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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

Tel Aviv District, Israel






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  • English

  • عربي

Top Specialties

  • Breast Cancer

  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS)

  • Minimally invasive thoracic procedures (without opening the chest)

  • Ablation therapy

  • Bone marrow transplant

  • Craniotomy

  • Short bowel syndrome

  • Celiac disease

  • Laparoscopic Urological Surgery

  • Prostate Cancer

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Weizmann St 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Ichilov was founded in 1960 in Tel Aviv district, Israel. It is a 1500 bedded world-class governmental academic medical center and serves residents from all over the country. It is committed to providing compassionate care by well-trained and dedicated doctors. Besides this, it also serves as an affiliated teaching and research center. Thousands of employees at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center including about 1700 doctors, 2000 nurses, and 500 researchers provide quality healthcare and first-class services to all the national and international patients. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is dedicated to providing clinical brilliance and psychological support by the most qualified doctors and medical team. It has successfully dealt with 400,000 patients, 36,000 surgeries, 1.8 million patient visits, 220,000 ER visits and 12,000 births per year. WHY CHOOSE TEL AVIV SOURASKY MEDICAL CENTER? · Extraordinary and best treatment is provided to patients at low price by Tel Aviv Sourasky medical Center, Ichilov. · It provides care and supervision 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. · With automated devices and groundbreaking communications, it is the best hospital in the fields of oncology, gynecology, fertility, aesthetics, prostate cancer, cardiology, and neurosurgery. · It offers numerous intrusions to improve infections and departmental risks for patient safety and it carefully prevents patient’s data from being manipulated. · To preserve isolated space and attain maximum patient’s suitability, all rooms at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are intended in a single bedroom layout. TOP MEDICAL SPECIALTIES OF TEL AVIV SOURASKY MEDICAL CENTER · Prostate Cancer · Cardiovascular Diseases · Craniotomy · Breast Cancer PROSTATE CANCER Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting the prostate gland in men. Prostate cancer does not spread to other parts of the body but sometimes, it may affect other parts. The actual cause of prostate cancer is still unknown but studies show that cells of the prostate change its DNA configuration and divide more rapidly. This abnormal division of cells forms tumors in the prostate that spreads as cancer. Symptoms of prostate cancer may include: · Blood in urine · Blood in semen · Weight loss · Erectile dysfunction · Difficulty in urination Using modern medicine and technology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center provides care for all kinds of cancers. Intensity-modulated radiation treatment, which is an innovative radiotherapy procedure, is available in this hospital. This procedure is considered as the safest and effective procedure in the battle against cancer. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center provides minimally invasive surgery methods that are not only safe, but also effective for surgical treatment of cancerous diseases. Laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures at this center provide little tissue and organ damage, decrease the risk of injuries, and speed up the healing process. SHORT BOWEL SYNDROME People with short bowel syndrome cannot get enough nutrients and are prone to bowel troubles like diarrhea that are dangerous if left untreated. Symptoms of short bowel syndrome include cramping, bloating, heartburn, weakness, fatigue, and weight loss. At Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, the gastroenterology institute offers a complete range of services to diagnose, treat, and prevent various digestive system conditions. This center is known for its leading medical services, professional care, and attention provided to patients for their complete wellbeing. This multidisciplinary clinic is dedicated to helping patients with all types of gastrointestinal and liver diseases helping them recover and enjoy good health. CRANIOTOMY Craniotomy is the procedure in which a part of bone on the head is removed temporarily and then replaced after brain surgery is done. Craniotomy is done for various purposes including removal of brain tumors, removal of blood clots, and repairing of aneurysm. For the diagnosis of neurological disorders, more than 1000 elective surgeries are conducted at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center every year. Their unit consists of specialized medical devices for the accurate navigation of the neurons (allowing to track the course of the operation), Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring devices for the central nervous system (aims to mitigate nervous internal bleeding during neurosurgery), and Intraoperative MRI (IMRI) equipment (to manage the operating phase, adjust the location of the instruments). BREAST CANCER Breast cancer affects both men and women but it is far more common in women. Breast cancer occurs when breast cells begin to divide abnormally. The cancer can spread from breast to other parts of the body. Factors like hormonal changes, lifestyle changes, and environmental changes can greatly increase the risks of breast cancer. Some of the breast cancers are also inherited (linked to the genes). Common symptoms of breast cancer may include: · Change in size of the breast. · Change in appearance of the breast. · A lump of tissue inside the breast. · Inverted nipples. · Redness of skin over the breast. Professionals at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center use new technology and methods from Israel and the western world to protect and restore women's reproductive rights. More than 64,000 outpatients and 29,000 hospitalized patients are assigned to this division each year. In addition to breast cancer treatments, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center also offers other treatments including: · Evaluation of fertility (ability to conceive a healthy child) · Artificial insemination (IVF) · Diagnosis and treatment of cervical and ovarian cancer · Treatment of endometriosis · Observation of pregnancy · Sustaining complex pregnancy Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center provides a broad variety of facilities for diagnosis, treatments, and rehabilitation. It operates with round installations, top-level equipment, and high-quality maintenance. It aims to provide high-standard health services worldwide.