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    Starromian Clinic

    Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea



    All / Top Specialties

    • Skin Treatment

    • Eye Surgery

    • Body Slimming

    All / Top Services

    • Laser scar treatment

    • Non-surgical eye bag removal

    • Non-surgical treatment for dark circles

    • Laser blepharoplasty

    • Body lipolysis therapy

    • Cryolipolysis (fat freezing)

    • UltraShape

    • Neck rejuvenation

    • Hand rejuvenation

    • Nonsurgical facelift


    The Starromian Clinic was established in 1995, the largest in the central region with a 10-story self-contained hospital in Seocheongju. It has been serving the community for nearly three decades, with an accident-free and safe hospital record. We have an in-house anesthesiologist who administers and collaborates with the surgeon, Dr. Youin Kim, who runs the clinic. The core values of Starromian Clinic are to keep things as simple, safe, and natural as possible. As a result, we have invested in our equipment and safety facilities, as well as founded and developed new technology, such as SRA, which is smart molding equipment with unique and powerful performance. We have received praise from both domestic and foreign VIPs for our quick and safe "MIDI molding". This third-generation plastic surgery concept of SR is a device that uses the physical action of light or heat energy, such as a laser, ultrasound, or high frequency. The concept is distinct from that of traditional medical equipment. The design and implementation points differ significantly from those of standard medical equipment. They are related to the concept of a type of replacement equipment for plastic surgery (in terms of means, physical-plasty in terms of content) and nature-derived fillers (e.g., autologous fat, PRP, stem cells, etc.) utilizing a high-quality, nature-friendly molding method. SRS MIDI Laser - a new solution to wrinkles SRA MIDI Laser - lifting and fat removal at the same time American doctors nicknamed it "organic-plasty". SR's developer gathered only the advantages of the first and second generations: fast procedure, little pain, natural results, minimal side effects, reasonable duration, etc. and registered a patent (SR Youin Kim 2012).