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San Carlo Nancy Hospital

Lazio, Italy



All / Top Specialties

  • Lumbar Disc Fusion

  • Thoracic aortic aneurysm

  • Craniotomy

  • Minimally invasive valve surgery

  • Lipid metabolism

  • Sports traumatology

  • Cardiac rhythm disorders

  • Bone fracture treatment

  • Heart Failure Surgery

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • CyberKnife Radiosurgery

  • Limb Deformity

  • Arrhythmia

  • Diabetes

All / Top Services

  • Lumbar Disc Fusion

  • Computed tomography (CT)

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

  • Endovascular surgery

  • Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE)

  • Craniotomy

  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR)

  • Aortic arch surgery

  • Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery

  • Enzyme replacement therapy

  • Corticosteroid injections

  • 24-H Holter Monitoring

  • Cardiac catheter ablation

  • X-ray

  • Immobilization

  • Heart Failure Surgery

  • Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Neurological examination

  • Brain stereotactic radiosurgery

  • Osteotomy

Contact Information

275 Via Aurelia Roma Roma Città Metropolitana di Roma Lazio Italy


The Ospedale San Carlo di Nancy, a first-aid facility accredited by the Italian National Health Service, was acquired by GVM Care & Research in May 2015 and underwent a restructuring and reorganization process. Founded in 1932, the San Carlo of Nancy Hospital is located on the Via Aurelia, not far from the Vatican City. The facility, which has been classified as a general local hospital since September 1976, can treat about 15,000 patients a year under ordinary hospitalization. To date, the facility has about 450 professionals, including medical and paramedical staff. The redevelopment interventions involved the demolition of all the architectural barriers in the hospitalization and polyclinic departments. In addition, the group has invested heavily in technological innovation to support its healthcare services, conforming to the highest standards required by law. GVM Care & Research has replaced and renewed the previous diagnostic technologies by introducing a state-of-the-art CT and a 1.5 tesla magnetic resonance. The San Carlo Hospital of Nancy has two operating blocks. The first, located at the center of the historic building, has five operating rooms. The second block is located in the new wing of the hospital, on the ground floor, and is vertically connected with the intensive care unit, the radiology ward on floor 1, and the emergency ward on floor 2. The entire block has been equipped with new devices for operating diagnostics. It features large spaces that include, in addition to the five beds of the intensive care and coronary units, four beds for sub-intensive therapy, a monitoring area, a changing room for visitors, a different changing room for staff, and an office for consultations and relations with the family members of patients, in addition to the necessary technical rooms. Each of the five intensive care beds for infectious patients is placed inside an isolated space, pursuant to law. Modern devices enable perfect patient management, simplifying the work of healthcare professionals and ensuring safety levels beyond those required by law. GVM Care & Research proposes a first important step towards a path of health and well-being, studied on a scientific basis to spread the importance of prevention. The use of robotic surgery allows a more conservative and minimally invasive approach, minimizing complications during surgery. Through robotic surgery, it is possible to perform complex interventions, extending the surgical precision of the professional, which translates into a faster post-operative recovery. Latest generation technologies to support prevention, investigate a wide spectrum of diseases in a short time, and increase comfort. All citizens who present themselves in conditions of deferrable, non-deferrable, and emergency urgency and who arrive spontaneously or are transported by the service on the territory 118 can access All citizens who present themselves in conditions of deferrable, non-deferrable, and emergency urgency and who arrive spontaneously or are transported by the service on the territory 118 can access. Lastly, GVM Check-Ups are complete and daily prevention paths customized according to the needs of patients. All medical checks are taken care of by a tutor who, supported by a multidisciplinary team of high specialty, follows the Check Up program. At the end of the prevention process, the tutor doctor draws up a detailed clinical report.