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Premier Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea


Foundation year



All / Top Specialties

  • Face Contouring

  • Anti-aging

  • Male Plastic Surgery

  • Canthoplasty

  • Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Facial Asymmetry Correction

  • Eye Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Nose Surgery

  • Face-lift

All / Top Services

  • Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

  • Long Curved Square Jaw Surgery

  • Chin Tip Extension and Reduction Surgery

  • Prostheses Facial Bone Contouring Surgery

  • Mouth Corner Lift Surgery

  • Dimpleplasty Surgery

  • Premier's Fat Graft

  • 3D Young Shape Volume Face (Fat Grafting Surgery)

  • Male Eye Surgery

  • Male Rhinoplasty

  • Revision Canthoplasty Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty Revision Nose Surgery

  • Corrective Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Contractured Nose Surgery

  • Autologous Tissue Rhinoplasty

  • Facial Asymmetry Correction Surgery

  • Ptosis Correction Surgery

  • Under-eye Fat Transfer

  • Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Low Nose Surgery

Contact Information

107 Teheran-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea


"Premier Plastic Surgery is where the first-class of Plastic Surgery is made..." PREMIER INTRODUCTION The premium of plastic surgery is from Premier Plastic Surgery hospital. They will provide you genuine service of Premier from their exceptional pride and knowledge from plenty of clinical experience. Premier’s beauty seen as results is created by expertise from honest and relentlessness studies, with many years of experience. PREMIER PHILOSOPHY - Premier plastic surgery hospital follows the desirable plastic surgery rules based on patient-centered practice philosophy. • HONEST PRACTICE • PROFESSIONALISM • RESPONSIBLE PLASTIC SURGERY • SAFETY SYSTEM • STUDY AND DEVELOPMENT & • POSTOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT 01. Premier’s Honest Practice PREMIER HONESTY MEDICAL TREATMENT They are doing correct and honest practice by only considering in patient’s position and deeply meditate on the obligation of doctor, not just the hospital's incomes with Hippocratic oath. 02. Premier’s Professionalism PREMIER. WE ARE EXPERT! Premier provides high-quality plastic surgery service by skillful plastic surgery specialist. Premier plastic surgery hospital is comprised of plastic surgery specialists from all areas who have multiple clinical experience and knowledge. Premier plastic surgery hospital creates complete results with exceptional pride and professionalism. 03. Premier’s Responsible Plastic Surgery RESPONSIBLE PLASTIC SURGERY SERVICE Premier does responsible plastic surgery without any ghost surgery by real-name surgery system of plastic surgery specialists in respective field. In Premier plastic surgery hospital, from consultation, making surgical plans, surgery operation, and to postoperative catamnesis practice, plastic surgery specialists run the system. Also, Premier plastic surgery hospital takes responsibility on the surgical results to the end. 04. Premier’s Safety System Premier plastic surgery hospital will not compromise with anything for patients' safety. Premier plastic surgery hospital run safety anesthetic system by one on one, real-time monitoring by plastic surgery specialists. Also, for patients' safety, thorough, various safety system such as clean system, safety education is being run. 05. Premier’s Study and Development Research & Development Premier works hard to acquire new plastic surgery technique and for its study and development, do various academic work and paper presentation. Premier plastic surgery hospital is continuously doing self-development through various academic work and paper presentation and will give medical practice that patients can have more satisfaction by keeping up the relentlessly hard-working attitude. 06. Premier’s Postoperative Management PREMIER AFTER CARE Plastic surgery is not involving just the entire process of surgery. Premier plastic surgery hospital also take responsibility on thorough postoperative management. They run separate specialized postoperative management center for completion of satisfactory results and fast recovery after the surgery. Premier’s Plastic Surgery Philosophy “They make a precious person like you into someone special. Taking plastic surgery by following trend rather than harm the respective beauty of people. They make you the person who shines the most by drawing out the inherent beauty. That is the high-end brand of Premier’s unique plastic surgery philosophy.”