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Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, Thailand

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand


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All / Top Specialties

  • Retinal disease

  • Total knee replacement

  • Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Breast Surgery

  • Artificial joints (knee, hip)

  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction)

  • Onychomycosis

All / Top Services

  • Amsler grid test

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

  • Fluorescein angiography

  • Ultrasound

  • Scleral buckle

  • X-ray

  • MRT scan

  • Total knee replacement

  • Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Mammography

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Total hip replacement (THR)

  • Adult Knee Reconstruction (Knee Arthroplasty)

  • Pharmacologic treatment

Contact Information

624 Yaowarat Rd, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand


Samitivej Chinatown Hospital is one of the most renowned and great-quality hospitals located in Thailand. It comprises an entire team of Chinese staff that serves both international and local clients daily. The hospital is located in the heart of Chinatown, Bangkok, where it is easily accessible by people from any part of the city. This hospital was established in November 2014 and ever since has been working to make sure that all the patients are tended with great care and full responsibility. WHAT MAKES THIS HOSPITAL STAND OUT? A very unique feature of the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital is that it follows a strict Chinese contemporary style. From the entrance and the reception desk to the doctor’s rooms, the Chinese welcoming atmosphere could be easily sensed. This feature makes this hospital stand out, and it is also one of the main reasons why the visiting Chinese tourists prefer visiting this hospital for their check-ups. Their entire team is fluent in Chinese and so, any visitors who might visit this hospital do not feel uneasy to communicate their problems easily. SERVICES AND CONTRIBUTIONS Samitivej Chinatown Hospital is a modern, up-to-date hospital that consists of several departments which are run by highly competent doctors and surgeons. They have numerous outpatient clinical departments which are run daily and several patients can get the treatment that they deserve. Some of the most popular departments at the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital include: · Orthopedic Clinic · Cardiology and Hypertension Clinic · Surgery Clinic · Eye Clinic · Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic · Women’s Health Clinic · Gastrointestinal and Liver Clinic · Rehabilitation Clinic · Emergency and Trauma Department Several other departments are also present in the hospital, which would go beyond the scope of this post. However, one thing is assured: any patient who walks in this hospital can leave all his worries behind as it is obvious that their problems would be treated efficiently and in a welcoming environment – something that patients look for in every hospital. Apart from these departments, there are several diagnostic facilities present at the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital too. These diagnostic facilities have made it easier for this hospital to function as a tertiary-care unit where everything is available and readily accessible within the same building. Some advanced diagnostic modalities and facilities available at the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital include: · 64-SLICE CT SCAN: This high-speed modality enables cardiovascular problems to be diagnosed within a short time. · DIGITAL MAMMOGRAM MACHINE: For detecting breast cancer or metastatic cancer in the breast in its initial stages with high precision. · MRI MACHINE: For diagnosing soft tissue tumors and muscle problems without exposing the patient to hazardous radiations. · BONE DENSITOMETRY SCAN: This highly-advanced treatment modality allows to scan the density of the bones, low levels of which could indicate a decreased bone mass or osteoporosis. Not only this, but the Operation Theatres are equipped with the latest technologies and advanced instruments which help the surgeons and doctors perform their surgery with full comfort, thus enabling a smooth operative experience. TOP SPECIALTIES OF SAMITIVEJ CHINATOWN HOSPITAL Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, even though an all-in-one healthcare department, has some specialties which make it stand out. The specialties of the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital include: • RETINAL DISEASES The most common cause of blindness after Cataract is Retinal Diseases. These diseases comprise a group of distinct pathologies, which may develop in an otherwise normal human being. Retinal Diseases cause a rapid deterioration of the eyesight, and if early intervention is not made, the person may lose their eyesight permanently. Therefore, it is recommended that whenever any sudden change in the eyesight is felt, an urgent appointment with the ophthalmologist must be made. The ophthalmologists at the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital have been trained to treat such emergencies on a priority basis to save the eyesight of the person. • BREAST SURGERY Breast Diseases are an important and also common presentation in women of childbearing and postmenopausal age. Breast Diseases include several other diseases, some of which are small, harmless, and benign conditions, whereas others are malignant, cancerous conditions that should be operated on, and treated to ensure the survival of the patient. At the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, there are several general surgeons and breast specialists who know when to make the needed intervention and perform their surgeries in such a way that patient survival is the only thing that matters. This is one of the reasons why there is a high success rate of operations performed at this hospital. • TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT The knee joints are one of the most important joints of our body. It is because of these joints that we are smoothly able to move from one place to the other. However, the knee joints are also considered to be one of the most vulnerable joints of our body. They get subjected to wear-and-tear as a result of age-related changes. Some of the knee conditions may require a total knee replacement to make sure that the patient’s mobility is not disabled and that the patient can lead their life with full independence, without having to compromise on any of their daily-life activities. Samitivej Chinatown Hospital is a modern and advanced hospital that has been serving thousands of patients. The patients feel very comfortable in their inhospitable Chinese-culture inspired hospital. • LASIK EYE SURGERY Gone by are the days when eye-glasses were the only solution to achieve a bright, 20/20 vision. With the development of medical science, we are now able to witness the creation of such facilities that make the impossible seem possible. One of such technologies is the LASIK. LASIK is a minor procedure that is done on the lens of the eye to make it adapted for the eyesight that it is unable to accommodate. It is typically a painless procedure with promising results. At the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, only the best ophthalmologists perform this surgery to ensure a quick recovery and beneficial results. Being located in one of the busiest tourist hubs of Thailand, the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital is also one of the most visited hospitals by tourists.