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Seoul Best Medical Care Center

Seoul, South Korea

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • 한국어

Top Specialties

  • Endoscopic Polypectomy

  • Liver fibrosis

  • Adult Immunization

  • Pancreas disease

  • Endoscopic Therapy

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Gastric ulcer

  • Obesity

  • Endocrine disorders

  • Diabetes

  • Osteoporosis

Contact Information

Dasan-ro Jung-gu Seoul South Korea


At Seoul Best Medical Center, you can receive a health checkup conducted by the National Health Insurance Corporation. Comprehensive examination program. Age, gender, medical history, family history, environmental differences, etc. may differ from person to person in the examination they want or need to receive. The comprehensive examination program of Seoul Best Medical Center has been configured to suit individual needs. We provide accurate guidance on the contents of the checkup you want, and you can properly receive a comprehensive checkup at Seoul Best Medical Center, which has a high-quality health checkup system from reservation to checkup results, prevention, and management. TREATMENT INFORMATION Comprehensive health checkup • Individual detoxification comprehensive health • Checkup corporate group health checkup National Health Insurance Service checkup • National Health Insurance Corporation general check-up • 5 major cancer check-ups (stomach cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, liver cancer screening, breast cancer screening, and cervical cancer screening) • Life transition period examination Internal Medicine Specialist • Liver disease • Circulatory disease/respiratory disease • Endocrine disease/infectious disease • Allergic disease/rheumatic disease • Adult disease clinic (diabetes/hypertension/hyperlipidemia) Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinic • Gastric and colonoscopy • Sleep (sedation) endoscope • Polypectomy and therapeutic endoscopy • Colonoscopy without laxatives Orthopedics • Manual therapy • Body correction • Growth/Obesity Clinic Seoul Best Medical Center Corporate Examination Agreement Benefits We take care of your health with differentiated services 01. Opportunity Cost Reduction Up to 49% preferential benefits for screening programs, preferential benefits for non-salary individual examinations flu, vaccine discount benefits, additional medical service discount benefits. 02. Same day colonoscopy For those in a hurry, if you apply for a colonoscopy without laxatives, you can have a colonoscopy the day before the examination without taking a bowel cleanser. 03. Minimize waiting time Minimize waiting time by providing reservation schedule with top priority when signing an agreement. 04. Professional follow-up management system Comparative analysis through specialized systems at Areumnuri/Dain Hospitals, result statistics, quick connection to tertiary medical institutions for those with symptoms, and tracking and management of those with symptoms by stage. 05. Executive VIP service 1:1 VIP coordinated protocol service, hotel-style VIP single room. 06. Corporate dedicated person in charge system Dedicated administrative staff and coordinators are assigned to provide outstanding convenience from the examinee to the person in charge of business affairs. 07. Manual Therapy Center Preferential discounts are provided for revision analysis, body shape correction treatment, and manual therapy. There are too many hospitals these days. Examination is also a specialized field! Which hospital can we trust and entrust with the health of our employees and our families? You can trust Seoul Best Medical Center’s Health Examination Center. SYSTEM PROCEDURE 1. Comprehensive medical checkup comprehensive judgment process, consultation if treatment is needed, and outpatient treatment. 2. If a follow-up examination and reexamination are required, an examination reservation is required, as well as issuance of a medical treatment request and result data if transfer to a tertiary medical institution is required. 3. About 40 medical institutions are affiliated, including Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, the Catholic University of Korea, Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, and Asan Medical Center.

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Procedure Prices


  • Endoscopic Polypectomy

  • Antiviral medicine

  • Vaccination

  • Insulin injection

  • Endoscopic Pancreatic Necrosectomy

  • GERD treatment

  • Endoscopic Therapy

  • Prescription weight-loss medication

  • Cushing syndrome Treatment


  • Blood tests

  • Glucose tolerance testing

  • Endoscopic Ultrasound

  • Endoscope

  • X-ray

  • Bone Densitometry

  • Gastroscopy

  • Laboratory tests for H. pylori

  • Calculating BMI

  • CT scan