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    Praram 9 Hospital

    Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand


    Foundation year





    All / Top Specialties

    • Laparoscopic tuboplasty

    • Brain aneurysm

    • Gynaecological endoscopy

    All / Top Services

    • Laparoscopic tuboplasty

    • Cerebrospinal fluid test

    • Cerebral angiogram

    • Surgical clipping

    • Gynaecological endoscopy

    • Mammogram

    • Breast MRI

    • Breast ultrasound

    • Lumpectomy

    • Mastectomy

    • Blood tests

    • CT scan

    • Cerebral angiogram

    • Coiling (endovascular embolization)

    • Thrombectomy

    • PET-CT scan

    • Prostatic biopsy

    • Endoscopy minimally invasive surgery

    • Laparoscopy invasive surgery

    • Hysterosalpingography


    Praram 9 Hospital was founded in 1992 by a group of expert and dedicated doctors. This hospital was built with the objective of providing a wide variety of consistent medical facilities of the peak quality standards. Today, more than 300 specialists are offering an inclusive range of dedicated medical practices in this hospital. It has mounted the most modern state-of-the-art medical apparatus to provide patients with reliable best medical services at all times. The hospital is accredited with Joint Commission International (JCI). Its many departments have attained well-known international appreciation, elevating its status of a leader in medical technology. WHY CHOOSE PRARAM 9 HOSPITAL? • Praram 9 Hospital has 300 beds with the best medical facilities. • This hospital contains a 7-Eleven (24-hour) store. • Transportation planning plus transfer from the airport is taken care of. • Short term and long-term accommodation preparations are provided for patients and their families. • This hospital gives the flexibility of Visa extension services. • It accommodates patients with Liaison services for embassies. • This hospital is accredited with Joint Commission International (JCI). • It provides extensive medical care and facilitates patients with air ticket and hotel reservations. • This hospital uses the newest technology such as MRI 1.5 tesla, CT-Scan, Tilt Table Test, Echocardiography, Holter Monitor, Exercise Stress Test, and Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty. • It offers rooms with absolute facilities for patients to choose from, according to their requirements and financial plan. All room types are considered for the patient's expediency. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY PRARAM 9 HOSPITAL · Urologic Tumor · Breast Cancer · Stroke · Gynecological Endoscopy · Brain Aneurysm • UROLOGIC TUMOR Urologic tumor is an increased growth of irregular cells that appears in the organs of the urinary zone (in both men and women), in the testicles, prostate and penis of the male reproductive system. Different types of urological cancers that affect men and women health may include: BLADDER CANCER: Bladder cancer happens when abnormal cells raise in the bladder. Treatments for bladder cancer may consist of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy. PENILE CANCER: Penile cancer is a rare cancer type that originates in the penis. Usually, in this tumor, squamous cells produce slowly. The small tumors may be cured with external beam radiation. While, an extensive form of tumor can be cured by surgery. PROSTATE CANCER: Prostate gland is a small gland located along the male urinary area below the bladder. Abnormal increase of cells in this gland is termed as prostate cancer. TESTICULAR CANCER: Testicular cancer happens when abnormal cells grow in the testes. The testes are the male sex organs that are detained in the pocket of skin called the scrotum and create sperms. URETHRAL CANCER: Urethral cancer is the enlargement of abnormal cells in the urethra. The Cancer Centre at Praram 9 Hospital gives urological treatments with the latest technology and team of specialists who have elevated experiences. Their cancer center provides a series of clinical services such as tumor markers, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy and follows up carefully on the patient's condition after the procedure. • BREAST CANCER Breast cancer is a form of cancer that originates in the breasts. It is the most diagnosed cancer in women. There are various types of breast cancer including angiosarcoma, inflammatory breast cancer, Paget’s disease of the breast, and recurrent breast cancer. Breast cancer is a common disease in the present time which is frequently found in the age of 35-45. Critical analysis of breast cancer and risk factors are the most significant objectives of treatment. For this, Praram 9 Hospital is equipped and prepared with up-to-date apparatus and technologies. This hospital has a team of physicians in different fields with experience in treating breast cancer efficiently. Treatment measures at Praram 9 Hospital for the cure of breast cancer may include digital mammography, breast ultrasound, and core needle biopsy of the breast before surgery. Reliable techniques for breast enhancement after surgery are also available in this hospital. • STROKE Stroke may occur when the brain's blood supply breaks up or gets reduced, preventing brain tissues from getting oxygen and nutrients. Eventually, brain cells start to expire in minutes. A stroke is a medically urgent situation, and on time treatment is critical for prevention. Early action can reduce brain harm and other complications. Praram 9 Hospital provides complete analytic and rehabilitation services for the comprehensive handling and management of neurological disorders such as hemorrhage, stroke, brain tumor, Alzheimer's disease, brain infections, and migraine. • BRAIN ANEURYSM A brain aneurysm is ballooning in the brain's blood vessel, and it looks like a berry hanging on a stem. It can leak or get ruptured and causes bleeding in the brain. This condition can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical treatment. Most brain aneurysms don't rupture but lead to serious health problems. These conditions are detected using tests. Symptoms of the disease may include nausea and vomiting, stiff neck, seizure, loss of consciousness and confusion. The Neurology Centre at Praram 9 Hospital provides a comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation service for brain aneurysm. They completely take care of treatment and management of neurological disorders like brain tumour, Alzheimer's disease, headache and migraine using the advanced facilities and modern medical instruments operated by highly skilled professional doctors. • GYNAECOLOGICAL ENDOSCOPY Gynecological endoscopy is a surgical procedure involving the use of optical instruments used to diagnose the most common female disorders and pathologies. These disorders generally include infertility problems, endometrial polyps, or vaginal hemorrhages. The advanced medical procedures and state-of-the-art equipment have made gynaecological endoscopy even more effective. This procedure is performed by making small incisions. It helps in faster recovery and is highly effective to cure female disorders and pathologies. At Praram 9 Hospital, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Centre has a highly qualified and trained team of professionals to take care of patients with gynecological problems. This hospital specializes in the needs of women of all ages and offers a variety of treatments, including the gynecological endoscopy. They offer fully equipped medical facilities with an expert team that ensures the best treatment possible. Their services include antenatal care, ultrasounds, amniocentesis, laparoscopic surgery, and various other options for perfect treatment and diagnosis.