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    SADAF Dental Clinic

    Toshkent, Uzbekistan


    Foundation year

    All / Top Specialties

    • Endodontics

    • Dental Implants

    • Jaw deformities

    • Teeth Whitening

    • Dental Crown

    • Dental microscope therapy

    • Orthodontics

    • Porcelain Veneers

    • Cavity treatment

    • Prosthetics

    • Paedodontics

    • Prosthodontics

    All / Top Services

    • Intra-oral examination

    • Tooth bleaching

    • Straumann Implant

    • Dental X-ray

    • Orthopantomogram

    • Sagittal split ramus osteotomy (SSRO)

    • Teeth Whitening

    • Dental Crown

    • Root Canal Therapy

    • Dental Check-up

    • Damon Braces

    • Cephalometric analysis

    • Metal Braces

    • Porcelain Veneers

    • Dental X-rays

    • Fillings

    • Laminate Veneer Crown

    Contact Information

    51 Mirzo Ulug'bek shoh ko'chasi Мирзо Улуғбек тумани Тошкент Toshkent Uzbekistan

    SADAF Dental Clinic

    Toshkent, Uzbekistan


    The Sadaf cooperative was founded in 1988 in a small basement of residential building No. 52 on Khabib Abdullayev Street in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). It was the first private dental clinic not only in Uzbekistan but throughout the former Soviet Union. This achievement has been duly recognized by Marquis, the World's Who's Who ( Sadaf has been listed in the World's Who's since 2013 as the first company to open its first dental clinic in the former USSR. In 1991, after Uzbekistan gained independence, the company was re-registered as the Small Enterprise "Sadaf". In 1995, the company opened its first branch in Tashkent at 40A Babur Street. In 1996, the enterprise was re-registered as a private company, Sadaf. In 1998, the company changed its legal form and became O.O.O. "Sadaf". In 2007, the company continued to develop and became O.O.O. Sadaf-Stomalogiya, and remains so to this day. The development and achievements of O.O.O. Sadaf-Stomalogiya are noticeable by the location of our main clinic. In 2007, the Sadaf dental clinic moved to its own 2-storey building at the address: Khabib Abdullayev Street, 51A in Tashkent. In 2014, we moved to a new building at 51A Khabib Abdullayev Street in Tashkent. Our new clinic is a unique 5-storey complex of dental services, equipped with elevators and the latest dental equipment. OUR PROMISE We strive for maximum patient satisfaction at O.O.O. Sadaf-Stomalogiya by improving our services, including the provision of cutting-edge dental care and the use of the best materials, tools, and equipment available on the global market. Furthermore, we consistently strive to ensure that our dentists are trained in the most up-to-date procedures and techniques by participating in various trainings, exhibitions, and internships in countries such as Russia, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Turkey, and others. There is a clinic here. We frequently invite dentists from other countries to share their knowledge. The company's main priority is to constantly strive to provide the best combination of price, quality, and comfort during treatment in our clinics for our patients.