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    SHE'S Plastic Surgery

    Busan, South Korea


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    • Neck Lift

    • Rhinoplasty

    • Eye surgery

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    • Midface Lift

    • Forehead Lifting

    • CO2 FRAXEL

    • Filler

    • Skin Boosters

    • Breast Reduction Surgery

    • Inverted Nipple

    • Gynecomastia surgery (Male)

    • Hooked Nose Surgery

    • Tip of nose

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • Intense pulse light (IPL)

    • Liposuction (Abdomen)

    • Thighs liposuction

    • S-Line Body Liposuction

    • Full-face Fat Graft

    • Epicanthoplasty

    • Double Eyelid

    • Under-eye Fat Transfer

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    She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic was established in 2000. Started as a small plastic surgery clinic for the locals of Busan. She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic was initially named after the main surgeon’s name. In 2003, She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic became one of the most frequently visited plastic surgery clinics in the Jung-gu area. established an excellent reputation and gained trust from the schools and neighboring shopping centers. The name of the clinic was changed to "She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic" in 2005. Division and formation of the consultation and nursing teams, along with the coordinator service. In 2007, SHE'S Plastic Surgery Clinic established an editor team and built an internal promotion infrastructure focused on content creation, providing accurate, precise, and timely information by editors. In 2009, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic was registered with and recognized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute as a medical organization attracting international customers. The 2018 yearly report of She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic showed a 1595-strong number of international customers and a stable increase in the number of customers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In 2020, all-inclusive plastic surgery services will be offered to customers from Japan, Taiwan, Russia, and Vietnam. She's Plastic Surgery Clinic has been selected as one of the leading medical organizations in terms of attracting international customers in Busan. (2020-2022) And in 2021, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic celebrated its 21st anniversary. Started attracting international customers from Mongolia and English-speaking countries, and internal infrastructure is available in six different languages. Why Choose She's Plastic Surgery? She's Plastic Surgery Clinic was founded 20 years before for the people living in Busan city. It was initially built as a small clinic with the clear objectives. The significant objective of this clinic is to offer high-quality services and generating the phenomenal results. She's Plastic Surgery Clinic's aim has been to satisfy its visitors instead of expanding the client base. For the initial 10 years, clients of She's Plastic Surgery Clinic started visiting the center essentially through word-of-mouth. The strong point is this clinic is that clients who were visiting this surgery clinic 20 years back are consistently paying visits now with their companions, family members, and relatives. This fact also makes people aware about the exception services provided by She's Plastic Surgery to the normal visitors and then turning them in to the regular customers. Furthermore, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic invites the local clients, and it also welcomes the foreign clients. Continuous efforts have been made by this clinic to attract foreign customers and these customers also recommend the services of the clinic to their companions, family members, and relatives. Presently, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic is perceived as a trusted and customer-friendly surgery center both by local and foreign clients. As we began investing a lot of energy into pulling in unfamiliar clients, they additionally kept the convention of acquainting our facility with their companions, family members and family. Our unfamiliar clients come from various nations with assorted culture and language. Main Surgeries Offered at She's Plastic Surgery Clinic • Blepharoplasty • Eye Wrinkles • Face Wrinkles • Rhinoplasty • Fat Grafting • Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) • Facial Lipolysis • Liposuction • Mammoplasty • Mouth Comer Surgery • Dimple Surgery Top Medical Specialties of She's Plastic Surgery Clinic • Neck lift • Rhinoplasty • Laser Liposuction • Double Gold Lifting • Breast Augmentation • Face-lift • Blepharoplasty • CO2 Fraxel • Neck Lift Neck lift (named as platysmaplasty) is a cosmetic plastic surgical method that eliminates excessive skin and fat from the neck to hide age-related wrinkling, and give a smoother, slimmer look. Surgeons at She's Plastic Surgery Clinic are professionally skilled and trained in doing the surgeries around the area of the head and neck. Even in the most critical surgeries, they show the great level of competence and expertise. The team of doctor at this center are the ones who have devoted their whole lives to focus on plastic surgical procedures for face, neck, and head. . • Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that changes the structure of the nose. The purpose for rhinoplasty might be to change the shape of the nose, improve the breathing system or both. The top layer of the structure of the nose is called bone, and the bottom layer is called cartilage. Rhinoplasty can change the appearance and structure of bone, cartilage, skin or all of them. If you are planning this surgery from, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic, contact with your surgeon about whether rhinoplasty is suitable for you and what results it can generate for you. Firstly, the surgeons will examine about your other features of face, the skin on your nose and what you might want to change. In case you plan to have a surgery, your specialist will produce a customized plan for you. • Laser Liposuction Laser lipolysis gives conventional liposuction a fat-busting help. Liposuction is perhaps the most famous quick fixes for those looking for trimmer bodies with less effort. Laser lipolysis is a method using heat from fiber-optic lasers at different frequencies to melt the fat of your body. This method is quite different from liposuction, which requires the removal of fat from the body utilizing vacuum suction. The additional advantage of laser lipolysis is that it helps to generate protein collagen, making skin tighter. • Double Gold Lifting Double gold lifting is a unique and quick surgical method with excellent results. This advanced technology utilizes extreme intensity ultrasound which enters in to the layers of the skin to all the connective tissues structures and by this makes them fix and lift the skin. It was utilized unexpectedly for the first time with extreme intensity heat to separate pathogenic tissues and as another physiotherapeutic methodology. Double gold lifting is the method that involves the lifting of the face with ultrasound because of its speedy penetration from the skin layers to the muscle. This process does not interrupt the sound waves that quickens the recovery period and makes the entire process comfortable for the patient. The objective of this process at She's Plastic Surgery Clinic is to have a firm and hydrated skin. • Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation is perhaps the most well-known technique in She's Plastic Surgery Clinic. In breast growth surgical methods, all the anatomical points of the body are examined, trying to choose appropriate implantation. Subsequently, the client’s chest looks as normal as it could be expected. She's Plastic Surgery Clinic additionally performs fixing and bosom reduction methods. The group of doctors at this clinic are profoundly competent at breast surgical methods and always eager to satisfy patients with fabulous outcomes. • Face-lift A cosmetic touch up (rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic surgical method to make a more youthful appearance in your face. The strategy can diminish the sagging or overlays of skin on the cheeks and facial structure and bring different changes in the structure of your face that comes with age. One-stop beauty procedures of She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic. Various kinds of beauty procedures including plastic surgeries, injections, laser treatments, skincare procedures are available at one place. She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic is famous for its anti-aging surgeries among customers of both in and outside South Korea. One of top favorite ones involve eye wrinkle and face wrinkle surgeries. Apart from blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty surgeries, dermal injections like Botox and fillers are also in the top list of favorite procedures. Combination of skincare and laser treatments results in the high satisfaction among the customers. All the aesthetic procedures that She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic offers is unique and differs from those of other clinics and hospital. That difference is love and passionate commitment that we demonstrate. She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic takes up 200 square meters and consists of 2 floors. They are divided into surgery and skincare area. All plastic surgeries are conducted on the 5th floor while consultation and skincare procedures are held on the 4th floor. Surgery area is a special private space for customers. It includes spacious and clean operation rooms, patient rooms, and a quiet recovery room where customers can have a rest after surgeries. A skincare area consists of 6 private rooms as well as laser treatment rooms. All the procedures are performed in private rooms. There is a VIP shower room on the 5th floor. All surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures are done in well-equipped, excellent, comfortable and most importantly private rooms. She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic is located at the center of the touristic place of Busan, Nampo-dong which means you can enjoy both treatment and sightseeing at the same time. She's Plastic Surgery Clinic guarantees to keep on providing high-quality services and remain true to what they say. So, book your appointment with them right away.