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    Tae Plastic Surgery

    Busan, South Korea

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    • Premium Breast Augmentation

    • 360 Degree Shaping

    • Natural Eye Surgery

    • Design Fat Grafting

    • Stem Cell Formation

    • Petit Plastic Surgery

    • Skin Laser Surgery

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    • Breast Augmentation

    • Natural Breast Augmentation

    • Breast Reduction

    • Sagging Breasts

    • Papillary Plasty

    • Gynecomastia

    • Under-eye Fat Correction

    • Double Eyelid

    • Eye Correction

    • Trim Surgery

    • Stem Cell Anti-Aging

    • Stem Cell Skin Regeneration

    • Stem Cell Fat Grafting

    • Stem Cell Scar treatment

    • Liposuction

    • AcuShape

    • Calf Plasty

    • Facial Fat Grafting

    • Aculift

    • Stem Cell Fat Grafting

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    27 Gunam-ro Haeundae-gu Busan South Korea

    Tae Plastic Surgery

    Busan, South Korea


    Tae Plastic Surgery: To meet Tae Plastic Surgery is to meet the world standard of plastic surgery. In order to deliver more complete beauty, Tae Plastic Surgery has presented a global standard for cosmetic surgery through ceaseless research and activities at global conferences. Tae Plastic Surgery Contains world-class plastic surgery technology for beautiful miracles. Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic not only provides satisfactory surgical results with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced surgical methods but also sets a global standard for plastic surgery technology with a thorough safety management system and differentiated medical services. In molding technology, Tae Plastic Surgery aims for global standards. Through the introduction of advanced medical equipment and ceaseless research, Advanced molding technology provides more satisfactory results. Tae Plastic Surgery complies with global standards for safety management. Tae Plastic Surgery, which puts safety first, establishes a state-of-the-art safety system and complies with global standards. Tae Plastic Surgery stands for a global standard of service. With a private space and premium medical services, Tae Plastic Surgery presents a special experience that can only be felt at Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic. 4 Promises of Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic FOCUS  Tae Plastic Surgery focuses on stem cells and soft tissue shaping. Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic will carry out specialized research and technology development in the fields of soft tissue plastic surgery (eye surgery, breast surgery, fat surgery, etc.) and stem cell treatment, among numerous plastic surgery fields. DEVELOPMENT  Developing a new cosmetic surgery treatment process Cosmetic surgery begins with an accurate diagnosis. Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic has developed the 'Concept Diagnosis Plastic Surgery Process' after long research to achieve more accurate diagnosis and analysis. Concept: accurately understand the patient's needs Diagnosis: by carefully and comprehensively diagnosing Plastics: Tae Plastic Surgery performs the most appropriate surgery. STUDY  Tae Plastic Surgery will always research and study. Tae Plastic Surgery will do the best, recognizing that the first virtue of a doctor who has to provide medical services to patients is to always combine new medical knowledge with excellent surgical skills through constant research and study. TRUST  Tae Plastic Surgery pursues trusted hospitals and philosophical treatment. A good doctor cannot be made with only children and skills. Medicine is not about treating disease; it is about healing people with disease. Moreover, since aesthetic medicine is a medicine that makes the appearance more beautiful than the original appearance, as a trusted doctor, Taeseong Plastic Surgery Clinic will conduct treatment with its own treatment philosophy. Tae Plastic Surgery understands, diagnoses, and operates on patients." Cosmetic surgery is a medical treatment to obtain a slightly better appearance from a normal appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately grasp the patient's requirements and desired changes in appearance, accurately measure, and diagnose the patient's condition. The treatment process of Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic was born from the treatment philosophy that the most appropriate surgery or treatment plan can be determined. Why is the Concept Diagnosis Molding Process Necessary? Plastic surgery should not be a place that produces and sells the same products for everyone but a place that provides medical services tailored to each patient's different conditions and characteristics. This should be approached with the concept of high-end service that includes all of the patient experience, and the most important thing in the success of this experience is the diagnosis process based on the doctor's skill and experience. .  And this is the reason why the concept of the diagnosis process at Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic was born. Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic is applying the 'Concept Diagnosis Plastic Surgery Process', a customized diagnosis program, to all patients in order to provide more satisfactory surgical results by understanding patients first and accurately diagnosing them. Tae Plastic Surgery Complex Safety System In plastic surgery, safety should never be put forward only in words; it must be ensured through the system. Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic has a complex safety system consisting of the introduction of state-of-the-art anesthesia and hygiene equipment, the cultivation of the medical staff's ability to respond to emergencies, and the construction of a clean operating room. Accident-free record since opening Since its opening, Tae Plastic Surgery has been making every effort to ensure surgical safety with a complex safety system. As a result, there has not been a single medical accident since the hospital opened, and this is because we are fully committed to safety throughout the entire process, including not only surgery but also pre- and post-operative management. Establishment of advanced safety equipment. Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic uses anesthesia and sanitation equipment with proven safety and functionality and is building a biometric monitoring system that can check the patient's condition in real time during surgery. Cultivation of emergency response skills In order not to be complacent about the accident-free record and to develop the ability to cope with emergencies during surgeries that can happen at least once in a while, the medical team at Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic regularly conducts simulations and training. It is the unchanging idea of Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic that safety should pay attention to prevention to the extent that it is somewhat excessive. Building a clean operating room Tae Plastic Surgery Clinic has established a clean operating room that is completely separated from the external environment through thorough hygiene management and is always keeping it clean so that patients can receive surgery with peace of mind. Intensive recovery program To help speedy recovery after surgery, the CLS Complex Laser Clinic and intensive recovery program provide systematic and professional management so that patients can return to daily life more quickly. In cosmetic surgery, it is important to understand and analyze individual characteristics, such as the condition of the patient's tissue and skin. The experience of the surgeon and the number of surgical cases are also very important, as the overall balance of the face and body must be considered even for each part of the surgery. Change for your beauty; now you can trust and entrust it to the experience of Tae Plastic Surgery.