tip

    • Cervicofacial

    • PRP Micro Fat Graft

    • PRP facial treatments

    • Rhytidectomy

    • Medial Epicanthoplasty

    • Non-incisional procedure


    The Dream Beauty ON AIR ON AIR Plastic Surgery is conducted by skilled plastic surgeons from 1-on-1 consultation to post-operative management, in order to meet the desired appearance of the guests as well as their dream image. They are committed to providing professional and meticulous medical services. Trust They TREAT each patient like their own family and only recommend the necessary surgery to the patient Not over-marketing! They hope to preserve the beauty of their customers themselves and at the same time, achieve optimal results by minimal surgery. No Surrogate Surgery, No Non-specialist; only Plastic Surgeon. Design Before surgery, patients can have enough time with the surgeon to talk about their desired image and current problems having an honest consultation without exaggeration. Even a single millimeter of plastic surgery is a delicate operation that can change the image, so detailed and meticulous design is important. Philosophy ON AIR Plastic Surgery advocates natural and harmonious beauty. They pursue the beauty without burdening the patient. They transform as little as necessary to create magical changes. Professional Based on their distinctive meticulousness and aesthetic sense, their plastic surgeons with extensive experience in micro-plastic surgery, eye and nose design plastic surgery, and difficult prosthetic surgery, they provide highly satisfactory medical services for each patient, from consultation - surgery - to post-operative management. Safety The priority criterion of ON AIR is safety. Safe surgery performed by a university hospital-level safe facility is managed 1:1 from start to finish. All surgical instruments and props are genuine. Botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, and other injections are genuine; however, accurate dosage analysis prior to injection is required to achieve the best results. After Care After-care management is also an important part of surgery. If there is slight discomfort or unpredictable side effects after surgery, ON AIR promises to follow up management at all times through consultation with the attending physician and grasping the cause and regular review.