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    THE Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


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    All / Top Specialties

    • Bling eye

    • Face contouring

    • Breast Reconstruction

    • Face-lift

    • Liposuction

    • Fat Grafting

    • Breast Augmentation

    • SMAS Facelift

    • Nipple and Areola Surgery

    • Two jaw surgery

    • Male Plastic Surgery

    • Rhinoplasty

    • Body contouring

    • Eye Surgery

    All / Top Services

    • Bling eye surgery

    • Short Chin Surgery

    • Triple Complex Facial Contour

    • Cheekbone Reduction

    • Natural V-line Square Jaw

    • Implants (Forehead, front cheekbones, noble)

    • 3D-CT Scanner

    • Implant Reconstruction

    • Autologous Breast Reconstruction

    • Areola/Nipple Reconstruction

    • Breast Ultrasound + Thyroid Exam

    • 3D Mammography

    • Neck Wrinkle Removal

    • Glabellar Wrinkles

    • The UP Thread Lifting

    • Double Chin Removal Autologous Microfat Transplantation

    • Full Body Liposuction

    • Point Liposuction

    • Abdominal Liposuction

    • Stem Cell Breast Fat Transplantation

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    868 Nonhyeon-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul South Korea

    THE Plastic Surgery Clinic

    Seoul, South Korea


    About THE Plastic Surgery Clinic Why THE Plastic Surgery? Safety is Priority: Accident Free since Grand Opening in 2002 The Plastic surgery has 2 head doctors whose medical achievement is acknowledged by TOP two World Biographical Dictionaries and 8 medical experts highly respected in their fields. The Plastic surgery provide you solutions well beyond your expectations. 01. Accurate 1:1 customized treatment based on High Tech precision diagnosis system and 18-year know-how 02. Multi-collaboration System with Specialists in Each and Every Field 03. For the best medical system in Korea, The Plastic surgery not only participate in medical conferences and seminars at home and abroad but also hold training sessions for international doctors. The Special Safety Care Professional Medical Centers Anti-aging & lifting, Breast Surgery, Body Contouring, Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Facial Contouring, Hair Transplantation Anesthesiology and Pain Management Center, In-patients & Out-patients Treatment Center, Laser Treatment center. Premium One-Stop Service • In-Depth Consultation • 3D diagnosis (body & face) • Virtual simulation • Preoperative Check-up • Surgery planning • Design • Surgery • Treatment State-of-Art Hospital Equipments MicroAire • Liposuction device using microvibrating technique that minimizes pain, swelling, and bruising for quick recovery Mammotome • Breast biopsy device that can also surgically remove benign tumor tissues Smartlux • A device using low power laser for inflammation management and blood flow facilitation for quick recovery Dual Sonocaps (CAPS) • Post-operative breast care that aims to alleviate pain, increase sense of touch, and facilitate lymph circulation. It minimizes swelling, bruising, and prevent capsular contracture. Surgical Microscope • Carl Zeiss Microscope. X20 Magnification of Structure undectable to the naked eye like microvasculature allows surgical maneuver of minuscule sites Breast Ultrasound • High resolution ultrasound device that precisely and promptly diagnose breast diseases FULL HD High Tech • Endoscope State-of-the-art endoscope minimizes side effects like pain, bleeding, and capsular contracture by precise dissection of vasculature and skin tissue Motiva Divina • Device to examine and produce a 3D surgical outcome of face and body 3D digital CT scan • Holistic analysis of facial structure, condition, muscles and fat distribution • Precise surgical planning through thorough examination • Functional as well as aesthetic elements checked • Bone and muscular changes examined through additional check-up after surgery 3D Virtual surgery simulation • Scan chosen areas into 3D stereoscopic images • Precise diagnosis matching actual figure minimizes margin of error • Analyze surgical problems like proportion, angle, volume, etc. of the surgical site • Predict surgical outcome through virtual simulation More special safety care Safety first THE Plastic Surgery has maintained no accidents for 18 years through the belief and philosophy of safety, which is the greatest pride of THE Plastic Surgery. 01 Health check for surgical fit before general anesthesia In order to determine whether anesthesia is possible before surgery, all patients who require general anesthesia undergo up to 50 types of tests, including blood tests, anemia tests, electrocardiogram tests, and X-ray tests. 02 Accurate record of patient's anesthesia status (anesthesia record sheet) Record all the conditions of the anesthetized patient on the anesthesia record sheet and continuously observe the patient's status. 03 Has the most advanced monitor With the most advanced monitor, it can accurately monitor the patient's blood pressure, electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation, respiratory tract, etc. Not only that, the patient's health status will also be observed in real time in the recovery room after the operation. 04 Emergency kits and handbooks to keep as needed The Plastic Surgery Department conducts regular simulation training to deal with various symptoms, familiarizes itself with manuals, and has emergency medicine kits at the level of university hospitals, as well as expensive and rare medicines such as Dantrolene, so it can respond appropriately in emergencies. 05 Systematic System ISO 9001 Certification The Plastic Surgery has obtained ISO 9001 certification to maintain the most suitable environment in the field of system management system and facility management. 06 1:1 full-time nursing system after surgery Patients are cared for by talented personnel led by a nurse who has been a head nurse at Asan Hospital for 10 years. Before the patient recovers after the operation, a full-time nurse provides one-to-one care and becomes the patient's hands and feet. 07 Oxygen supply system in the ward Oxygen is provided to hospitalized patients to aid rapid recovery. There is an oxygen supply system for the patient in the hospital room. 08 pain relief system For those who are sensitive to pain, PCA that can regulate their own pain is prepared, and for those who are afraid of pain, it helps to eliminate the fear of pain. 09 All operating rooms are equipped with video surveillance. Keep records of surgery The operating room of THE Plastic Surgery is not only a university hospital-level facility and environment, but also equipped with high-definition CCTV equipment to record the operation of patients. More special care at THE Plastic Surgery Aftercare system The post-operative management using various devices after plastic surgery helps prevent side effects and speedy recovery. Preoperative prophylaxis SINECCH CAPSULE SINECCH CAPSULE has subcutaneous telangiectasia effects such as anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, and immune effects, and promotes the movement of blood and body fluids. Medicines taken to relieve congestion and swelling during surgery allow for safer surgery. SINECCH CAPSULE is a professional medicine approved by the US FDA and a product that has passed the inspection for safety. RainbowLux (laser regeneration management) RainbowLux uses a new concept LED light irradiation device with 2500 light-emitting diodes for low level light therapy (LLLT: LOW LIGHT THERAPY). Eliminate pain and inflammation and reduce edema as soon as possible, so that damaged tissues can recover as soon as possible. Dermalight Infrared detumescence management equipment can achieve rapid wound recovery, pain reduction, wound regeneration and other effects by choosing BLUE, RED, and IR three kinds of light therapy. Helios Laser Management Laser management equipment developed by the top laser technology team at home and abroad, this equipment has two kinds of 1065NM and 532NM. Wavelength, using BEAM, to treat scars by ND-YAG laser. It will not cause any harm to normal cells. It has anti-inflammatory, calming and regenerative effects on the skin. CAPSULITIS It is a post-operative management device for breast plastic surgery that increases lymphatic circulation and blood circulation through ultrasonic massage. Help patients quickly eliminate edema and bruises after surgery, prevent cell membrane spasm and other side effects, and make breasts more natural in shape and touch. Swelling management Anti-swelling drugs + anti-swelling injections The plastic surgery procedure minimizes scarring and puffiness. Anti-puffiness shots and medications are prescribed to remove puffiness and scarring.