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    RUBY Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Breast Augmentation

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    • X-ray

    • Tear-drop Breast Surgery

    • Mammography

    • Round Breast Surgery

    • Incisional Ptosis Correction

    • Monolid Ptosis Correction

    • Botox

    • Filler

    • Nose revision surgery

    • Flat nose surgery

    • Deviated nose surgery

    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    • Laser Toning

    • Fraxel laser

    • Arm liposuction

    • Thign liposuction

    • Blood test

    • Mini liposuction

    • Lower Blepharoplasty


    Ruby Plastic Surgery is one of the best plastic surgery clinics in South Korea that has been helping a lot of people in enhancing their body features. They have a staff of expert doctors with proven experience and a lot of positive feedback. Besides making people look more beautiful, the clinic is also making research contributions to the field of aesthetic surgery. The CEO of Ruby Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hu Jung Woo, has published works on “Non-incisional ptosis correction”. Also, the clinic is the 2017 winner of the consumer’s choice award. So, the staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, and the services are amazingly well. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY RUBY PLASTIC SURGERY The clinic specializes in a broad range of treatments and procedures, including different eyes, nose, facial contour, breast, body contour, and anti-aging procedures Following are the treatments that Ruby Plastic Surgery specializes in: SPECIALIZED EYE PROCEDURES The clinic offers a broad range of procedures to enhance the eyes’ beauty and enhance their appeal. Following are the eye procedures the clinic specializes in: DOUBLE EYELID This clinic offers a natural-looking double eyelid process through one of the three processes of incision, non-incision, and partial incision. PTOSIS CORRECTION If your eyelid covers a part of the pupil and makes you look tired, ptosis correction is the technique for its treatment. Ruby Plastic Surgery further offers monolid ptosis correction, incisional ptosis, and non-incisional ptosis correction. UNDER EYES Under eyes are noticeable and important facial features. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers fat reposition and love band procedures to make their patients’ under eyes prettier. CANTHOPLASTY Canthoplasty procedures can change the existing shape of the eyes. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers clean epicanthoplasty and wide lateral canthoplasty. MIDDLE AGED EYES With aging, wrinkles and saggy eyes can become prominent in people. They can make people look tired and affect the effectiveness of the vision. For this, Ruby Plastic Surgery clinic offers two surgical lower blepharoplasty and upper blepharoplasty procedures. EYES REVISION If some surgical procedure on the eyes does not suit you, the eyes revision can help you get back the natural look of your eyes. SPECIALIZED NASAL PROCEDURES The nose is another important facial feature that plays an important role in the overall beauty of the face. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers the following procedures for the nose: 3D SMILE LINE 3D smile line rhinoplasty is a procedure done to raise the area where the nose and philtrum meet and for the correction of the nose and philtrum bridge. Ruby Plastic Surgery uses the latest techniques and advanced methods for best results. RHINOPLASTY BY TYPE Ruby Plastic Surgery offers four types of rhinoplasty surgeries. These are flat nose surgery, deviated nose surgery, osteotomy surgery, and hump nose surgery. TIP PLASTY Tip plasty is a surgical procedure in which the shape of the tip of the nose is altered. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers bulbous nose surgery, short nose surgery, and alar reduction surgery. NOSE REVISION If the results of a surgical procedure do not come as expected, nose revision provides you the option of altering or going back to the original shape. The expert surgeons at Ruby Plastic Surgery have many types of nose revision. SPECIALIZED FACIAL CONTOUR PROCEDURES Facial contour procedures are the ones that alter the overall shape of the face and make it more beautiful. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers the following beauty-enhancing procedures: FRONT FACIAL CONTOURING Front facial contouring is a process that gives the patient a perfect V-shaped face from all angles. The expert doctors at Ruby Plastic Surgery are experts at performing this procedure. CHEEKBONE REDUCTION Cheekbone reduction gives patients a smaller and slimmer babyface. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers quick cheekbone reduction and 3D cheekbone reduction processes. SQUARED JAW SURGERY Ruby Plastic Surgery offers two types of squared jaw surgical procedures for making the patients look younger and attractive. These are mandible reduction and squared jaw reduction. GENIOPLASTY Genioplasty is a type of plastic surgery performed on the chin. Usually, in plastic surgery, these are performed for a perfect v-line face and making the boundary of the chin and neck more prominent. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers advanced genioplasty and protruding chin reduction. SMILE LINE CORRECTION Smile line correction focuses on the upper and lower part of the jaw to enhance and beautify the smile. FOREHEAD SURGERY Forehead surgery gives volume to the forehead for the more appealing and younger-looking face. SPECIALIZED BREAST PROCEDURES Beautification procedures of the breast have become popular in the last few years. Ruby Plastic Surgery is offering many surgical procedures to enhance these physical features, including: BREAST AUGMENTATION Ruby Plastic Surgery offers world-class breast augmentation procedures with implants and fat graft. They offer both round and teardrop types of enhancements. BREAST REDUCTION A treatment of saggy and oversized breasts is known as breast reduction. Besides the aesthetic aspect, this also helps in better overall functionality. BREAST LIFT Breast lift is a procedure that fixes the position of breasts and nipples. Ruby Plastic Surgery has advanced expertise in this process. NIPPLE SURGERY Ruby Plastic Surgery offers three types of nipple correction options. These are inverted nipple correction, areola reduction, and nipple reduction. GYNECOMASTIA Gynecomastia is a condition in which the chest of males starts accumulating fat and appears like a female breast. Ruby Plastic Surgery offers treatment of this condition for a firm and flat chest. SPECIALIZED BODY CONTOUR PROCEDURES Body contouring is a collection of processes aimed at enhancing the shape and beauty of the body. Ruby Plastic surgery specializes in providing these procedures with the best techniques. Following are the processes offered by Ruby Plastic Surgery: LIPOSUCTION Liposuction is a process of excess fat removal from the body. Ruby Plastic Surgery has the latest techniques and experts doctors for such surgeries. It offers both mini liposuction and full body liposuction. HIP-UP SURGERY For a perfect S-line figure, hip-up surgery gives your butt a finer shape. Ruby Plastic Surgery has highly experienced experts for this type of body contouring. CALF SURGERY Calf surgery enhances the appeal of legs by giving them a slimmer and finer shape. This procedure is getting especially famous as more people are becoming concerned about the appearance of their legs. SPECIALIZED ANTI-AGING PROCEDURES To reverse the effects of aging, Ruby Plastic Surgery offers many procedures to make the patients look younger. Following are the procedures the clinic offers in this regard: FAT GRAFT Ruby Plastic Surgery offers the process of stem cell graft that gives you a natural and younger appeal. It uses the latest methods for excellent results. LIFTING For making a face look younger and prettier, Ruby Plastic Surgery offers five types of lifting. These are facelift, MACS lifting, endotine, and forehead lift. PETIT For making a face healthier and younger, Ruby Plastic Surgery offers both fillers and botox. Botox is effective for wrinkle removal, whereas fillers make a face more voluminous. SKIN TREATMENT Ruby Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of skin treatments. This clinic provides two laser treatments, and the other three involve injections. These are Fraxel laser, laser toning, aqua injection, rejuvenating injection, rejuran healer, respectively. FOREHEAD REDUCTION Forehead reduction is a process that makes the forehead smaller for a firm babyface. This surgical procedure is done with precision at Ruby Plastic Surgery.