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    SODA Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea

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    519 Gangnam-daero Seocho-gu Seoul South Korea

    SODA Plastic Surgery

    Seoul, South Korea


    In the world of first impressions, one's appearance plays a crucial role in leaving a lasting impact. While true beauty goes beyond physical attributes, there's no denying that one's initial allure often starts with their appearance. SODA Plastic Surgery aims to connect individuals with the beginning of their charm, offering natural beauty that captivates anyone through youthful and refined surgical outcomes. First: Enhancing Natural Contours Life is a journey, and every individual has unique facial contours. At SODA, the experienced director, with years of surgical expertise, prioritizes personalized facial contouring that best suits each patient, rather than blindly following trends. By considering the harmony between one's natural features, individual concerns, charm, and desired image, SODA Plastic Surgery breathes new life into patients, providing effective and safe surgical procedures. Second: Restoring Confidence in Appearance Rarely does anyone feel completely satisfied with their appearance. SODA Plastic Surgery understands the importance of regaining self-confidence. Through precise diagnosis and scientific analysis, SODA's facial contouring surgery takes into account the shape of an individual's face, including the soft tissues such as muscles and fat. By addressing these factors, SODA Plastic Surgery aims to restore patients' confidence in their appearance, helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. Third: Leading the Way in Meeting Patients' Needs Facial contouring surgery requires meticulous diagnosis and holistic planning, considering the bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. SODA Plastic Surgery goes above and beyond to achieve satisfactory results by utilizing theoretical knowledge and practical experience. SODA Plastic Surgery's goal is to lead patients towards a beautiful life by providing comprehensive and personalized care. Safety System: SODA Plastic Surgery prioritizes the safety and well-being of its patients, implementing a robust safety system. Each anesthesia requirement is carefully evaluated, and during the operation, the patient's condition is managed meticulously, including postoperative recovery patterns, swelling control, and airway management. The integration of the operating room and recovery room allows for seamless and efficient management. Furthermore, a dedicated primary care physician ensures professional recovery management, guaranteeing a safe surgical experience. State-of-the-Art Monitoring Equipment: Equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, SODA Plastic Surgery accurately monitors vital signs during anesthesia, such as pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, carbon dioxide levels, and oxygen saturation. This advanced monitoring system ensures the highest level of patient safety throughout the surgical process. Sterilization System: SODA Plastic Surgery Clinic prioritizes hygiene and infection control. The clinic has implemented a comprehensive sterilization system to thoroughly disinfect and sterilize all medical devices and instruments used during surgeries, ensuring a sterile environment for optimal patient safety. CCTV Surveillance in the Operating Room: To ensure transparency and accountability, SODA operates a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system in the operating room. This allows for the transparent recording and monitoring of all surgical procedures, promoting a culture of trust and integrity. Proven Safety Measures: SODA Plastic Surgery emphasizes thorough consultation and 3D-CT analysis to ensure the safety of every surgical procedure. By assessing each patient's unique needs and conditions, SODA selects the optimal surgical method to minimize potential side effects and maximize positive outcomes. Emergency Preparedness: SODA Plastic Surgery maintains state-of-the-art safety and emergency management systems. SODA Plastic Surgery possess specialized emergency devices and cardiac defibrillators to handle unforeseen circumstances promptly and effectively. Regular training sessions for staff members further enhance their preparedness to handle emergencies efficiently. Uninterrupted Power Supply System: Patient safety remains paramount, even in emergency situations. SODA Plastic Surgery has implemented an uninterruptible power supply system, ensuring that surgical equipment continues to operate without interruption during power outages or natural disasters. Comprehensive Safety Measures: SODA Plastic Surgery has established a central surveillance system, integrated with the latest monitoring equipment, to monitor the operating room, recovery room, and inpatient areas. This comprehensive approach ensures efficient and safe recovery management for all patients. Dantrolene Holdings: In the rare event of 'malignant hyperthermia,' where body temperature rapidly rises following general anesthesia, SODA Plastic Surgery is fully prepared with Dantrolene, a critical treatment for this condition, accounting for 0.1% of emergency situations. Gas Leak Notification System: SODA Plastic Surgery maintains a sophisticated medical gas leak notification system, equivalent to the standards of a university hospital. This system guarantees prompt response and action in the event of a gas leak emergency, ensuring patient safety and wellbeing. SODA Plastic Surgery stands as a trusted institution, committed to providing exceptional care and superior results. With a strong emphasis on patient safety, personalized treatments, and the latest advancements in the field, SODA Plastic Surgery strives to redefine beauty standards and set new benchmarks in the realm of plastic surgery. Through their dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence, the team at SODA Plastic Surgery ensures that every patient receives the highest quality care and achieves their desired aesthetic goals, all while prioritizing safety, comfort, and long-term well-being.