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    Semyung Hospital

    Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea


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    • Neurology

    • Department of Pediatrics

    • Otorhinolaryngology

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    • Artificial Kidney Center

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    • Hernia, Appendix, Gallbladder Surgery Clinic

    • Thyroid Disease Clinic

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    • Growth (Precocious Puberty)

    • Pediatric Respiratory and Allergy

    • Pediatric Heart Disease

    • Vaccination

    • Pediatric Epilepsy and Convulsions

    • Knee Joint

    • Shoulder Elbow Joint

    • Sports Medicine

    • Esophegeal, Stomach and Colon

    • Heart Disease

    • Lung Disease

    • Kidney Disease

    • Thyroid Disease

    • Diabetes

    • Hypertension

    • Thyroid Disease

    • Ear Disease

    • Nose Disease

    • Head and Neck Disease

    • Knee Joint

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    208 Gyeongan-ro Gyeongsan Gyeongsangbuk-do South Korea

    Semyung Hospital

    Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea


    Semyung Hospital, a beacon of healthcare excellence, embraces its profound duty and responsibility as a medical practitioner with an unwavering commitment to love, kindness, and the spirit of service. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a sincere approach to patient care, Semyung Hospital stands as a shining example of a healthcare institution dedicated to improving lives. Positioned as the premier local hospital, Semyung Hospital's paramount concern is to prioritize the well-being of its patients and serve the community with honesty and sincerity. Renowned as the top-ranked local hospital, it constantly strives to put the customer's needs at the forefront of its operations. This customer-oriented approach has earned Semyung Hospital a distinguished reputation, solidifying its place as a trusted healthcare provider. Notably, Semyung Hospital holds the esteemed designation as the official medical provider for the Samsung Lions professional baseball team. This prestigious role underscores the hospital's commitment to championing health and well-being among athletes. Operating the spine and joint center, Semyung Hospital offers a spectrum of specialized services including artificial joint surgery, arthroscopic surgery, sports rehabilitation, and trauma care. This center's comprehensive offerings are further enhanced by the hospital's internal medicine disease center, encompassing seven internal medicine departments specializing in gastrointestinal endoscopy. Among its esteemed offerings, Semyung Hospital proudly operates a mental health center that encompasses psychiatry and neurology departments, addressing the critical area of mental well-being. Moreover, the pediatric and adolescent center stands as a testament to the hospital's dedication to the unique needs of younger patients, equipped with specialized wards tailored to pediatric and adolescent care. A hallmark of Semyung Hospital is the comprehensive exam center, an embodiment of its commitment to providing holistic care. Through an innovative one-stop treatment system, patients can access a range of medical services under one roof. The artificial kidney center further showcases the hospital's wide-ranging expertise, providing essential hemodialysis treatments to patients grappling with chronic kidney diseases. Choosing Semyung Hospital is a decision fortified by six compelling reasons: Expert Medical Staff: The hospital boasts a roster of highly competent medical professionals, specializing in critical areas such as brain surgery, spine surgery, artificial joint surgery, gastrointestinal procedures, and rehabilitation medicine. Cutting-Edge Equipment: Semyung Hospital features advanced medical equipment, including the state-of-the-art Sign Excite HD Echospeed MRI. This equipment empowers accurate diagnoses across a gamut of medical conditions, spanning brain and spinal disorders, vascular issues, joint injuries, and tumors across various anatomical regions. 24-Hour Emergency Care: Ensuring round-the-clock access to specialized medical attention, Semyung Hospital's 24-hour Emergency Room is staffed by specialists ready to address urgent medical needs. Disease Diagnosis and Prevention: The hospital holds a distinct role as a designated medical institution for free diagnosis of adult diseases and cancer. Its comprehensive health examination programs encompass a diverse range of health concerns, catering to different segments of the population, including students, public officers, and those undergoing life transitions. Customer-Centric Services: Semyung Hospital's dedication to its patients is exemplified by its VIP and call service initiatives. VIP patients receive exclusive benefits, including invitations to distinguished lectures and health seminars. The Happy Call Service (HCS) and Medical Call Service (MCS) offer personalized support, ensuring patients' health and well-being even after they've left the hospital premises. Convenient Location: Strategically situated next to the Gyeongsan Intercity Bus Terminal, Semyung Hospital offers easy accessibility, facilitating seamless transportation for patients seeking care. The hospital's management philosophy hinges on three core values: Honesty, Patient Orientation, and the unceasing pursuit of Challenges. These values steer every aspect of the hospital's operations, ensuring a culture of integrity, patient-centric care, and continuous improvement. At the heart of Semyung Hospital's mission lies a profound commitment to contribute to the advancement of the nation and the community. This commitment is upheld through compassionate care that aids people in their recovery journeys, promoting both physical and mental well-being. The hospital envisions itself as a beacon of trust, equipped with world-class medical capabilities that inspire pride and confidence among patients and the medical community alike. Semyung Hospital was opened in 1990 as an orthopedic surgery clinic in Bongdeok-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu. Currently, we have a total of 16 clinical departments, including internal medicine, orthopedics, and neurosurgery, with 420 hospital beds, 40 specialists, and 400 employees. We have grown into a hospital that provides patients with the best treatment and medical service. Semyung Hospital is operating the joint and spine clinic for surgery of knee joints, hip joints, and artificial joints, as well as arthroscopic surgery for sports injuries. As a hospital designated by the Samsung Lions professional baseball team, we play a leading role in the area of sports rehabilitation. It is important to treat the disease in the future, but the more important thing is to prevent it. With excellent specialists in internal medicine, preventive medicine, occupational medicine, and environmental medicine, Semyeong Hospital specializes in medical services such as physical examinations, comprehensive medical examinations, special examinations, and health care for the workers of the companies. As a local representative medical institution rooted in the region, Semyung Hospital has been associated with various local events, including elderly gateball tournaments, free meal services, volunteering medical support for public or governmental organizations, volunteering services, and medical supports. We will continue to serve local residents in the future. Lastly, For a healthy family and a healthy future, start now at Semyeong Hospital. I wish you good health and happiness. Chairman of the board at Semyung Hospital, Semyung Medical Foundation, Choi, Young Wook