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Rambam Academic Hospital

Haifa District, Israel






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Top Specialties

  • Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

  • Arthrogryposis

  • Elbow Arthroplasty

  • Breast Cancer

  • Pituitary Surgery

  • In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  • Craniotomy

  • Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy

  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

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HaAliya HaShniya St 8, Haifa, 3109601, Israel


Israel and her people have an ancient heritage. The Rambam campus honors that heritage by being named after Rabbi Moses Ben-Maimon, called Maimonides, or "Rambam" in Hebrew, an acronym for his name. Maimonides was a preeminent medieval Jewish rabbi, physician, and philosopher, and one of the greatest Torah scholars of the Middle Ages (1135–1204). He was among the first in Western society to propose that the health of the body and the soul should be combined. First established in 1938 under the British Mandate as the Governmental Hospital, it became an Israeli governmental hospital with the founding of the State of Israel. In 1952, it was renamed Rambam. Over the last 80 years, Rambam Health Care Campus has become world renowned for experience and expertise in a wide range of clinical and research endeavors. Rambam Academic Hospital celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2019. Rambam Academic Hospital is located in the port city of Haifa, the capital of Northern Israel and its third-largest metropolis. Haifa's residents exemplify a cultural and religious pluralistic spirit, fostering diversity and goodwill that is beneficial to all. Rambam’s work environment is a direct expression of this atmosphere—with a 50% Jewish and non-Jewish patient population and employees from every sector of society, coexistence and acceptance are an integral part of patient-caregiver relationships. Rambam Academic Hospital is in close proximity to the world-class engineering and medical faculties of The Technion—Israel Institute of Technology, the Rappaport Family Institute for Research, and the University of Haifa. The hi-tech industrial parks of Haifa and Yokneam are just a 30-minute drive from Rambam. These parks are the homes of major league players in medical and information technology, such as Given Imaging, GE Medical, Biosense Webster, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. This rich and fertile ground has led to the advancement and success of innovative clinical research at Rambam, along with successful and ongoing collaborations with international partners. Rambam Academic Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the Haifa district and this region. Rambam Academic Hospital is the largest multidisciplinary center in the northern area of Israel. Rambam Academic Hospital is named in honor of Jewish philosopher and scholar Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon. Rambam Academic Hospital is the fifth-largest medical center in Israel. Rambam Academic Hospital comprises a total of 715 professional doctors, 4000 skilled employers, and 1407 nurses. Rambam Academic Hospital features six laboratories and 45 medical and diagnostic units. Annually, it treats more than 75,000 indoor patients and more than 500,000 outdoor patients. Rambam Academic Hospital also provides services in all pediatric fields. This 1,000-bed Rambam Academic Hospital offers medical services in all areas of medicine. Rambam Academic Hospital is equipped with high-end technology and machinery that provides treatments at reasonable rates. Rambam Academic Hospital performs 55,359 surgeries with optimal solutions annually. WHY CHOOSE RAMBAM ACADEMIC HOSPITAL? -Rambam Medical Center is considered the level-one medical center in Israel. Rambam Academic Hospital's 36 departments and 45 medical units provide medical services in all fields of medical science. Some of these benefits include trauma treatment, cancer treatment, and neurosurgery. -Rambam Academic Hospital possesses the most prominent pediatric emergency department in Israel. Hence, Rambam Academic Hospital is considered the best department for leads. -Rambam Academic Hospital contains six laboratories. All these laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and have a fast and reliable diagnostic system. -Doctors, nurses, and other professional staff are very responsive and friendly. Doctors are very cooperative with their patients. 24/7-hour support is provided to patients. -Professional and high-quality treatment is provided to each patient according to their needs and requirements. -The friendly and favorable environment of Rambam Academic Hospital contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of patients. -The rooms are very comfortable, airy, and painted with light colors. Each room contains a toilet, bedside table, wardrobe, TV, telephone, and armchair for patients' relatives. -Patients are provided with delicious and well-balanced meals three times per day. Rambam Academic Hospital also includes a vegetarian diet.    TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF RAMBAM ACADEMIC HOSPITAL ●       Arthrogryposis ●       In-Vitro fertilization ●        Surgical treatment of epilepsy ●       Elbow arthroplasty ●       Minimally invasive cardiac surgery ARTHROGRYPOSIS Arthrogryposis is characterized as congenital joint stiffness in two or more areas of the body. Its causes are still unknown. The most common symptom involved is muscle weakness throughout the body. Generally, both arms and legs are affected. It can be diagnosed by ultrasound and may be treated via a range of operative and non-operative methods. Rambam Academic Hospital provides high-quality and less-invasive treatment and surgeries for arthrogryposis. World-class surgeons and experts are present in Rambam Academic Hospital to treat this disorder. After surgery, patients have to stay in the hospital for a few days to a few weeks. Hospitals' good hygiene and friendly environment helps patients recover quickly. IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION This complex medical procedure is involved in the healthy conception of a child or assists in fertilization. It is also used to treat infertility in women over age 40. It would be best if you went for this procedure only when you and your partner have fallopian tube damage or blockage, ovulation disorder, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, impaired sperm production, genetic disease, or fertile preservation due to cancer. In this procedure, eggs and sperm are combined outside the body and implanted in the woman's uterus. The IVF team at Rambam Academic Hospital is highly skilled and professional. Rambam Academic Hospital helps the women fulfill their dream of becoming mothers. With medical experts and high-end technology labs, the IVF process is more accessible. Rambam Academic Hospital also provides a complete fetal ultrasound report to pregnant women. SURGICAL TREATMENT OF EPILEPSY Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which the brain's electrical system is disturbed. It can be treated with medicines or by surgery. Surgery can help control seizures and improve the quality of life. Rambam Academic Hospital provides high-quality surgical treatment for epilepsy to both children and adults. In this hospital, a variety of surgical techniques and treatments are employed to treat epilepsy. Typically, more than 80% of the patients get cured after receiving epilepsy surgery from Rambam Academic Hospital. ELBOW ARTHROPLASTY Elbows can be damaged by rheumatoid arthritis or a traumatic fracture. Most of the time, the damage is repaired surgically, but if the damage is irreversible, then your elbow should be replaced by an artificial joint called a prosthesis. There are many types of implants to replace the elbow joint. These implants may include linked or coupled implants and unlinked or uncoupled implants. The department of orthopedic surgery at Rambam Academic Hospital offers high-quality elbow arthroplasty services and treatments for other bone-related diseases. Rambam Academic Hospital's orthopedic department provides non-invasive surgeries, world-class medical services, and good care facilities to patients. Doctors' good and responsive behavior helps a great deal in the early recovery of patients. The department of orthopedics at Rambam Academic Hospital also offers the following medical services:  Surgical treatment of shoulder fractures, tennis elbow, curved limbs, and the external fixation system  Arthroscopy  Injection therapy in joints and tendons  Hip and knee replacement surgeries  Nucleoplasty and vertebroplasty  Minimally invasive spinal surgeries MINIMALLY INVASIVE CARDIAC SURGERY Rambam Academic Hospital offers minimally invasive heart surgeries for any cardiac disorders. Prof. Dr. Med.Gil Bolotin is the head of the department of cardiac surgery at Rambam Academic Hospital. He is a highly skilled and professional cardiac surgeon and a well-known doctor for heart surgeries in Israel. The cardiac surgery department at Rambam Academic Hospital also offers top-class services in the following cardiac conditions:  Heart valve replacement  Angioplasty  Surgical treatment of congenital heart defects  Surgical treatment of heart failure and atherosclerosis  Surgical treatment of aortic dissection and prosthetic fistula  Artificial heart implantation  Transcatheter aortic valve implantation Direct coronary artery bypass surgery   Rambam Academic Hospital is the best-recommended hospital in Israel. It offers medical services in almost all fields of healthcare, providing top-notch facilities and high-quality treatments to its patients. Rambam Academic Hospital's wards are equipped with high technology and the latest medical equipment that helps in the accurate and complete diagnosis of diseases, and all their treatments are totally sure, reliable, and safe. As the referral hospital for the north of Israel, Rambam Academic Hospital offers the full range of clinical facilities, including the Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Institute, the Joseph Fishman Oncology Center, the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital, and the Division of Surgery, which has several multi-disciplinary world-renowned surgical teams in the fields of cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, and robotic surgery, to name a few. At the forefront of medical technology, Rambam Academic Hospital’s clinicians and researchers work with engineers and inventors to bring the best medical care to their patients and to develop the next generation of treatments and applications that will benefit people worldwide. The medical center serves as a strategic asset to the north of Israel and its residents, reaching out to the world community through health promotion and medical research discovery.