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Smile Signature Dental Clinics

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand






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  • Endodontics

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205 Phayathai Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand


Smile Signature Dental Clinics is a well-known establishment in Thailand that was created over 14 years ago. Even since its foundation year in 2005, this dental clinic has a highly successful history of more than 400 000 dental procedures per year and thousands of satisfied patients. This dental clinic aims to provide its respected customers with the best services from its experienced professionals, which are composed of over 122 doctors and 53 staff members. After starting its first Smile Signature Dental clinic in Phahonyothin in 2005, the continuous support from the valued customers over the years has allowed this dental setup to expand enough to include more than 35 treatment rooms and a total of 8 dental centers all over Thailand. These include Smile signature Siam Square (which was established in 2006), Ramintra and Ratchadapisek (which were established in 2013), Srinagarindra (which was established in 2014), and Phuket and Central Westgate (which were established in 2015).   Smile Signature is dedicated to providing patients with gentle, efficient dental care using advanced diagnostic tools and technologies that follow uniform standards of quality practice. All our dental centers in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand, are equipped with modern digitalized x-ray machines and CE autoclaving sterilization units. Be it a single dental implant or a full mouth dental makeover, our target is to provide our patients with safe, clean, quality focus and a holistic approach to dental care. Smile Signature Dental Clinics has a dedicated dental laboratory for its all-ceramic aesthetic teeth, including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, prosthetics on implants, and dentures. A dedicated lab enables our Bangkok dental clinic to deliver your teeth work quicker and have better control over the shading and quality of your teeth work for better aesthetics. The dental lab in Thailand carries the latest 3M LavaTM System as well as the 3M Cercon Milling System for producing 3M Lava Zirconia Crowns. Smile Signature Dental Clinics' dedicated 3M Lava Zirconia Lab dental lab is one of only two labs in Thailand with the digitalized 3M Lava Scan ST and Lava Design Software System Platform. The 3M LavaTM System is composed of the digitalized 3M Lava Scan ST, the Lava Design Software System Platform, the Lava Furnace, and the Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine. The 3M Lava System allows full control of the final all-ceramic crown restoration from design through milling, shading, and sintering to full contour and veneering, enabling faster delivery timings and more consistent quality control of all ceramic dental crowns and bridge works. Smile Signature Dental Clinics' dedicated dental lab in Thailand also carries the Cercon Milling System. The Cercon milling machines use a monolithic block of solid yttria-stabilized zirconia, which provides the strength to support thin posterior single-unit bridges to long-span bridges and mill the blocks into All Ceramic Zirconia Cercon crowns and bridges. The Cercon zirconia restoration is demonstrably safe, as it is less abrasive as compared to conventional porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and the leading lithium disilicate. Smile Signature Dental Clinics' skilled Thai dental laboratory technicians at our dedicated dental laboratory use various layering techniques in producing translucent and natural looking all porcelain veneers for our IPS Empress Esthetics Veneers. Smile Signature Dental Clinics has been servicing international patients globally for over 10 years, being one of the FIRST dental clinics in the dental tourism sector in Thailand. Smile Signature Dental Clinics understand that our international patients require quick treatment timings whilst maintaining high quality standards in restoring their teeth. WHY CHOOSE SMILE SIGNATURE DENTAL CLINICS? LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Smile Signature Dental Clinics believe in providing their customers with the latest techniques and technologies, facilitating accurate diagnosis and pain-free treatments. Smile Signature Dental Clinics uses the latest digital panoramic x-ray technologies, highly sterilized dental instruments, zoom teeth whitening machines, and dental sterilization equipment for complete patient safety and satisfaction. AFFORDABLE DENTAL PACKAGES: Smile Signature Dental Clinics provide the highest quality and safest dental treatments at the most affordable price. The unique dental packages offered by this clinic allow its customers to consume a variety of services at affordable rates. Relaxing Environment: Smile Signature Dental Clinics understand that anxiety is a large part of every dental visit, and it is up to the dentist's office to make the patient comfortable before the start of the procedure. Smile Signature Dental Clinics offers a highly relaxed and comfortable environment to its patients, where every individual visiting is given individual attention according to their unique needs and situation. Smile Signature Dental Clinics' highly trained dentists make sure to listen to each and every patient complaint, which is followed by thorough counseling. This ensures complete patient comfort and satisfaction before and after every procedure.   TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OFFERED BY SMILE SIGNATURE DENTAL CLINICS ·         Endodontics ·         Prosthodontics ·         Orthodontics •    ENDODONTICS  Endodontics is a class of dentistry that involves the pulp and the root of the teeth and all the structures surrounding them. The endodontic treatment helps protect these structures of the tooth by removing any pathology and then filling it up with a restorative material, in turn allowing the tooth to be saved. Smile Signature Dental Clinics believe in saving the tooth before it is too late, and it needs to be extracted. The endodontic procedure at this dental clinic includes two of the most popular endodontic treatments, including: Root canal treatment: The highly experienced dentists at Smile Signature Dental Clinics can save a highly carious tooth by removing the pulp from the tooth, after which it is restored with a long-lasting material. The main benefit of this procedure is the relief from pain and inflammation in the mouth, allowing the individual to resume their normal eating habits again. ENDODONTIC SURGERY: Smile Signature Dental Clinics allow even the smallest of calcium deposits or fractures in the canal to be treated via their endodontic surgery procedure. This surgery is performed by a highly trained endodontist with years of experience and a successful history of endodontic procedures.   •    PROSTHODONTICS Prosthodontics is the class of dental procedure that involves the replacement of missing teeth with a variety of different artificial dental prostheses. These may be removable, which the patient is required to take off at night before sleeping, or they may be permanent and cannot be removed by the patient themselves. These artificial prostheses not only allow the patient to chew and eat better but also return their confidence to smile and socialize with those around them. There are numerous types of dental prostheses offered by Smile Signature Dental Clinics to its patients, according to their needs, preferences, and oral anatomy. These include: Dental crowns and bridges are the types of dental prosthesis that cannot be removed by the patient themselves and are used to replace any missing or severely damaged teeth. Since Smile Signature Dental Clinics believe in providing its patients with the best esthetics, the color tone and size matching are done in detail, and complete patient satisfaction is guaranteed. DENTURES: Smile Signature Dental Clinics also provide the patients with a temporary partial or complete denture, depending on the patient's requirements. This facilitates their eating and helps restore their confidence as well. Dental implants are a type of dental prosthesis that is considered a permanent replacement for missing teeth. The types of dental implants offered by Smile Signature Dental Clinics include single tooth replacement, partial arch treatment, and even full arch treatment, which is decided after an evaluation of the patient's oral health and considering their preferences.   •    ORTHODONTICS  Orthodontics is the branch of dental procedures that is concerned with the correction of irregularities in the teeth and a person's bite. Even though orthodontic procedures are mainly done for the improvement of oral function, they may also be done for the improvement of aesthetics and a person's smile. There is a variety of orthodontic procedures offered by Smile Signature Dental Clinics, giving its patients a wide variety of options according to their needs and preferences. These include: METAL BRACES: These are the traditional braces that allow correction of dental irregularities using orthodontic braces that are made up of metal. Ceramic braces allow the correction of teeth using braces made of ceramic material, which appears similar to the natural tooth color. INVISALIGN AND CLEAR BRACES: The Invisalign technology, along with other types of clear braces, is also offered at Smile Signature Dental Clinics and allows the correction of mild to moderate dental problems by using completely transparent and trauma-free orthodontic technology. Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are an excellent option in cases where clear aligners cannot be used. These lingual braces not only protect your cheeks from trauma, but they are also barely visible when smiling. Smile Signature dental clinics cater to servicing and facilitating our international guests on corporate rates with Bangkok hotels and other organizations, providing the convenience of travel with dental treatments done with us. Smile Signature at Siam Square dental clinic is located in the heart of Bangkok’s main shopping area to enable patients and related family members the convenience of shopping and traveling within Bangkok whilst having their dental work done. Smile Signature at Phahoyothin is near Thailand’s famous Jatujak weekend market.