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Mentor Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea



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  • Liposuction

  • Hairline Correction

  • Nose Surgery

  • Eye Surgery

  • Facial bone surgery

  • Hip-up Surgery

  • Face-Lift

  • V-line Chin Surgery

  • Male Plastic Surgery

  • Breast Surgery

  • Petit Plastic Surgery

  • Fat Graft + Stem cell

  • Square Jaw+Front Chin+Cheekbones

  • Thread Lift

All / Top Services

  • High tension liposuction

  • Mini Liposuction

  • Female hairline correction

  • Low nose

  • Revision nose surgery

  • Short nose, Snub nose

  • Hooked Nose Surgery

  • Arrow nose, long nose surgery

  • The Mentor 5 Minute Double Eyelids

  • Middle-aged eye surgery

  • Non-incisional ptosis correction

  • Canthoplasty

  • Cheekbone surgery

  • Square jaw surgery

  • Two jaws surgery

  • Chin tip surgery

  • Thread lifting

  • Hip-up surgery

  • Neck lift

  • Face-lift

Contact Information

H Tower 3F / 4F, 337, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


The Mentor Plastic Surgery Clinic guarantees honest and correct surgery. The patient’s safety cannot be replaced with anything. We make you feel safe, and the director performs surgery directly. We will find the V-line in you. Mentor Plastic Surgery was awarded Medical Consumer Satisfaction Award. We appreciate the trust and love of our patients and will become "Mentor Plastic Surgery" that works harder. Our goal with Mentor Plastic Surgery's unique technique is to boost your confidence. 1) 4 TYPES FOR EYES Personalized ophthalmoplasty that considers individual preferences rather than the same eyes With Mentor's 4 types for eyes, you can kill eye worry in one shot! Effects of 4 types for eyes o the double eyelid line does not come loose easily o Your eyes are now cool and clear o Your impression becomes soft Treatment target o If you have double eyelids but they are frequently droopy o When the eyes are not clear and the power to open the eyes is weak o If you have a stuffy feeling because the front of your eyes is blocked o If your eyes look fierce o If you want to make a good impression 2) NON-INCISIONAL CONTOURING Everyone wants a wannabe V line. It is possible with the Mentor's non-incisional contouring. What is non-incisional contouring? This is a surgery that smooths out the uneven facial line and creates a smooth line. Compared to general contour reduction, it is safe and there is no burden because it does not cut bones and can complete the slim face shape you want. Effects of non-incisional contouring o Fat can be removed selectively o Wrinkles caused by sagging skin can be improved o Your face can be improved to have a natural and lively young face o Smooth V-lines can improve your image o You can see the effect of making your face look smaller by utilizing the three-dimensional effect Treatment target o When the face looks large due to a lot of flesh on the face o If you are worried about an uneven face line o If you want to improve facial contours without touching the bones o when the face has a lack of three-dimensional effect, resulting in curvature 3) FACE-LIFT Stylish and beautiful facial lines that fit each person's face. This is an operation that removes wrinkles and sagging skin as aging progresses. It removes the SMAS layer and fat layer in the skin and pulls them up, giving the skin elasticity and making it look younger. It is a surgical method that can achieve a semi-permanent effect through surgery because it removes the underlying sagging muscles rather than simply pulling the sagging skin. Effects of a Facelift It can be said to be the most important point layer for face lifting. The SMAS layer is a complex tissue of collagen, elastic fibers, and fat cells. It is tightly attached to the skin and has a very thin structure, so it is vulnerable to gravity and is one of the biggest causes of sagging due to aging. The elasticity of the SMAS layer makes the skin elastic. Treatment target o If you want to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles o When there are many wrinkles and the skin is sagging due to aging o If you want a semi-permanent and definite effect o There is a lot of cheek flesh, and the skin is sagging o If the effect is not achieved by other lifting procedures 4) LOW NOSE Rhinoplasty can be more beautifully personalized than simply raising the height of the nose. The Mentor Low Nose Plastic Surgery program creates a beautiful and natural procedure for your face, not just a rhinoplasty that raises the height. What is low-nose plastic surgery? A low nose, the typical nose shape of Asians, is mostly characterized by a small, round, and low nose. Low-nose plastic surgery is the most common surgical procedure in rhinoplasty. It is called "nasal ridge surgery," which literally raises a low nose. Low-nose plastic surgery o the center of a high, clear face. o balance between the face's balance and the three-dimensional effect o Face lines are alive from any angle. o Considering even a minor detail, naturalness Treatment target o If your nose is low, making you look flat o When both the nose ridge and the nose tip are low o when there is no three-dimensional effect on the overall face o If you want to improve the function of your ears, eyes, mouth, and nose 5) COGEL MAMMOPLASTY Completion of natural and voluptuous breasts that suit the body type. "The Mentor Plastic Surgery Cogel Mammoplasty" creates a beautiful and voluptuous breast line in consideration of individual body structure and breast shape. What is COGEL mammoplasty? "Cogel (cohesive gel) is the most widely used implant recently approved by the U.S. FDA, which improved the controversial issue of conventional silicone gel. Made of silicone in the form of gelatin with cohesive properties, it does not flow or spread even when it is cut. "It has the advantages of a natural feel and design compared to silicone." Surgical features o the shape of the implant itself spreads and moves naturally o It is very natural because movement is possible due to changes in posture o It is safe because there is little chance that the implant will leak o Accurate anatomical knowledge makes mammoplasty easier with less bleeding Treatment target o If your breasts are sagging as a result of having large breasts o Sagging due to pregnancy and childbirth o Less elasticity and sagging due to diet o Sagging and huge breasts due to obesity