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    Elmshorn Klinikum Regional Clinic

    Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


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    Medical staff

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    • Foot Injury Treatment

    • Gastric Bypass Surgery

    • Supportive surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Physical Therapy

    • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

    • XCR and Lipid Panel Test

    • Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

    • SPECT/CT Scan

    • Varus Malalignment and Chondral Resurfacing

    • Bone Scintigraphy

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

    • X-Ray

    • Retroperitoneoscopy

    • Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan

    • Ravitch Pectus Repair Procedure

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • Physical Examination (Psoas Stretch Test)

    • Metal-on-metal (MOM) Hip Resurfacing

    • Transference-focused Psychotherapy (TFP)

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Vaginal Pessary

    • Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

    • Bullectomy


    The Regio Kliniken are an integrated provider of healthcare services in the Pinneberg region. With the acute care hospitals in Elmshorn and Pinneberg with a total of 903 planned beds and more than 2,400 employees, the Regio Kliniken are the largest private hospital operator in Schleswig-Holstein. Sana Kliniken AG is the third largest private hospital group in Germany. The company is one of the most important providers in the field of integrated health services. Their business areas include outpatient and inpatient care, outpatient rehabilitation, inpatient care and palliative medicine. Certified centers for the treatment of breast and colon cancer, gynecological cancer, strokes and vascular diseases completes the medical offer. Around 93,250 patients are treated annually in the hospitals of the Regio Kliniken, which are the academic teaching hospital of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. In Pinneberg, the Regio Kliniken operate the central clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine in cooperation with the Altona Children's Hospital (AKK) in the district of Pinneberg. Specialists in pediatrics from the AKK (a company of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf) treat infants, children and young people aged 0 to 18 together with the pediatric nurses of the Regio Klinikum Pinneberg. The children's department, characterized by a personal atmosphere, consists of the children's ward F3 and the premature and newborn intensive care ward FIPS. The Regio Kliniken are an integrated provider of healthcare services in the Pinneberg region. With the acute care hospitals in Elmshorn and Pinneberg with a total of 903 planned beds and more than 2,400 employees, the Regio Kliniken are the largest private hospital operator in Schleswig-Holstein. The Elmshorn Clinic is publicly supported by two associations, the Association for the Promotion of People in the Regio Klinikum Elmshorn eV and the Association for the Promotion of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry. The Regional Clinics was founded in 2004. The shareholders are Sana Kliniken AG with 74.9 percent shares and Pinneberg district with 25.1 percent shares. The clinic are managed by Regina Hein and Gundolf Thurm, Management; Thomas Klahn, Commercial management; Dr. Hamid Mofid, Medical Directorate; Prof. Dr. Max Nedelmann, Medical Directorate and Nicole Molzen, Nursing Directorate. Regio Kliniken range of services includes 900 beds at two clinic locations in Elmshorn and Pinneberg. It has 19 specialist departments and certified centers for the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, gynecological cancer, vascular diseases and strokes. Regio Kliniken has a "Baby-friendly maternity clinic" in Pinneberg. It has a Geriatric day clinic in Elmshorn, 2 psychiatric day clinics in Elmshorn and Pinneberg, and 2 day clinics for child and adolescent psychiatry in Elmshorn and Norderstedt. Its medical care centers consists of General Medicine (Uetersen), Gastroenterology (Pinneberg and Uetersen), Orthopedics (Pinneberg), and Surgery and Proctology (Pinneberg). The Care Center Elbmarsch in Elmshorn has 150 homes, Johannis hospice with 12 places, and has a rehabilitation center and fitness studios in Pinneberg and Schenefeld. Orthopedic-Traumatology Center CLINIC FOR GENERAL ORTHOPAEDICS, ACCIDENT SURGERY AND SPORTS MEDICINE In the clinic for general orthopaedics, accident surgery and sports medicine, they treat injuries after accidents or their long-term consequences as well as degenerative diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system. They attach great importance to a holistic treatment that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient and aims to achieve the earliest possible resilience with the best possible functionality. GENERAL AND VISCERAL SURGERY Their clinic covers the entire spectrum of modern general and visceral surgery, including minimally invasive surgery. It is their goal and personal concern to offer their patients the best possible surgical treatment and to make your stay with them as pleasant as possible. AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER (AOP) Minor operations that do not require an inpatient stay can be performed as outpatient operations. Preparation, implementation and postoperative care take place in the outpatient surgery center. An operation is planned for you or your child in the outpatient surgery center (AOP) of the Regio Klinikum Elmshorn. Please make sure to come to the AOP center on time for the agreed admission date. The necessary anesthetic preliminary talk takes place in the reception and consultation center so that they can provide you with appropriate care and preparation for your safety and satisfaction. VASCULAR MEDICINE CLINIC In the Clinic for Vascular Medicine, they practice angiological and vascular surgery medicine together in a special way for the benefit of their patients. All therapy decisions are made in their clinic together by the experts in angiology and vascular surgery. This enables them to achieve high quality and efficiency in the treatment of their patients. The Clinic for Vascular Medicine covers the entire spectrum of vascular diseases. They perform surgical, endovascular and hybrid interventions in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, diseases of the visceral arteries, extracranial neck vessels, dialysis shunts and surgical variceal rehabilitation. The treatments are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the German Society for Angiology and Vascular Surgery. Their range of treatments extends to the diagnosis, the selection and implementation of the optimal therapy and the planning of aftercare. They treat your vascular problems taking into account your concomitant diseases and, if necessary, also help with their treatment. CLINIC FOR HAND, FOOT AND MICROSURGERY The clinic for hand, foot and microsurgery is part of the wide range of surgical services at the Regio Klinikum Elmshorn. Due to its specialization, the clinic covers an important area of the surgical spectrum and guarantees care close to home in an area that can otherwise only be offered in urban centers. In addition to being available 24 hours a day for hand surgery, this also includes the complex requirements for corrections in the area of the feet. All types of hand injuries, including amputations, are treated promptly. Operations are planned individually after a presentation in the consultation hours. Many procedures can also be performed on an outpatient basis in the outpatient surgery center. Approximately 2,000 hand and foot operations are performed in the clinic every year. In addition, with the department for plastic and aesthetic surgery, the clinic has a specialized department for the treatment of deep facial injuries, deformities, wound healing disorders or skin cancer. Aesthetic procedures are also offered here. CARDIOLOGY CLINIC The Cardiology Clinic is headed by PD Dr. Ulf K. Radunski. A committed, competent team, modern technical equipment and close cooperation with resident colleagues enable guideline-based cardiological diagnostics and therapy of heart diseases. At their locations in Elmshorn and Pinneberg, they offer you optimal treatment with modern equipment and methods with the greatest possible personal attention. Their specialized doctors and nurses treat and look after you professionally. Your individual needs are their priority. CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY, PSYCHOTHERAPY AND PSYCHOSOMATICS In the clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics, children and adolescents up to the age of 18 (in exceptional cases also up to the age of 21) with mental stress, acute or longer-lasting mental or psychosomatic disorders and diseases are treated. Anyone who experiences or sees mental stress or corresponding disorders in themselves or in others can turn to them: the children or young people themselves, their parents, caregivers, relatives, acquaintances as well as professional helpers. CLINIC FOR PNEUMOLOGY AND RESPIRATORY MEDICINE Pulmonary medicine is a medical focus of the Clinic for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine at the Regio Klinikum Elmshorn. Thanks to modern examination and treatment methods, diseases of the airways and lungs can be recognized in good time and, in many cases, treated successfully. In the event of exhaustion of the respiratory muscles or lung failure, the clinic also offers the entire spectrum of invasive and non-invasive ventilation medicine, including preparation for home ventilation. PSYCHIATRY, PSYCHOTHERAPY AND PSYCHOSOMATICS Their clinic at the Regio Klinikum Elmshorn is responsible for and ensures the psychiatric care of the citizens of the Pinneberg district with over 300,000 inhabitants. The clinic has 110 inpatient and 45 day clinic treatment places as well as two psychiatric institute outpatient clinics in Elmshorn and Pinneberg . The team in the department advises the other departments of the Elmshorn Clinic on neurological (psychiatric and neurological) questions, while their patients also benefit from the cooperation with the other clinics at the Elmshorn site. THORACIC SURGERY CLINIC Their team of experts treats all benign and malignant diseases of the lungs (lung cancer), the mediastinum, the central airways and the chest wall - always individually tailored to the patient. They focus on the most modern, minimally invasive methods, such as so-called "keyhole surgery", for examining the chest, airways and mediastinum in the treatment of advanced tumors. What diseases do their thoracic surgeons treat? Below are some examples of conditions treated at the Thoracic Surgery Clinic: • lung cancer • lung metastases • Severe emphysema • pleural mesothelioma • pleural empyema • pleural effusion • pneumothorax • Injuries or deformities of the chest such as funnel chest or wedge chest CLINIC FOR UROLOGY AND UROLOGICAL ONCOLOGY The clinic for urology and urological oncology at the Regio Kliniken in Elmshorn is one of the largest urological departments in the Hamburg region. It is characterized by modern technology and a high level of treatment success. The clinic for urology and urological oncology of the Regio Kliniken in Elmshorn, headed by chief physician Dr. Ousman Doh offers the entire spectrum of conservative and surgical treatment of urological diseases including reconstructive urology. The department works closely with other specialist departments in the clinic, such as surgeons and gynecologists, as well as with the resident urologists in the region, who have joined forces in the Schleswig-Holstein South Urology Network. The clinic is also the academic teaching hospital of the University of Hamburg. The clinic for urology and urological oncology has the full advanced training permit.