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    Proud Urology Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


    Proud Urology Clinic stands alone as an innovative pioneer, introducing groundbreaking methods that focus on the intricate measurements within the male anatomy, particularly the penis. This unique approach is underpinned by five essential overhauls, guided by objective data, setting the stage for a new era of enhanced safety in male surgical procedures. At the heart of this transformative journey are the Proud 3 Representative Chairmen, an embodiment of the clinic's commitment to objective-based advancements. These measures collectively usher in a heightened level of safety and care for male surgeries, addressing critical concerns with a meticulous approach. The core competitiveness of Proud Urology Clinic is highlighted through five vital assessments that redefine the pre-operative landscape for male surgeries. The clinic's comprehensive examination of penile skin employs a state-of-the-art device called the DUB Skin Scanner, which delves deep into the skin's layers, measuring elasticity, aging, and thickness. This innovative approach provides insights into the health of the penile skin, a critical aspect of male anatomy. The clinic's dedication to precision is further evidenced by its penile and glans sensitivity test, which discerns psychogenic or organic causes of premature ejaculation. Through this assessment, penile sensitivity, glans sensitivity, and frenulum sensitivity are quantified, aiding in the diagnosis of underlying issues. The erectile power measurement questionnaire test delves into the realm of erectile dysfunction, offering an evaluation of current erectile power through a tailored self-diagnosis questionnaire. Additionally, the clinic conducts a test to measure testosterone levels, crucial for maintaining vitality in men. Recognizing that men may experience a decline in male hormones after the age of 30, Proud Urology offers androgenic hormone therapy as a means to rejuvenate vitality. A urine test is another integral facet of the pre-operative process, aimed at detecting the presence of urinary tract infections or hematuria. This meticulous evaluation minimizes the potential for postoperative side effects, ensuring that surgeries are conducted with optimal patient safety in mind. The outcomes of these pre-workup examinations become the foundation upon which a specialist crafts a final diagnosis. This practice is rooted in the clinic's commitment to objective data-driven assessments, ensuring that surgeries are tailor-made to each patient's unique needs. In recognizing the paramount importance and sensitivity of the male anatomy, Proud Urology emphasizes the necessity of pre-operative testing. With a precise pre-diagnosis founded on objective data, the clinic significantly reduces the likelihood of postoperative complications, underscoring its dedication to patient safety and well-being. An impressive accomplishment is the clinic's adherence to Joint Commission International (JCI) certification, setting it apart as a world-class safe medical institution. The clinic's dedication to meeting rigorous criteria positions it among esteemed medical facilities worldwide, attaining the recognition of organizations like Harvard University Hospital and Mayo Clinic. Proud Urology's commitment to excellence is translated into a comprehensive approach to patient care. This is evident in its meticulous patient priority management, international safety staff training, stringent infection prevention protocols, and a robust system for safe surgical management. A commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond surgery, with VIP status granted to all surgical patients and an extensive after-sales service program. Proud Urology Clinic has emerged as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the realm of urology, and its distinguished reputation can be attributed to a series of key factors that set it apart from the rest. Firstly, the clinic's approach is characterized by meticulous pre-operative assessments that prioritize patient health and suitability for surgery. Prior to any procedure, the patient's overall health and potential for surgical success are thoroughly evaluated. Detailed explanations are provided, outlining the surgical process, expected improvements, and potential outcomes, ensuring that patients are well-informed and mentally prepared. Secondly, the clinic leverages cutting-edge medical equipment to gain a precise understanding of both the patient's previous surgical methods and their current condition. This enables the clinic to employ optimal surgical methods, coupled with the unique know-how of Proud Urology, enhancing patient satisfaction post-surgery. The third distinctive aspect pertains to patients requiring revision surgery, who are particularly susceptible to complications. In these cases, the clinic's surgical approach prioritizes accuracy and minimal incisions. These surgical measures consider each patient's individual condition, resulting in minimal tissue damage and reducing the likelihood of complications post-surgery. Proud Urology Clinic prides itself on its 5S Safety Assurance System, which is a hallmark of its commitment to patient safety and care. The clinic holds the prestigious distinction of being Asia's first internationally certified medical institution by the Joint Commission International (JCI). This certification underscores the clinic's dedication to maintaining a safety system that aims for a 0% occurrence of side effects, reinforcing its commitment to patient well-being. 5S Safety Assurance System Proud Urology is Asia's first JCI-internationally certified medical institution. We have established a safety system that aims for zero side effects. 1. Trust in the use of 100% allogeneic dermis and an authenticity certification system for surgical materials Proud Urology conducts authenticity certifications of surgical materials actually used to provide trust to customers. The biggest consideration in male surgery is dermal material. Depending on which dermis material is chosen, it will affect the postoperative enlargement effect and satisfaction. Proud Urology uses only 5% of the 100-mm-thick allogeneic dermis composed of human collagen. From consultation to just before surgery, we provide detailed explanations to patients to help them understand the surgical materials. 2. 100% real-name system for surgical staff to prevent surrogate surgery in advance Proud Urology discloses the real names of surgical staff and establishes and operates 24-hour secure CCTV for patient safety. Recently, companies have been caught in the medical field performing surrogate surgery or pay-doctor surgery without the patient's consent. Proud Urology will accompany you to the operating room on the day of your surgery to prevent these problems in advance. In addition, for the safety of patients, CCTV in the operating room is recorded 24 hours a day to prevent surrogate surgery in advance. 3. Advanced infection control prevention system aiming for a 0% infection rate Sterilization and infection control are the basic and most important parts of the operating room. Proud Urology operates strict infection control with advanced equipment such as quadruple safety barriers, air showers, and UV sterilization systems. It is equipped with a safe, aseptic surgical system. 4. Compulsory management of surgical conditions to maintain the best surgical condition and safety The Proud Urology Department is obliged to manage the surgical conditions for the procedure in the best possible condition in the operating room. The operating room and equipment are inspected at least twice a day, and in the case of medical staff, in order to prevent the accumulation of fatigue due to excessive surgery, We ensure a high-quality surgical environment through thorough management and the recommendation of certain mandatory breaks. 5. Manage all of Proud's customers with a one-year free VIP guarantee. In order to satisfy the high satisfaction of our customers, Proud Urology manages all customers who have undergone medical treatment and surgery as VIPs. In particular, for customers who have undergone male surgery, follow-up care and after-sales service are provided free of charge for one year. Proud Urology Clinic's excellence is illuminated through a comprehensive analysis of its 5S complex surgeries. With an impressive tally of 8,677 procedures conducted, Proud Urology stands as a quintessential specialist in male enhancement surgery within Korea. The clinic's proficiency is further demonstrated through meticulous evaluations of various aspects. Penis length analysis pre and post 5S complex surgery reveals the transformative effects of Proud's Urology 5S Combined Surgery, which addresses deficiencies through diamond lengthening surgery. Analysis of penile thickness highlights the clinic's application of 4-5mm premium allogeneic dermis, fostering a semi-permanent penis enlargement outcome. Similarly, glans thickness analysis showcases the clinic's expertise in maintaining semi-permanent glans enlargement through the infusion of premium allogeneic dermis powder. The analysis of erection persistence affirms that Proud's 5S combination surgery not only maintains existing erections after the procedure but also enhances erection levels. The distribution of patients across various age groups, especially those in their 30s and 40s, underscores the appeal of Proud's 5S complex surgery. With patients from 44 countries seeking the clinic's services, it stands as a global destination for male enhancement. Patient inquiries reflect the annual influx of men seeking resolution to their male-related concerns through Proud Urology's 5S combination surgery. Remarkably, since its establishment, Proud Urology has upheld a record of zero medical accidents, testament to its unwavering commitment to safety. Finally, an overwhelming majority of patients express high satisfaction with the surgical outcomes and the quality of medical services, further affirming the clinic's exceptional standing.