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    Pulse Clinic



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    • Men's Health (Andrology)

    • Women's Health

    • Trans Health

    • Sexual Health

    • General Health

    • Mental Health

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    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Post Exposure Prophylaxis

    • STD Treatment

    • HIV Treatment

    • STD Testing

    • HIV Testing

    • Genital warts

    • Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

    • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    • Pap Smear

    • Health Screening

    • Mental Well-Being

    • Bodybuilder Check-up

    • Premarital screening

    • Vaccination

    • Weight Loss

    • Women's Yeast Infection

    • Vaginal Itch

    • Emergency Contraception

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    Blk 38 Beo Crescent #01-32 The Beo CrescentS(160038)

    Pulse Clinic


    Discover PULSE Clinic: Empowering Your Sexual Well-being Welcome to PULSE Clinic, where your well-being is our priority. Our private clinic is dedicated to setting the gold standard in care and education, elevating the quality of your life. At PULSE, we're on a mission to break down barriers and normalize sexual health awareness. By reducing the burden of HIV disease, we're transforming lives across the region. Our clinic is your partner in promoting testing, prevention, treatment, and ongoing care. A Legacy of Excellence Established in 2015 at the vibrant heart of Bangkok's Silom/Sathorn district, PULSE Clinic was envisioned by Dr. Deyn and his brother Tony. With a passion for serving the community, they created a sanctuary for discrete, individualized medical and non-medical support. PULSE Clinic has played a pivotal role in Thailand's progress against HIV transmission, offering knowledge and care to all. Caring Beyond Boundaries In the last six years, we've touched the lives of over 45,000 clients across the globe. Our journey began by addressing the stigma surrounding HIV and sexual health. We recognized the dire need for a safe haven – not just for MSM individuals, but for everyone. This realization fueled our expansion across Thailand and international borders, reaching Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. PULSE Clinic's vision extends throughout Asia, a key hub of global travel. Leading with Compassion Our commitment is unwavering: We are more than an international sexual health organization. PULSE Clinic pioneers comprehensive modern care and drives global research initiatives. Within our doors, you'll find a judgment-free haven, fostering a nurturing environment for everyone. We're not just about health; we're about empowerment. PULSE Clinic aims to empower you to lead a healthy, joyful life, embracing your sexual identity proudly. Embark on your journey to sexual well-being with PULSE Clinic. Your life-enhancing experience begins here.