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    Tailor Plastic surgery

    Seoul, Южная Корея

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    • Canthoplasty

    • Nose Surgery

    • Eye Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Lower Canthoplasty

    • Buried Double eyelid Plasty

    • Middle-aged eye surgery

    • Eye bag correction

    • No-Implant Rhinoplasty

    • Men rhinoplasty

    • Forehead-nasal Line Surgery

    • Petit Rhinoplasty

    • Forehead Augmentation

    • Endoscopic Forehead Lift Surgery

    • Forehead reduction

    • Complex Thread Lifting

    • Triple V Lifting

    • Non-incisional Lifting

    • Forehead fat grafting


    The purpose of plastic surgery is to find the right beauty among various face shapes. Tailor, as the name indicates, presents customized plastic surgery to everyone who visits Tailor Plastic Surgery. • Forehead Endoscopic Forehead List / Forehead Reduction Forehead List + Forehead Reduction Supraorbital Ridge Reduction / Frontotemporal Fat Graft • Eye Lids Burried Doubleeyelid Plasty / Double Natural Adhesion / TIMED Incision Medical Epicanthoplasty Restoration / Eye Bag Correction / Double Eyelid Plasty Eyelids Plastic Surgery for the Middle Aged / TIMED Reoperation • Wrinkle Complex Thread Lifting / Triple Plane Incision Lifting / Triple V Lifting Endoscope Forehead List / Fat Graft Eyelids Plastic Surgery for the Middle Aged / Non-incisional Lifting • Nose Rhinoplasty for each type / Non-implant Rhinoplasty Surgery Forehead-nasal Line Plastic Surgery / Rhinoplasty Surgery for Men Rhinoplasty Reoperation / Petit Rhinoplasty SPECIAL FEATURES OF TAILOR 01 Presenting Optimum Surgery Methods for Everyone We all on the medical staff will do our best for the most satisfactory result with optimum surgery methods for everyone without overtreatment, based on our numerous clinical experiences and extraordinary know-how as specialists. 02 Surgery Real-name System without Shadow Doctor The directors of the clinic take care of the whole process, from consultation to treatment after surgery. We will make efforts for customer-oriented treatment with an honest and sincere mind. 03 Safe Anesthesia System by Anesthesiologist We operate a thorough safety system for patients’ safety. Real-time monitoring by an anesthesiologist during surgery procedures and various types of emergency preparation are available. 04 Use of Verified Genuine Products and Fixed Dose All materials and drugs used for surgery and procedures are genuine products approved by the FDA and KFDA. We also adhere to the fixed dose rule, so you can be confident in the materials. 05 Quick Recovery System for Fast Recovery and Prevention of Side Effects We operate a quick recovery system for fast recovery and the prevention of side effects. We help patients return to their daily lives as soon as possible with thorough follow-up control using various types of laser equipment.