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    Siwoo Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea



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    • Breast Surgery

    • Petit Plastic Surgery

    • Anti-aging

    • Face Contouring

    • Rhinoplasty

    • Male Plastic Surgery

    • Eye Surgery

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    • Breast Augmentation

    • Nipple and Areola Surgery

    • Sagging Breast Surgery

    • Filler

    • Botox

    • Lower Blepharoplasty

    • Face-lift

    • Chin tip surgery

    • Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

    • Forehead reduction

    • Fat Grafting

    • Crooked nose

    • Hump nose rhinoplasty

    • Low Nose Surgery

    • Revision Rhinoplasty

    • Male Rhinoplasty

    • Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Canthoplasty

    • Ptosis Correction

    • Eyelid correction

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    UWHA. Bldg 7F, 1305-2, Seocho 4-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Siwoo Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    Siwoo Plastic Surgery Clinic adheres to the principles of correct plastic surgery. Siwoo Plastic Surgery Clinic's 3 major treatment principles! What patients are most curious about is surgery results, safety, and cost. Siwoo Plastic Surgery Clinic does not dazzle patients with rhetoric that deviates from the essence and does not hide what patients see, hear, and need to know. Furthermore, we present reasonable and honest costs that reflect the delicate and meticulous surgical skills as well as our confidence in the surgical results. 01 Surgery results Siwoo Plastic Surgery Hospital boasts high patient satisfaction. 02 Safe surgery Only safe surgeries are performed, and we do our best under thorough planning. 03 Honest cost Siwoo Plastic Surgery offers reasonable and honest fees. Sawoo Plastic Surgery Clinic has a unique perspective and idea about plastic surgery. Plastic surgery begins with trust and communication between patient and doctor. No matter how many small and large plastic surgery clinics there are around you, anyone who has been to a hospital will know. It's difficult to find a good doctor and a good hospital. Knowing the hopeless feelings of such patients, our hospital provides honest and unadorned advice and treatment to each and every one of them. Siwoo Plastic Surgery Clinic wants to be a hospital that understands patients' feelings and is with them from beginning to end. That is why, rather than a word of mouth, we will show you a clear "result" so that the patient can trust and entrust it with a more relaxed mind. SIWOO IDEA 01 Surgery should be performed considering the differences of each person. Because each individual has a different appearance, skin condition, and desired improvements, the results may differ even if the same surgical method is used. It is difficult to see satisfactory surgical results if the surgical plan is not established considering these differences. In addition, in order to minimize postoperative side effects, a surgical method suitable for each individual must be applied. SIWOO IDEA 02 Plastic surgery is definitely a surgery, so be careful. As plastic surgery has become more accessible, some people think it is as simple as makeup that can be erased and reapplied. However, since it is a surgery, it is necessary to carefully determine the surgical method and improvement items based on the opinion of a specialist and make a meticulous and thorough surgical plan. This is because, even if it is not directly related to life, it can have a profound effect if the operation is done incorrectly. SIWOO IDEA 03 Siwoo Plastic Surgery Clinic competes with skill rather than cost. It is not divided into good and bad surgeries according to cost. However, you should choose a hospital based on the skill of the surgeon rather than the price. Surgery is often not a good choice if you go for nice words and low prices. Therefore, it is recommended to select a hospital by carefully comparing whether they give sufficient explanations and whether the results of the before-and-after surgery are satisfactory. SIWOO IDEA 04 The choice of hospital determines the next 10 years. Although it varies depending on the surgical material and surgical method, it can be said that the results of the first surgery influence the next 10 to 30 years on average. Furthermore, if you do not want to have a second or reoperation, you must carefully select the hospital where the first operation will be performed. To achieve long-term satisfactory surgical results, everything from patient counseling to surgical recovery must be completed. Siwoo Plastic Surgery Clinic promises that patients will do their best to show satisfactory results as much as they trust and choose, and that it will be a hospital that takes responsibility until the end.