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STANTOP Urology & Andrology Clinic

Seoul, South Korea






Medical staff

All / Top Specialties

  • Prostate disease

  • Impotence

  • Premature ejaculation (PE)

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Penis enlargement

All / Top Services

  • Urinalysis

  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test

  • Cocktail therapy

  • PCR testing

  • Minimally invasive prostate hypertrophy treatment "Urolift"

  • Ultrasound

  • Curved implant surgery

  • Self injection therapy

  • Physical exam

  • Blood tests

  • Antiviral medication

  • HPV pap smear

  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

  • Oral medications

  • Inflatable Prosthesis Surgery

  • Malleable Prosthesis Surgery

  • Stem Cell Enlargement

  • Acellular Matrix Dermis

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South Korea, Seoul, Nonhyeon-dong, 201-16 KR 서울특별시 강남구 봉은사로 107


The STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic is situated in Seoul Gangnam District, South Korea. It is a medical sanitorium that provides all kinds of assistance for male patients with a variety of treatment programs including surgical and non-surgical methods. STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic have exceptional experience and proficiency in the field of men’s medicine. Its staff is composed of only males including 5 highly experienced surgeons and 30 skilled nurses. Based on their global experience, they provide the best treatment and counseling assistance to ensure satisfactory outcomes. STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic has fully equipped emergency rooms, high-tech operating rooms, well-equipped critical and intensive care units, and comfortable general wards, to meet the needs and demands of male patients from all over the world. WHY CHOOSE STANTOP UROLOGY AND ANDROLOGY CLINIC? · To ensure the safety of patients, STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic have a thorough operating room sterilization system. All the instruments are sterilized before use to avoid any type of infection. · It has 4 operation theaters, 4 consultation rooms, 4 surgery rooms, 2 recovery rooms, and 1 VIP room to provide the best of medical service to patients. · All the instruments at STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic are FDA and KFDA approved. · The friendly and favorable environment of the hospital contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of patients and it provides medical services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALITIES OF STANTOP UROLOGY AND ANDROLOGY CLINIC · Premature ejaculation · Penis enlargement · Erectile dysfunction · Prostate disease PREMATURE EJACULATION Premature ejaculation is a condition in which men ejaculate sooner than they desire. In most cases, a man ejaculates within one minute of penetration and he is unable to control it. Moreover, the desire for sex is never satisfied with premature ejaculation. This happened due to a more sensitive penis. The actual cause of premature ejaculation is not known but many physiological factors contribute to developing this condition. These factors may include: · Sexual abuse · Early sexual experience · Anxiety and depression · Stress about premature ejaculation · Erectile dysfunction STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic ensures patient's rights with neural triple blocking treatments. It provides a customized type of premature surgery as per the demand and requirement of individual male patients. STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic has a responsible premature erectile system and the other treatments provided by this hospital include penile dorsal neurectomy, penile frenulectomy, penile glans enlargement, and PE package. PENILE ENLARGEMENT The penis comes in all shapes and sizes and they can vary considerably. The average size of an erect penis is 5 to 6 inches. In general, the size of a man's penis is normal, in rare cases, it is genuinely smaller and this condition is called micropenis. Psychology plays a great role in convincing a man that he has a smaller penis. Most of the men who get penis surgery are not in a condition of micropenis but just want a bigger one to satisfy their self-esteem. STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic provides penis enlargement surgery by using a thick storage dermis of 5mm or larger. The graft survival rate of this hospital is excellent. They offer penis enlargement by using three different methods. · The graft of dermis substitute - STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic uses FDA and KFDA approved machines to replace the dermis of the penis. The effects of this procedure are long-lasting. · Implants - STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic use KFDA approved implants to enlarge the size of the penis. · Pure fat injections – In this procedure, there is the transplantation of autologous fat in the glands. It gives natural enlargement of penis with no scars. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Erectile dysfunction is the inability to erect the penis during intercourse. An erection is due to increased blood flow in the penis as the result of sexual desire. Erectile dysfunction results from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, stress, depression, insomnia, alcohol intake, and increased age. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction may include: · Trouble getting erection · Reduced interest in sex · Premature ejaculation · Delayed ejaculation STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic has certified urologists and it introduces RENOVA for erectile dysfunction treatment for the first time in Korea. The urologists at STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic are well-trained and experienced in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This hospital offers the following types of treatment for erectile dysfunction: · Malleable implants of erectile dysfunction · Inflatable implant for erectile dysfunction · RENOVA ESWT for erectile dysfunction · ED1000 ESWT for erectile dysfunction · Trimix injections · Andropause · EM1000 for lithotripsy PROSTATE DISEASE Prostate disease is related to the prostate gland which is the major part of the male reproductive system. It makes semen which is a fluid containing sperm in it. The size of the prostate is similar to walnut but it increases with age. There are three common types of diseases related to prostate including prostate cancer, prostate hyperplasia, and prostatitis. This condition often occurs in men the age of 55 years or more. The early stage of prostate disease has no symptoms but as it progresses symptoms will appear, including: · Difficulty in urination · Frequent urge to urinate · Painful urination · Blood in urine Bacterial culture, urinalysis, and basic tests are performed at STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic to confirm the analysis of prostate disease. Besides, various ultrasounds are done to find whether the infection is bacterial or non-septic. The professionals at STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic perform PCR testing that plays an important role to differentiate between bacterial and nonbacterial prostatitis. Moreover, they also have prostate-specific antigen test PSA that finds different types of prostate cancer. With an undying commitment to excellence that meets international standards, STANTOP Urology and Andrology Clinic make sure that patients’ needs are met satisfactorily under a single roof. It understands the problems of men and treats them efficiently to give them the confidence and dignity to live a successful life with their partner.