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    Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh

    Melaka, Malaysia




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    • Lung Cancer

    • Interventional Cardiology

    • Total knee Arthroplasty

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    • Bronchoscopy

    • Sputum cytology

    • Tissue sample (biopsy)

    • Chemotherapy

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    • Ultrasonography

    • Mitral Valvuloplasty

    • X-ray

    • Total knee Arthroplasty

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    • Mandibulectomy

    • Pharyngectomy

    • Intraocular pressure test

    • Peripheral visual field test

    • CT scan

    • Tracheostomy

    • Knee arthroscopy


    Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh was established in 1986. The foundation of the Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh laid down in the historical and celebrated city of Malacca to save the indisposed and poor ailing humanity. Primarily, it is a non-governmental organization that has been serving the people of Malaysia and the world since its inception. The main aspiration and goal of the Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh is the comfort and holistic care of the patients. The Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh aspires to provide the best medical health care covering a vast range of facilities and specialties like Lung Cancer, Laparoscopic Surgery, Thyroid Disease, Total Knee Arthroplasty, Premature Infant and Neonatal Surgery, Hand and Neck Cancer Surgery, Cataract, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Eye Diseases, and Interventional Cardiology. Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh comprises fully functional laboratories of blood investigations like biochemistry, hematology, histopathology, and blood bank which provide a wide range of facilities inside the hospital. Doctors, and paramedical staff are available round the clock and provide non-stop health care facilities to their patients. WHY CHOOSE PANTAI HOSPITAL AYER KEROH? · Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh offers a selection of rooms and services with high-quality, and personalized care. Every effort will be made to provide patients with their desired room type. · This hospital also works on the nutritional needs of patients along with the medication because diet has a great effect on recovery. The experienced nutritionist available in this hospital prescribes the diet plan to every patient according to their disease or condition. · The intensive care unit of Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh is equipped with the latest technology to provide the best care to patients in a critical situation. Their board-certified staff works 24 hours a day in the intensive care unit. · Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh has operation theaters that are equipped with the latest MRI machines, CT scans, and modern air filtration. · This hospital also has pharmacy facilities for both inpatient and outpatients. In pharmacies, the expert advises the patient on how to take medicines. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY PANTAI HOSPITAL AYER KEROH · Lung cancer · Laparoscopic surgery · Thyroid disease · Total knee arthroplasty • LUNG CANCER Lungs play a very important role in providing oxygen and keeping the breathing process ahead. Any damage in the lungs may lead to a terrific disorder and the normal function of the body can be badly affected. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers nowadays. According to a report, more than 1.8 million people yearly are affected by lung cancer. The most common causes of lung cancer may include: · Acute cough · Shortness of breath · Continues headache · Pain in chest · Losing weight At Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh, patients will be provided with the best medical treatment of cancer by highly trained professionals. Their doctors take care of the physical and emotional demands of every patient and assist in each step of the journey. • LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical technique where the surgeon mostly uses smaller cuts than have been expected for the treatment of the human body. In this surgery, a small tube with a camera in its head is inserted inside the abdomen so that the surgeon can easily see the affected area or can observe on the monitor what is going on inside the body. Previously, the old and traditional methods were used leading to larger cuts and scars and most often serious painful consequences. In contrast to those surgical techniques, there are many advantages of the laparoscopic surgical technique such as: · The body encounter smaller scars · The healing process is quicker · The patient feels lesser pain · The patient may get back to normal activities sooner · It is a time-saving treatment At Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh, patients are provided with best management before, during, and after the surgery. Surgical procedures are performed by board-certified surgeons who are specialized in many medical specialties. Their surgeons are highly competent in minimally invasive surgeries, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. • THYROID DISEASE In the upper part of the neck and next to the lower chin, thyroid glands produce hormones to keep the body’s function in balance. Any disturbance or abnormality in thyroid-stimulating hormones (TSH) may badly affect the constructive function of the body. When thyroid glands make excessive thyroid hormones, this situation is called hyperthyroidism. In this context, the body uses a lot of energy too quickly which can make the heart beat faster and the patient always encounters high blood pressure. On the contrary, when the body produces little thyroid hormones, the situation is called hypothyroidism. When the patient encounters hypothyroidism, it can make him feel tired, weak and may be unable to tolerate the cold temperature. Usually, women experience greater risks of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism than men. Nowadays, thyroid disease is very common and in the United States, over 20 million people are currently suffering from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Some common factors for thyroid diseases may include: · Heredity · Taking a high dose of iodine in medicine and food · Who crosses 60 years of age · Those who undergo chemotherapy Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh is a bookmark for providing excellent services in ENT. They are committed to providing comprehensive treatments to gain the best outcomes. • TOTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY In the knee arthroplasty, the surgeon replaces the articular surfaces (femoral condyles and tibial plateau) of the knee joints with metal plates and highly elastic plastic so that the joints which are repaired or replaced move smoothly. Some common conditions in which the surgeon may recommend knee arthroplasty may include: · Unbearable pain in the knees that limits the daily workout · During rest time the patient feels severe pain in the knees · Acute swelling of knees · Deformity in knees · When anti-inflammatory medicines fail to work The orthopedic and spine center in Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh is run by a team of experienced and dedicated orthopedic surgeons. Their well-trained specialist is renowned for their success and awards in total knee arthroplasty, spine injury, sports injury, trauma surgery, and pediatric orthopedics. Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh is a center of excellence that provides comprehensive medical service in many specialties. All the staff members are highly dedicated and skilled in doing their respective duties.