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    Shine & Bright Eye Center

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    Shine & Bright Eye Center is a hospital that cares for patients, that is always researching, and that strives for excellence. A hospital that cares for patients Everyone lives while meeting at times when the mind and body are uncomfortable. We cannot solve all of their inconveniences. However, I would like to alleviate the discomfort for all those who come to us with eye discomfort. A hospital that is always researching We will take care of them with all our medical knowledge, all our clinical experience, all our surgical skills, and all our sincerity. A hospital that strives for excellence We will always learn from our shortcomings and study them. And I will do my best to pray for them. Our Vision S&B Eye Clinic Now, our departure may be insignificant. A Right now, no one can imagine what the future looks like. We dream every day, and we will make that dream a reality. And I will have another dream. We will make that new dream come true. No one knows our dreams. One clear promise: All dreams come true! Shine & Bright Eye Center uses cutting-edge tools and technology to give each patient top-notch care. Some of those tools are:  Bijou Max  Made by German ZEISS optical technology Miracle "Visumax" 500kHz sophisticated and fast ultra-fast laser beam - using ZEISS lens small laser beam size - Minimize complications by using low energy -Fully automatic eye fixation method Possible to produce 3D stereoscopic corneal flap. MEL 90  The safest minimum-cutting laser created by Zeiss, a world-renowned optics company, that puts patient safety first. In addition, the fast-cutting speed reduces the exposure time of the corneal stroma to the outside, minimizing cellular and intraoperative variables, and providing safe and comfortable surgery to patients. Corneal morphology and aberration analyzer  Analyzing corneal wavefront data as an instrument, it diagnoses corneal aberrations with absolute accuracy. Even irregularities are detected with high resolution, This makes the Corneal Wavefront Analyzer, in conjunction with the SCHWIND laser system, the perfect tool in preparing for the most variable refractive corrections and provides corneal irons for perfect results. Corneal tomography (pentacam)  Corneal topography, curvature, refractive power, thickness, shape, and stability for corneal diseases such as keratoconus are secured by examination of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea, and the maximum value of surgical results can be predicted. It is a precision inspection device. It not only accurately depicts 25.000 elevation points, but also simultaneously measures the patient's fine eye movements in 3D pictures, enabling more precise and accurate examination than other existing anterior segment imaging equipment. Optic nerve and retina CT scan OCT  It is a non-contact, non-invasive method that provides tomographic images of the retina in real time and is useful for diagnosis and treatment of various retinal and glaucoma diseases. OCT is a groundbreaking device that can examine tomographic images and cross-sections of ocular tissue with a resolution that is 10 times better than CT or MRI. It enables a comprehensive examination of retinal and choroidal diseases of the eye, and it maximizes the effect of treatment by detecting damage to the optic nerve fiber and optic nerve head at an early stage to detect early glaucoma and start treatment. Visual field tester  It is a device that checks not only the visual acuity but also the visual field (visible range) when there is an abnormality, and it is useful when there is an abnormality. Autorefractor (ARK)  By examining the refractive power of the eye, changes in visual acuity and corrected visual acuity can be known. It is a device to know the degree of spectacle lens and to measure the curvature radius and diopter of the cornea when contact lenses are prescribed. Slit lamp microscopy  Slit-lamp microscopy is the most basic of ophthalmic examinations. Examine the eye under magnification under a high-power microscope. -Inspection of anterior segment such as cornea, conjunctiva, and lens Tear film breakdown test - TBUT vitreous examination -Contact intraocular pressure test -really fundus exam - Avellino corneal dystrophy test. And many more.